Their Ideologies Are in a State of Utter Ruin

1 Chronicles 6

After King David had the sacred chest moved to Jerusalem, he appointed musicians from the Levi tribe to be in charge of the music at the place of worship. 32 These musicians served at the sacred tent and later at the Lord’s temple that King Solomon built.

Isaiah 5

My friend dug the ground,
removed the stones,
    and planted the best vines.
He built a watchtower
and dug a pit in rocky ground
    for pressing the grapes.
He hoped they would be sweet,
but bitter grapes
    were all it produced.

Listen, people of Jerusalem
    and of Judah!
You be the judge of me
    and my vineyard.
What more could I have done
    for my vineyard?
I hoped for sweet grapes,
but bitter grapes
    were all that grew.

Richard:  We have to be careful in our faith.  We are to follow God centered upon our conscience, guided by God’s Word:  Anything else will result in judgement, as we deviatge away from God.

Sun Myung Moon
June 14, 1959

John 3: 1-15

We lost everything due to the fall. I lost the central figure who is the subject of life; I lost the central figure of ideology; I lost the central figure of love. Our mind, therefore, yearns for the life which can taste true joy. Our mind longs for a better cosmic ideology. Our heart demands a higher love.

The life, the ideology humankind sought, and the love which was entangled in fallen people’s emotions started from fallen history, not from the garden where God’s ideal is fulfilled. Therefore, now is the time when a life force that can drive away all the things resulting from the six thousand years of history is needed. We need the life force that can represent history and drive away all the things which boasted the power and value of life during the six thousand years.

What is the six-thousand-year history? It is the history of the restoration of humankind, which possesses life force. Therefore, we should have the great power of life which can drive away everything that moved within the realm of Satan’s protection and rule for the six thousand years. We should realize that only then can we be reborn as our new selves.

To present ourselves as new selves, we should have the ideology which can drive away any thought or ideology formed through the six-thousand-year history. If we cannot, then we cannot come forward as the vanguard of the new age. I cannot be reborn as my new self. Without possessing the great power of life which can deny the six-thousand-year history, without having a new ideology that can drive away any other kind of thought or ideology, I cannot become a new self.

It does not end there. History has developed in the direction where human emotions of love are intertwined within our family. God has demanded this. However, since the family did not become the perfect foundation upon which the ideology can be practiced, it will all be broken apart in the last days.

Humankind has brought about the civilization of the twentieth century and seems to move around the world freely. Nevertheless, when it comes to moving this world, their power of life is extremely weak. Their ideologies are in a state of utter ruin. Their emotions and loves are in the same situation. Materially, people of the twentieth century have advanced worldwide; in the internal aspect of life, however, they are utterly weak. History is descending toward the age when no one possesses a fervent heart toward an ideology; no one can find the heart of true human love.

As a result, when we look at the family in this age, we cannot find the heartistic relationship between husband and wife, parent and child, that can be proud before God. The relationships between husband and wife, brothers and sisters, and between friends are all the same. Not only righteousness and the laws of human morality but even the standard of love itself is facing demise at this time. We have reached the time when God is about to demolish all these. For these reasons, now is the time when the great power of life and ideological authority is needed to straighten out this chaotic world. Such a time has come. The time has come for the love that contains the great power of life to be joined. Subsequently, all can unite and act toward one common purpose.

God has professed words to many people. God spoke of the chilling of love in the last days. He foretold that everyone would reject and betray God. God said that everyone would fall on the suffering and painful path when the time came. If one possesses the power of eternal life, then he will overcome any pain; however, in the last days, God said they would betray Him and their heart of love would fracture. Such a time is the last days.

2 thoughts on “Their Ideologies Are in a State of Utter Ruin”

  1. This ‘falling away’ is now the reality of Unificationists as they have rejected the ‘Eight Great Sacred Texts’ to follow their own ‘special archangel’ as Father expressed in the last paragraph.

    The ideology Father spoke of at the start of the reading also refers to the ‘Eight Great Sacred Texts’ which is today’s commandment to all humankind. Unificationists rejected it to follow their ‘archangel’.

    Rejecting the Commandment is rejecting Father and therefore rejecting God. Therefore this means ‘the chilling of love’ in the Last Days.

    To summarise, the ‘EGST’ means to be centred on true love as we pledge in the Family Pledge eight times.

    Everything including God is centred on true love not a person, not even Father. If you are not the embodiment of true love, what purpose is there to be centred on anyone. That is your responsibility, not to follow someone as Father stated in various speeches including the recent daily inspiration “We Are Not to Follow a Certain Leader or Serve a Certain Founder of a Religion”.

    What Father did emphasise was the following:

    “For us, God’s will means realizing His ideal of creation. Then what is the ideal of creation? It is the completion of the four-position foundation as revealed in the Divine Principle. Such a definition is given. Then what is that four-position foundation? It of course refers to parents and children, that is, God, Adam and Eve, and their children. Then what is the centre of that foundation? It is neither God nor Adam and Eve, nor the children.

    You are talking about the four-position foundation, but what does it have at the centre to make a connection? What determines its centre? This is the question. It is neither God, nor Adam and Eve, nor the children. Only true love can determine the centre.” OCSG. Book Sixteen p. 2474. “True Families And The Family Pledge”. Chapter Two – Explanation of the Family Pledge Section 4.1. Explanation of Family Pledge Number Four.

    If we do not become the embodiment of true love by keeping and practising God’s Word, we will never realise God’s Ideal which is predicated on just that, ‘I’ keeping the Commandment.

    Don’t follow, embody and practise. We have to make our own Kingdom of Heaven as Father spoke about on God’s Day 1981, ‘Home Church is My Kingdom of Heaven’.

    “This year’s motto is “Home Church is My Kingdom of Heaven.” As I already said, in the past two years home church was not that very near or personal to you. So far, you may have thought of home church as a kind of witnessing technique, or an innovation of the Unification Church. But it is the heavenly way. The home church is your personal affair; it doesn’t belong to anyone else. It is your personal matter on earth and in heaven, not the Unification Church’s”.

    This is also true of Tribal Messiahship. Father began the Fourth Adam providence, the era beyond the Fall and indemnity.

    We are those Fourth Adams, Adam doesn’t follow, he ‘relates’ to God, to Eve to his children, and we all attend one another centring on true love. True Love determines the centre, not one individual or being. Compare also to the ‘Three Objects’ Purpose’.

    If we want love, life and the ideal, we must keep Father’s words which he dwells in. In that way we are attending Father who is in the Spirit World. By keeping Father’s words, God and Father will come to us and make their home with us and speak directly to us, in our hearts or even physically through us.

    Remember, had Adam and Eve kept Heavenly Father’s Word who is in the Spirit World, then their Heavenly Parent would have also come to them, and blessed them making his eternal home with them through the Blessing of Marriage. God also lives in His Word like Father. God’s vibration and essence of love resonates in the Word.

    That is why through the Word you can be re-born. It is the Father’s love entering your heart.
    I will conclude here with Father’s words from the beginning of this inspirational reading:

    “We lost everything due to the fall. I lost the central figure who is the subject of life; I lost the central figure of ideology; I lost the central figure of love. Our mind, therefore, yearns for the life which can taste true joy. Our mind longs for a better cosmic ideology. Our heart demands a higher love”.

    That is the ‘Eight Great Sacred Texts’, which guides us to become the embodiment of true love.

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