You Must be Blessed to Enter the Kingdom of Heaven

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 2314

You must endure, sacrifice for and
serve your fiancée even if you do not like
her. “If I hadn’t met her I wouldn’t have
learnt anything. Now I see that I was giv-
en this person so that I could go through
more hardships in order to attain a spirit
of service and sacrifice and thus go to
heaven.” Those who think like this can
become great people and enter heaven.
God wants to have even sinners
become His sons and daughters. Just
because your fiancée might not have
such a pretty face or is Japanese or is a
little short, can you think, “Oh, I don’t
like her”? You men should be convinced
that you would go to the highest place
in heaven if you took the ugliest woman
and sacrificed yourself for and served
her more than anyone else. You should
understand that you would then become
the greatest husband and a saint of a
husband. Unification Church members
should be capable of having that level of
thought. (116-95, 1981.12.20)

Richard:  This is perfect advice for any couple.  God will truly bless you if your spouse is in some ways “difficult”.  And who doesn’t have a marriage or relationship where there spouse or fiancee is not difficult in some way?

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1246

Where is humanity supposed to be
heading? No human being on earth can
enter the Kingdom of Heaven if they
have not passed through the gates of
the Blessing. A lot of people believe in
Christianity, but Christianity itself can-
not enter the Kingdom of Heaven with-
out passing through the gates of the
Blessing. When I say things like this,
Christians complain that Rev. Moon
of the Unification Church makes many
self-righteous remarks. There may be
many people who think like this and
who complain out loud, but that is their
problem. All fallen humanity must fol-
low the course of the holy matrimony of
the Blessing that we speak of in the Uni-
fication. Even if we face opposition from
all sides, that does not change the fact
that the holy matrimony of the Bless-
ing connects the spiritual and physical
worlds and allows you to enter the King-
dom of Heaven. (290-167, 1998.2.18)

Richard:  No one can enter the Kingdom of Heaven without receiving the Blessing.  Jesus indicated that his followers would enter Paradise, not the Kingdom of Heaven.

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
August 30, 1959

John 14:11

1 Corinthians 13: 1-13

There must unfold a movement which can bridge the Eastern and Western cultures. This must contain the Christian spirit and have the form of Eastern philosophy and religion. At the same time, it must be in tune with all schools of thought which have guided human spiritual growth. It must reflect the new age but also inherit and embrace the good aspects of the past ages. The world will be united only when a religion or group emerges with a teaching that has met these conditions.

The sun does not rise from the West; it rises from the East. Ladies and gentlemen, where have more wars erupted? We know that there were more wars in the West than in the East.

Knowledge means to understand, and understanding is to gain something. Yet what have you gained? Your gains are not spiritual but physical. Westerners have been building an externally prosperous world through science and material culture. They are sound asleep in their external Kingdom of Heaven. Now the time has come when they should wake up from their sleep.

Easterners worship the way of truth. The way of truth requires that you must give up ten things to know ten things. To understand a thousand things, you must give up a thousand things. The people of the East have become beggars externally because they were worshipping the way of the truth. They became miserable and vulnerable to attack. Eventually, they surrendered to the material world. However, you should foresee that there will soon come an age in the East when we can shake off all of this in disdain.

In this sense, you should feel pride that others don’t feel. Koreans of the East are not inferior to any other people with respect to their faith, hope, and passion.

It is the law of the universe that a person’s life is completed only with water, soil, air and sunlight. Where will the world’s ultimate center of culture be in the future? It will be a place where the water is clean, the land is fertile, and the air is fresh. That is Korea. Water is so clean that you can drink water out of the mountains or plains and not become sick. Korea is a land with good water and good mountains. It is a good, natural place. Korea has pure air. The air is clean in the morning and in the evening all four seasons of the year. When you examine a day in Korea, it is very interesting. Morning is comparable to the spring season, afternoon to summer, evening to autumn, and night to winter. Within a day’s cycle, the shapes of all four seasons of the ideal world can be found. As for its climate, Korea has all the varieties of the four climate types. The people who are living in such a place do not do so by coincidence. If you were to probe into Korea’s religious life, you would find that Korean Christianity has been around for seventy or eighty years at most. Yet within such a short period of ministry, Korea occupies the number one position in the religious world. I am proud of the fact that Korea is second to none when it comes to religion and devotion.

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