Align With God at High Noon Settlement

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Luke 12

12 As thousands of people crowded around Jesus and were stepping on each other, he told his disciples:

Be sure to guard against the dishonest teaching[a] of the Pharisees! It is their way of fooling people. Everything that is hidden will be found out, and every secret will be known. Whatever you say in the dark will be heard when it is day. Whatever you whisper in a closed room will be shouted from the housetops.

Richard:  This is the time of noon day sunshine.  Everything will be made known.  We should be transparent and aligned with our conscience.

Lamentations 2

Jerusalem Speaks:

20 Think about it, Lord!
Have you ever been this cruel
    to anyone before?
Is it right for mothers
    to eat their children,
or for priests and prophets
    to be killed in your temple?
21 My people, both young and old,
    lie dead in the streets.
Because you were angry,
my young men and women
    were brutally slaughtered.
22 When you were angry, Lord,
you invited my enemies
    like guests for a party.
No one survived that day;
enemies killed my children,
    my own little ones.

The Path of Faith Which Should be Examined Carefully

Sun Myung Moon
April 12, 1959

Matthew 11: 1-30


Father, although our path is rugged, we see that the day of hope when we can meet a heavenly person by following this way is not far off. Although our legs are tired from walking this road, we see that this is the inevitable course of life because You have traveled it.

We have realized that when the eager heart that can call out for You arises in us, You are there, looking at us with greater desperation. We realize that the footsteps which follow Your voice are not easy, leading us to walk an unknown course, groping our way step by step.

We cannot help lamenting for not having become loyal sacrifices before the will due to our shortcomings. We cannot help sighing whenever we look back on the sad history wherein we failed to end suffering and bring joy to You. Please forgive our past defects as we prayed for blessing in such a state.

Father, if there are sons and daughters who can see Your desire to regain humankind and Your disappointments, they cannot wish for their own good fortune and insist upon their opinions before You. Please forgive us, the disloyal children who forgot Your historical sorrow tens of thousands of times.

A new history will begin and hope will be fulfilled the moment we can call out for You out of Shim Jung. Heaven and earth will rejoice; we will become one with You. Therefore, we cannot help feeling frustrated and remorseful over the fact that the base of our heart is not in a position to be seized by such a Shim Jung.

Father, look with sympathy upon these people here calling out for You. If they have been loyal to You, You will not forget them, nor will You remain unaware of someone being mistreated for Your sake. Father, help us not to forget that although we may have inflicted You with worries, You have never given us any troubles.

How can any sorrow on the earth be greater than the one You feel as You console a sad person? How can any pain on earth be greater than the one You feel as You give solace to someone who betrayed You and fell into suffering?

We have heard that, without standing upon Your dignity and authority, You have been hopefully coming to numerous good ancestors of ours throughout history, crying out and pleading with them to understand Your Shim Jung and situation. We, however, have prostrated ourselves before You as ones who cannot represent history and who have no means with which to praise the historical substance as goodness itself. Help us to confess our shame at this time and to realize how we have been abused by Satan.

Since there are many disloyal people and no loyal ones for the providence, You are worried today and tomorrow, unable to share Your providential heart. Father, we eagerly hope and pray that we will come to realize Your situation at this time. As we have prostrated ourselves here, please enable us to think about where our hearts are. Are our hearts not running toward emptiness, although You want us to move on the foundation of the heavenly will and Shim Jung? Do we not remain in a position of sorrow, lacking purpose and direction? Are we in a position to receive the lash of Your worry? Please lead us to repent.

Please enable us to declare that we are moving toward the garden of goodness, fighting for the sake of the mission. Enable us to realize that we are the ones You are trying to find, and to show You clearly that we are trying to be found by You. Father, we eagerly hope and desire that this will become a time when we can make the determination and consecrate ourselves.

Please gather in the scattered hearts and recreate them so that they long for the original hometown. Before inheriting Your blessing, we would like to inherit Your sorrow and become heroes of sorrow, making the determination to come forward to serve You.

Father, You have driven us to a place where we face denial by others, a place we dislike. We see that You were the one who started the work of goodness and You are the one who will complete it. We know that without connecting to Your will the providence for which You called and gathered us cannot be fulfilled. We ardently desire to be water, fire, oil and a humble sacrifice every day in sight of the will.

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