You Do Not Believe in the Heart and Embodiment

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Cheong Seong Gyeong 579

God would not be the Absolute Being
if He had created people to live for just
a few days and perish. He created them
as precious beings that He wants to keep
seeing and cherish eternally.
We know that we are the object part-
ners God can derive joy from. As He is
eternal, we must also be eternal. The eter-
nal God relates with an eternal world.
However, there are many people
who have lived thinking, “I’ve lived up
to eighty. That will do, and when I die,
that’s the end of it.” Yet in the course of
history, there were people who pondered
the question of immortality. They won-
dered if there was any way to live eternally
without dying. The more people held on
to this ideal, the more they thought and
asked themselves, “What’s the meaning
of life? Why are people born and then go
away like travelers?” and they conclud-
ed, “Life is suffering. It is like the com-
ing and going of grass.” Yet, if they could
live forever, there would be no need for
such worries. (39-228, 1971.1.15)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 2054

It is Tong-ban breakthrough. What
does tong ban breakthrough mean? It’s
the place where God can meet the father
He has been longing to see. It’s our effort
to return to the family. It’s our effort to
make the mothers and fathers that God
has been longing for. It’s our effort to
make the sons and daughters God has
been longing for. It’s our effort to make
the aunts and uncles that God has been
longing for. This is my desire. This is
God’s desire. Whose desire is this? It’s
the desire of the Great Supervisor who
created heaven and earth. Who will tru-
ly take up and set about doing the work
of accomplishing this Being’s desire?
Are all of you in your homes the type
of parents that God wants to see? That’s
the problem. The term tong ban break-
through is not just a passing phrase.
The fact that Adam and Eve could not
become a true father and mother that
God wished to see is a cause of deep
pain for God. The fact that they could
not become a true son and daughter,
nor a true couple, and the fact that they
could not become true grandchildren, is
a source of bitter grief for God. Where
did this go wrong? It happened in the
family. Therefore, you should feel that
you must heal this bitter pain in your
own family. Only by healing this pain
will liberation start to expand to heaven
and earth. (209-44, 1990.11.25)

Richard: Tong and Ban are Korean words for local ‘jurisdictions’ of about 120 and 12 homes, respectively. Stacey and I are currently engaged in Kingdom building work in our neighborhood. Sign up at the new Tribal Messiah Association to learn more about neighborhood Kingdom building:

The Toil of God as He Tries to Raise up His Beloved Children

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
October 11, 1959

John 3: 11-21

1 Corinthians 7:28-29

Jesus was supposed to walk to the end of the path of suffering while he was on the earth. He had to walk to the end of the path, no matter how difficult it might be. He was born in a barn. No matter how difficult and miserable a person’s situation may be, no one was born in a barn. The providence of salvation begins from the lowest point. Jesus was born in this lowest of situations and did not receive love while he was growing up. Christians should understand this clearly. In the thirty years of Jesus’ life, there were many sorrowful events. Although Jesus was born into Joseph’s family, to Joseph he was a stepson. He was a stepson of no blood relation to him.

The children born between Joseph and Mary looked down upon Jesus. Think about it. Jesus was a stepson. Jesus was a miserable person who was mistreated even by his younger brothers and sisters. He did not have parents he could depend upon emotionally, and he did not have a family where he could find a place of rest. That was not all; yet Jesus grew up under the direct instructions of Heaven. Because Jesus possessed a heart of hope for the future, even in such circumstances, he looked at the people, the nation and the world.

Why didn’t Jesus resent the situation he was in? It was because he understood God’s heart. He knew that the Father he believed in and worshipped had walked a bitter path for four thousand years. He knew that he had the mission to take responsibility for and restore through indemnity all the mistakes of his ancestors who had repeatedly wronged God. Therefore, he could not be resentful toward those who opposed him. Because he had the same heart as God, even when he was dying on the cross, he blessed the people who opposed him. Christians today think that Jesus came to die. It may seem simple because they only look at the outcome. However, they do not understand the situation of Jesus up to his death. They do not understand the heart of God as He looked down at the dying Jesus.

Ladies and gentlemen, what kind of people are loved in this world? Do people love those who understand others’ situations or those who do not understand them?

To whom did Jesus say, “I came to cast fire upon the earth, so if it is already on fire then what more would I wish? I am to receive baptism, so how distressed would I be until that is realized?” (Luke 12:49- 50) Although he did speak those words, he did not have anyone who understood them. Although he spoke the Gospels, no one understood him. Is it true that people say all you need to do to go the Kingdom of Heaven is to believe in Jesus? Although you may believe in the words, you do not believe in the heart and the embodiment. Looking at history, was there anyone before Jesus who responded to the sorrow of God and comforted Him? Was there anyone who became His beloved son or daughter? Although Jesus appeared on the earth as God’s only begotten son, where did the sons and daughters who should have become the only begotten sons and daughters go? Have you ever thought about that?

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