Follow the Right Way Centered on Your Conscience

Click below to listen to or download a recording of Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s speech “God’s Ideal Family Is the Model for World Peace”, the inaugural message of the Universal Peace Federation on September 23, 2005 at the Marriott Wardman Park hotel in Washington DC. Rev. Moon speaks extensively about the Peace Kingdom Corps.:

Deuteronomy 5

23 When fire blazed from the mountain, and you heard the voice coming from the darkness, your tribal leaders came to me 24 and said:

Today the Lord our God has shown us how powerful and glorious he is. He spoke to us from the fire, and we learned that people can live, even though God speaks to them. 25 But we don’t want to take a chance on being killed by that terrible fire, and if we keep on hearing the Lord’s voice, we will die. 26 Has anyone else ever heard the only true God speaking from fire, as we have? And even if they have, would they live to tell about it? 27 Moses, go up close and listen to the Lord. Then come back and tell us, and we will do everything he says.

28 The Lord heard you and said:

Moses, I heard what the people said to you, and I approve. 29 I wish they would always worship me with fear and trembling and be this willing to obey me! Then they and their children would always enjoy a successful life.

30 Now, tell them to return to their tents, 31 but you come back here to me. After I tell you my laws and teachings, you will repeat them to the people, so they can obey these laws in the land I am giving them.

Richard:  We can now have our own relationship with God, Jesus and Rev. Moon.  Aligned with our conscience, we can follow our consceince and God’s teachings.  We don’t need to fear this relationship and direct authority.  It is God’s grace for this age.

Proverbs 20

It isn’t smart to get drunk!
    Drinking makes a fool of you
    and leads to fights.
An angry ruler
    is like a roaring lion—
    make either one angry,
    and you are dead.
It makes you look good
when you avoid a fight—
    only fools love to quarrel.
If you are too lazy to plow,
    don’t expect a harvest.
Someone’s thoughts may be
    as deep as the ocean,
    but if you are smart,
    you will discover them.

The Heart of Heaven in Relation to Elijah

Sun Myung Moon
March 15, 1959

1 Kings 19: 1-21

Please look upon the thirty million Korean people with compassion. Bless the numerous religious orders which have appeared on their behalf. It is a time when brother fights against brother. It is a time when family members become enemies to one another, defying heavenly principles and breaking down human ethics and morality. It is a time when people calling on Heaven play sport with people who also call on Heaven and strive more than hungry lions to catch and eat them. It is the time when he who knows the sorrow of Heaven and looks at this reality must weep bitterly and sigh for grief.

Father, please look with compassion at the pitiful, ignorant people. Although they wander about seeking the true path, that path cannot be walked without tears. Although they wander about seeking the true path to life, the search cannot help being continued day and night since the thirty million Korean people are ignorant. Who is responsible for the fate of these people? Who feels and experiences the sorrow of Heaven on behalf of these people? There is no one who will take responsibility for the fate of these people. There is no one who will dissolve the sorrow of Heaven. There is no one who hears the sounds of lamentation and crying from Heaven. If such a person should appear, Heaven’s sorrow would not penetrate deeply into the earth; Heaven’s judgment would fall.

Father, please allow this age today to know the grief of Jesus, who spoke of his sorrowful heart. It is of no use to know Jesus only as a historical figure. The time has come when we must know Jesus of the present time in our environment. Please allow us to be the throng of people who utter a cry only toward Heaven, dead or alive, overwhelmed by the Shim Jung to offer our minds and bodies as sacrifices before that lofty and dignified Shim Jung, before that love. We know that this throng of people is to be hounded on this earth and forsaken by the religious order. I wish and desire that You will allow Your sons and daughters gathered here to become the throng of people who can defend their position to the death.

Father, please let us know that Heaven’s grief remains, which we can never forget. We would like personal comfort for ourselves. We are a pitiful throng of people who do not know that Heaven’s sorrow exists before our personal comfort and that Heaven’s fight began before we started fighting.

What is the purpose of our coming here today? We did not come here to meet someone. We did not come here to make a friend or to meet a person of learning. We are here only to meet the Father, to know the Father’s sorrow, and to undertake the Father’s cross. Father! Please remove the one who dislikes this. Please aid the one who cannot assume responsibility for this matter. Father, I ardently wish and desire that You allow us to be the sons and daughters who know how to fire arrows at Satan to protect the last castle wall and to die in defense of Heaven.

We know that the people who search for the path of which others disapprove must not only feel and experience the sorrow others do not know, but also must lead a life that others do not know. Father, since You made this people’s situation the way it is, please take responsibility for it. Since You made the environment the way it is, please take responsibility for that environment. Father, I pray from the bottom of my heart that You allow us to know that the Father, who assumed the responsibility, has not changed; He is lamenting, having seen us change.

Heaven’s mind appeared as one man’s mind and established the standard of Shim Jung for the sake of bringing together the history of four thousand years. Because individuals trampled him and betrayed him, humanity is in a miserable state today. Father, please influence the numerous people on this earth who do not know that their sorrow is the Father’s sorrow.

Please allow us to be the lonely throng of people who know how to shed tears and build an altar for these people. We understand that Jacob also built an altar of grief in the wilderness, and so did Moses and Elijah. We aware that there is no one among our ancestors who assumed responsibility for the will of Heaven who did not walk such a course. Since we want to inherit their tradition, Father, I sincerely wish and desire that You allow us to be the sons and daughters who know how to minister to the Father, having prepared a sanctuary by rebuilding the altar left behind and by rebuilding the fallen castle.

Father, will You grant a blessing this day? Please bless us. If this is not the case, please allow us to feel and experience the Father’s sorrowful heart. By doing so, Father, I ardently wish and desire that You will arouse in us at least the mind to expose our guilt and repent.

Father, please be concerned about the path the Korean religious world is taking. Please take charge of everything these people have, and govern them. Father, please be aware of the situation of the throng of people who are being hounded and who sigh for grief and feel sorrowful because of it. I sincerely wish and desire that You will grant them the day of victory when they can be embraced in the bosom of the Father’s love. For the numerous people who are persevering on their path, striving in the course they have to go over, Father, I ardently beseech You to grant them a new morning of glory.

Your sons and daughters gathered here today have not shown sincerity in our service to You. Please let the passion of ardent Shim Jung, admiration and longing, with which we can humbly seek and enter into the Father’s heart with bowed heads, rise high toward the sky. I ardently solicit and desire that You will guide this to be the hour when we are able to enter into the realm of heart in which we can call You “Father,” going beyond the range of our perceptions, forming ties with Your grace of compassion.

Ardently wishing and desiring that You will also embrace the lonely families scattered throughout the localities with the same grace in this hour, I pray all these words in the name of the Lord. Amen.

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