Establish the Standard of Goodness and Seek Your World


Edom, when this happens,
I, the Lord,
will destroy
    all your marvelous wisdom.
Warriors from the city of Teman[c]
    will be terrified,
and you descendants of Esau[d]
    will be wiped out.


Get up and pray for help
    all through the night.
Pour out your feelings
    to the Lord,
as you would pour water
    out of a jug.
Beg him to save your people,
who are starving to death
    at every street crossing.

Richard:  Do we have the heart to save people?

Let Us Love Heaven and Become Patriots

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
March 1, 1959

Matthew 5: 33-48

How low did people fall? They fell to the position completely opposite to God’s ideal of creation. Originally, human beings should have been able to consider this world their own. All of humanity should have lived as one tribe. They should have attended the Creator God as their God.

Have the people who live on earth today formed their own world? They have not. Is there someone or some nation who considers all humanity their clan? There is not. Moreover, is there a group of people who attend God as their God? There is not.

Therefore, we must first establish the standard of goodness and make our best efforts to seek our world, our clan and our God. We have to understand that this is the historical mission that fallen people must accomplish.

Our God has disappeared into nowhere; our human clan has scattered in all directions. The land we should govern has been divided into many pieces.

If there is a Creator, then what is His ideal? It is to make this land our land, to make humanity into one clan or members of one family, and attain unity and harmony with us. We must realize that the Creator wants to emerge as the God of humanity and of this world.

If there is someone who says, “I love Heaven,” what kind of person should he be? He should make great effort to search for our world, to make all of humanity brothers, to make the Creator the God of humanity, and to attend God in his life. This kind of person can be said to love Heaven.

Since people have lost this standard, even though they feel the workings of their good minds, their lives cannot bear good fruits. We know this all too well.

The work of goodness is taking place ceaselessly in our minds, based on the heavenly and worldwide ideals which human beings are destined to fulfill. Yet we have completely ignored this, severed ourselves from it, and have lived lives of violation. We should feel this deeply, to the core of our flesh and bones during this hour. Unless we can do this, there is no way we can love God, as fallen people.

What then must we do with all our effort? What must we do at the cost of all kinds of sacrifices? We must build the world for which God wishes, the world for which humanity longs. God is looking for one clan that stems from one parent. In other words, He is looking for the one clan rooted in God. We must understand this and lead our lives according to this standard. Otherwise, even if the ideal world, ideal humanity, and ideal Kingdom of Heaven are built, they will not have any connection with us.

God created human beings and blessed them to have dominion over all things. He also said, “Multiply and fill the earth.” God intended to directly govern the people who have fulfilled these words and attained perfection. This was the standard of creation. Yet human beings have failed to fulfill this standard. Therefore, we have failed to rule the earth, multiply the world of true love, or receive God’s true love. This is the source of our sorrow. Because we live in such a realm, we have become sacrifices in Satan’s tests.

God has to raise up humanity again and have them rule the earth. He has to make good accomplishments to bring resolution to every aspect of fallen human life, which has been thrown into confusion and evil. He has to bring people together in harmony and create a heavenly clan. After all this is done, God plans to govern them. This is the goal for which God is working. This is the historical goal which human beings are pursuing. It is the standard of hope which the heart of humanity reveres.

We should have lived in such a world. Therefore, we must learn to be deeply grateful that every element in us is headed toward that place of our hope.

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