The Ultimate Purpose of the Universe, with Human Beings at it’s Center Is to Return Joy to God

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1972

When we observe the birthplace of
civilizations from a geographical point
of view, we see that they developed based
on the conditions of climate, during the
course of world history. Then what kind
of place is most ideal? We can conclude
that the ideal location is one that has four
seasons and connects the sea to the land.
In terms of climate, it should be a region
with four seasons. It should be a penin-
sula, as well as a region where the four
seasons are distinct. What is a peninsu-
lar region? The land symbolizes heaven,
and the water symbolizes the sea. The
peninsula connects these two. That is
the reality of the world. That is how it
works with all the principles of heaven
and earth. In that sense, the Italian pen-
insula, as a peninsular region, contrib-
uted to world culture. This was the first
great staging-post for past civilizations.
You should be aware that this penin-
sular civilization centered on Rome, a
region with an integrated civilization,
had emerged with the authority of the
past ages in history. It had also passed
through the Egyptian civilization and
Greek civilization to become a compre-
hensive area. (107-300, 1980.6.8)

Richard: God is making a new heaven and a new earth. Not through literal destruction and rebuilding, but by bringing a new culture of heart which originates in Korea through the teaching of the True Parent, Rev. Sun Myung Moon.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1191

What is the secret method to restore
the right of the eldest son? Satan claims,
“God is a perfect God and the Adam and
Eve He is seeking must also be perfect.
Had they not fallen, it would have been
the Principled standard that Adam and
Eve have to love me as the original arch-
angel. Thus, even though I have fallen
and I found myself in the position of a
bad one, if you all are in a position to
be called good and true, you must set
up the condition of having loved me.
Without this, You, God, cannot be in
the position of God in front of me.” This
is the problem. Satan stops everything
dead, saying, “If there is a secret method
of uniting with you, what is it? The per-
son You send must love me. Unless he
stands together with You in the position
of loving me, and makes the condition
enabling him to say that he loved me, he
will not be able to regain the birthright
of the firstborn son that I have been hold-
ing on to.” That is why Jesus exhorted

Exposition of the Divine Principle
3 Color Edition-The Red part

The Principle of Creation


It is recorded in the Bible that after God completed each day of creation, He saw that it was good. This suggests that God wanted His creations to be object partners embodying goodness that He might take delight in them.
The three great blessings are fulfilled when the whole creation, including human beings, completes the four position foundation with God as the center. This is the Kingdom of Heaven, where ultimate goodness is realized and God feels the greatest joy. This is, in fact, the very purpose for which
God created the universe. The ultimate purpose of the universe, with human beings at its center, is to return joy to God.

Joy is not produced by an individual alone. Joy arises when we have an object partner in which our internal nature and external form are reflected
and developed. Our object partner helps us to feel our own internal
nature and external form through the stimulation it gives. This object
partner may be intangible or it may be substantial.
God feels the fullness of joy when He is stimulated by His
substantial object partners to feel His original internal nature and orig-
inal external form through them. It was explained earlier that when the Kingdom of Heaven is realized—through the fulfillment of the three great blessings and the establishment of the four position foundation—it becomes the good object partner that gives joy to God. Let us investigate how the Kingdom becomes God’s good object partner.
The key to God’s first blessing is the perfection of individual character. An individual’s mind and body are discrete projections and object
partners of God’s dual characteristics. In order for an individual to per-
fect his character, he must form a four position foundation within him-
self whereby his mind and body become one through give and take
action with God as their center.
God’s second blessing was to be fulfilled by Adam and Eve after they
had achieved individual perfection as object partners to God, each man-
ifesting an aspect of God’s dual characteristics. In order to construct the
four position foundation in their family, Adam and Eve should have joined
in loving oneness as husband and wife and raised children. This would
have been the fulfillment of the second blessing.
The meaning of God’s third blessing is the perfection of a human
being’s dominion over the natural world. To fulfill this blessing, the four
position foundation of dominion must be established centered on God.
Human beings and the natural world, which are the substantial object
partners of God at the level of image and symbol respectively, must
share love and beauty to become completely one.

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