God has been Seeking for Us Throughout History

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1240

The full authority of Heaven is passed
on when the Blessing is bestowed. (17-328,

The Blessing opens the gates of the
Kingdom of Heaven. The Kingdom of
Heaven is a place where only families
with children enter. (12-266, 1963.5.25)

The Blessing is an eternal treasure.
It is a pledge to begin a lineage that will
span ten thousand generations. That is
why when you defile the Blessing, your
whole clan will be affected, just as the
whole nation of Israel was affected by
the crucifixion of Jesus. (God’s Will – 550)

The Blessing is the key that opens the
door to the liberation of all humanity,
which has been pursued throughout the
history of the providence. (22-206, 1969.2.4)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1521

According to the original principle
of creation, heaven is a place where only
families can enter. You can only be happy
when your parents, children, and mem-
bers of your clan have all entered togeth-
er. Could that place truly be called heav-
en if only the children were allowed and
the parents ended up in hell? Therefore,
in paving the way to heaven in the future,
the Unification Church should first cre-
ate the family standard. Otherwise, you
will not be able to enter. Based on the
family, you need to free yourself from
all situations in which Satan can accuse
you. In other words, you need to free
yourself from all the historical and prov-
idential standards of accusation. (21-63,

Richard: The primary problem of history is immorality; breaking God’s standard that one man and one woman Blessed in marriage are to form an eternal family.

The Toil of God as He Tries to Raise up His Beloved Children

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
October 11, 1959

John 3: 11-21

1 Corinthians 7:28-29

When a beloved child falls down in the human world, some parents go crazy. The same must be true for God. The same is true for God. What about God’s love? God’s love is the love of the subject partner which encompasses the love of parents, spouses and children. Before you think about this love, before you yearn for it, before you long for it and seek it, Heaven has already been yearning for it like a crazy person until today.

On top of this, Satan mocks: “God, You should be loving Your children in Your bosom! Why are You sighing and mourning?” You have to understand this situation of God. Although through our faith we may have thought that God is omnipotent and is resting peacefully in some palace, that is far from the truth.

God has been seeking for us throughout history with this heart. He has sought us for six thousand years. Look at Christian history. God came seeking us, taking a beating before our ancestors were beaten. He was persecuted before our ancestors were persecuted. He crossed the pass of death in His search. Every time a faithful person climbed the hill of martyrdom, God experienced the same pain. God as the subject partner of love suffered all the pains and difficulties of His sons and daughters who were living for His sake.

Will God give all that up? God cannot give up. Is He going to turn around in His footsteps toward the people on earth who deserve to be judged and eliminated? God cannot turn around.

Ladies and gentlemen, isn’t that so? No matter how evil and sinful a child in this world may be, parents cannot turn their footsteps away from them. Their hearts are drawn. No matter how evil they are, and no matter how many wounds people have put in God’s heart, God cannot help but come seeking for them. We have to look at the God who longed for human beings in the past. We have to look at the God who held onto the many prophets and sages and mourned over them in the six-thousand-year history. We should look at the God who is struggling and mourning over the 2.7 billion persons of humanity.

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