God Stands in the Position of a Doctor Who Seeks to Cure Human Beings

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Matthew 25

12 But the groom replied, “I don’t even know you!”

13 So, my disciples, always be ready! You don’t know the day or the time when all this will happen.


15 The day is coming
when I, the Lord,
    will judge the nations.
And, Edom, you will pay in full
    for what you have done.

16 I forced the people of Judah[f]
to drink the wine of my anger
    on my sacred mountain.
Soon the neighboring nations
must drink their fill—
    then vanish without a trace.

Richard: Both of these scriptures warn us to expect God’s sovereignty to come about after a period of suffering for those on God’s side. The period of suffering has occurred/is occurring due to the COVID-19 Fraud. See my video and podcast series on the Richard Urban Show: https://www.visionroot.org/blog/ .

When and how God’s sovereignty will be implemented is closely connected to our own human portion of responsibility.

Rev. Sun Myung Moon warns and predicts on September 23, 2005 in Washington, DC:

Ladies and gentlemen, humanity is traveling down a dead-end street. The only way to survive is to practice the peace philosophy of true love, true life and true lineage taught by Reverend Moon.   If all the university presidents and the United Nations agree upon this, we can do it quickly.  Now that we have entered the Age after the Coming of Heaven, your good ancestors are activated and the heavenly hosts are sweeping down upon the earth. Soon the countries and peoples that appear strong and mighty will change course and shift in this direction.  Probably the Communists will change their direction more quickly than the people in the free world.  Think about China, Japan and Russia.  If they are united then they can take over the entire Pacific Ocean.  Who knows in the future, if the trend goes this way if there will be another world war centering on the Pacific Ocean.  You politicians, think about it.   We can educate them.    

I leave you with a choice.  It’s not my problem.  I have told you all.  Whether you die or live is your choice.   There can be no perfection in ignorance.  If you don’t know anything, there is no way to perfect yourself.   The message from Heaven that I convey to you today is both a blessing and a warning to this generation. I, Reverend Moon, will take the lead in establishing true families, true societies, true nations and a true world. Will you join with me as I rise and gain strength in accordance with heavenly fortune?  Or will you remain captive behind the same old walls, all of them Satan’s handiwork.  You, Protestants and Catholics, you all have to be united.  No more separation.  You have to straighten the course of the United Nations.  We have to educate them.  If you have such a spirit and determination.   You have to utilize all the media  arms, such as radios and televisions and so forth and spread this truth all over the world.  It may not take even six months.  We can do it. 


World Scripture and the Teachings of
Sun Myung Moon

Part 1
God and Creation

Chapter 1
Sovereign and Omnipotent

  1. Almighty God

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

What is God like? [You say,] He is omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, who can destroy or create worlds with just one word. However, we do not need this kind of God. What kind of God does our original mind desire? We long for a God about whom we can say, “I love Him more than I love my own father and mother.” (147:271)

God is almighty. It was not due to His shortcoming or lack of ability that He has been imprisoned in great pain and has endured immense suffering behind the scenes of history. It was because there are provisions in the Principle of Restoration, which He was not free to disclose, that called Him to wait with forbearance until Adam and Eve’s positions, lost at the human fall, were recovered with the appearance of the perfected Second Adam. Although God is all-powerful, He will not set aside the eternal laws and principles that He Himself established. (September 12, 2005)

Many people rattle off words about God’s absoluteness, omnipotence and glory. Nonetheless, through my lifelong search for truth, I have found that to be way off the mark. When the first human ancestors fell, God became a bereaved Parent who lost His beloved children. Think of it: if your children were in prison, could you as a parent live in glory? So you can understand how God’s heart could be in deep pain and sadness. Furthermore, God also had to hand over to Satan the beautiful creation which He had made for His children. From the moment He lost His object partners of love, the God of true love became the God of loneliness. From that moment on, God was in no position to exercise His power as the Lord of the universe. He had no opportunity to display His authority as the Creator of all things, while fallen people go about boasting over their petty creations. Although God is the Lord of all that has breath, He could not display His dignity. Although God is the Owner of all that lives, He was never able to manifest His supreme glory. Although God is Author of the Principle, how could He operate freely in a world that had fallen and become unprincipled? Human beings, living with all degrees of distrust and rebellion, mock God as non-existent or dead. Even those who say they believe mostly ignore God as they go about their daily life. God has endured this long history with a heart full of excruciating pain.13 (January 29, 2001)

We need a God who transcends evil and everything, who has absolute power to subjugate all. Even though the Devil exists, he should not be able to hinder God; rather God should transcend the Devil and be completely unrestricted. Until we find such a God, we will not be able to overcome the present state of conflict. God has been fighting with the Devil throughout history, and religions have been relegated to an internal, spiritual role. That condition has not provided a way to establish a new culture. Only when God is absolute and transcendent, when the Devil cannot interfere in any way, can there be the new beginning that can resolve the problems of today’s world. Yet consider the present position of God. He is not a transcendental Being who rules over human history or the history of providence. Why? It is because human beings fell. God stands in the position of a doctor who seeks to cure human beings of this sickness. He is the repairman, mending us of this defect. Not having yet raised up perfected individuals, He could not be the God who stands in the absolute position and guides humankind towards the one goal. (140:18-19, February 1, 1986)

Father! Mayest Thou become the Lord of this heaven and earth which have no lord; the Center who can be responsible for this nation and lead it to its future destiny, the Center of our families’ hopes, and our individual hopes. What the world needs, the nation needs, the family needs and the individual needs art Thou, our Father, the Lord who created all of heaven and earth. Thou art the Being of infinite might. Thou art the omnipotent Being, unlimited in the world of time and space, the Creator of everything. Thou art the Subject Partner endowing everything with meaning. Everything exists according to its destined relationship with Thee. Nothing that exists is without purpose: each is an object partner to Thee, the Subject Partner. We know that we ourselves, our families, nations and the world, find their position in relation to Thee. When the sun shines, the life of all beings springs forth from that light. Even microorganisms seek to unite with the light, facing one center. In the same way, we must attend Thee as the Lord of our lives, our Father who brightens the path on which we must tread. Unless we unite with Thee, and become one with Thee, our path of life will be blocked. (59:65-67, July 9, 1972)

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