Man and Woman Are to Live Together for a Lifetime and then, Eternally

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 1283

    The individual perfection we speak of today is not the absolute and complete perfection of the individual. It is conditional. You must understand that this perfection is a conditional perfection in the process of restoration. That is why, though they stand in the position of parents, they do not truly know about God’s realm of heart. They have not experienced the great power of loving each other so much that the husband cannot give up his wife and the wife cannot give up her husband even in exchange for the universe. The love they share is so strong that it can hold heaven and earth together.
    That is why those families who have received the Blessing must bear in mind that until they cross over from this fallen realm, they are only in the realm of conditional perfection. They are not in the realm of the perfected Kingdom of Heaven. Since they are only living in that conditional realm of perfection, once they pass on to the spirit world, they need to go through certain formalities. Only after they go through due formalities and reach complete perfection can they receive their passports and enter the Kingdom of Heaven. (100-144, 1978.10.9)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1582


Now, through the Sa-Sa Jeol (4.4. Day) declaration, which represents the number four, the southern hemisphere can be connected to the northern hemisphere and the heart of the Parents to the oceans. Although the great judgment of Noah’s time took place on the sea, based on the sea that did not face judgment and the principle of giving and receiving by all created beings, then all national messiahs and Blessed Families were called to gather here in Jardim in order to symbolize the coming together of all creation to the place of liberation. I have disclosed to all those who are here that, in the form of the global messiah, national messiahs, tribal and family messiahs, they should return following the Parents.
Richard:  Victory is ours, as Blessed families, if we claim it.  First we have to understand what a Blessed family is, and we have to practice true love and absolute sexual ethics within our Blessed family and exemplify those values to our family and neighbors.
Join us on November 19th for the Unification Principle Study, which is a great place to begin your journey as a Blessed family.  Peaceful families build a peaceful world.

True Family; Gateway to Heaven
Chapter Four

The Love of Man and Woman
in the Original Creation

Section 5. Men and Women Harmonize in Love

Man symbolizes heaven and woman, earth. The two must unite and
realize harmony. Men and women are different. Men’s muscles are
rugged and women’s are smooth. Men have beards while women do
not. Their voices are also different. If we compare men and women,
we see their contrasting features fit together well. Harmony unfolds
between them. When we look at the physical structure of human
beings, their left and right sides form a correlative pair. These two
halves are bound tightly together.

Ladies and gentlemen, do you like only high things or only low
things? You like things that create harmony. Judging from the line
formed by the horizon, fish live below and mammals, birds, and
other creatures live above. Women menstruate once a month, like
tidal variations based on the moon. Breathing is similar. A man
and a woman establish a line of balance and create harmony.
People like Disneyland, with its rides that go up and down,
because Disneyland duplicates the motions of the universe.

Which do you think will be more pleasing, a man harmonizing
with another man or a man harmonizing with a woman? A man
harmonizing with a woman is better because that reflects the
harmony of the universe. We should live in step with the beat of
the universe, the universe that promotes harmony through the
harmony of yin and yang. (Blessed Family – 344)

When man and woman create harmony, they initiate circular
movement. When man and woman become one body through
love and bear the fruits of love, God comes down and they go up
and they meet in the middle. God becomes the center of this
sphere, and spherical movement begins. The center of the sphere
is the place where harmony of love is realized. It is the place where
life emerges and moves, and it is the starting point of human
equality and communal philosophy. This is so because the power
of love is there. Thus, the force that embraces all interactions of
the universe is love. (Blessed Family – 344)

For human beings love is eternal. It is one and never divided. Once
a man and a woman are joined in love they are to live together for a
lifetime and then eternally even after death. They are two bodies
that become one body by uniting and revolving together. When the
two bodies become one, they revolve as God does and form a four-
position foundation of love, the expression of the ideal world of
love. Only true love dwells there and false love cannot invade. When
man and woman become blessed by God and achieve perfection,
God comes to them freely. When they form a four-position
foundation of love, they will come to love each other’s mind
through each other’s body, and when they come to love the mind
their body will follow. (Blessed Family – 344)

The Heavenly Constitution Begins through Us

Cheon Seong Gyeong 2207

    We are bound together by the destiny resulting from the unfolding history of God’s providence, in which He has been pursuing His long-cherished goal of dissolving the anguish He has accumulated over six millennia. Accordingly, even though we have different surnames, we should live with greater love than blood brothers and sisters.
    Although you are attending parents who are not your natural parents, you are the people that seek to attend the Parents, centering on God, even more sincerely than you would your natural parents. On top of that, despite having our own country, we are the people that seek to live for the sake of God’s nation with loyalty, filial piety, and virtue. (47- 81, 1971.8.19)

    Now the final time has come. Parents must find “my country.” To do that, all Blessed Families are to stand in a circle horizontally around Father and Mother and represent them by progressively fulfilling the duties of filial children, patriots, saints, and divine children. You will thereupon occupy those positions and proceed to observe the laws of the palace and uphold the laws of God’s nation. You should understand that the Heavenly Constitution actually begins through us. This is what “my country” means. (197-87, 1990.1.7)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1399

I also needed to surmount twelve peaks after crossing over ten at first. The Blessing of 3.6 Million Couples is the twelfth peak. We must surmount them all. In the song ‘Arirang’, the word ‘arirang’ is a composite of ‘Ae,’ meaning love, ‘Ri,’ meaning village, and ‘Ryeong’ meaning hill. I understand that the word signifies the search for the village you love. In the song, the lyrics go on to say, “If you leave me, you won’t have gone ten ri (about 2.5 miles) before you become footsore.” That song also mentions the twelve peaks of arirang. At present, I am undergoing all manner of hardship to cross over the twelfth peaks. After this is accomplished, everything will be equalized, and we will all be able to go anywhere we wish. (289-263, 1998.1.21)

True Family Gateway to Heaven
Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Chapter Two

The Family Is the Model for the
Kingdom of Heaven

Section 5. The Family Brings Together the Love
of Three Generations

The family encompasses history, the present and the future. So
what is the ultimate point that God has sought for six thousand
years? It is the family — the family where love is interconnected
and where all are united in love. Everything that exists comes
under its dominion.
We cannot cut our relationship with this absolute source of love.
The establishment of such a family was the original mission that
God gave Adam and Eve at the time of creation. God did not want
them to merely end up as a man, Adam, and a woman, Eve, but
instead dreamed of a new family where they would be united. This
is the first starting point towards establishing men and women.
Thus to be able to enter the Kingdom of Heaven safely, you have
to find a family and within the realm of that family in this world,
enter and live in a place where you can feel satisfied in God’s love.
Only then can you go beyond this world as well. (30-85,
In order to form the family realm of love you have to be
unconditional. The parents represent the past, the husband and
wife represent the present, and the children represent the future.
Loving one partner during your lifetime is the equivalent to God
loving the world. It is a place where in oneness the parents, a
couple, and the children offer their love as an example
representing heaven and earth and tell their descendants to follow
them. The original homeland of the heart, the place where
heavenly affection is felt will be remembered in heaven and earth.
(30-78, 1970.3.17)
What has God been looking for up until now? He has not been
seeking a subject partner; rather He has been looking for an ideal
object partner. He has been looking for those who resemble God
What is the starting point that leads to such a result? It is the
family. There is nothing that can represent the universe better
than the family. To be one with the parents is for past and present
to meet. Here, you can love the past by loving your parents, love
the present by loving your partner, and love the future by loving
your children. Therefore, you can deeply experience the love of
three generations. The place where these three kinds of love are
concentrated is the family. (30-80, 1970.3.17)
Then where does life in the Kingdom of Heaven begin? It is the
family. It does not unfold somewhere else. The Kingdom of
Heaven is just a three-dimensional expansion of the family and
not something that goes beyond the family realm. Therefore when
you embrace your husband or wife, you should think that this is a
man of the world becoming one with a woman of the world. The
place where you can make the condition of having loved mankind
is none other than the family.
You should live your life this way. To love your parents is to
connect history with the present and to pave the road for God to
come to you. Therefore you have to love your parents. To love
your parents is to connect the human beings of history with
yourself as an inhabitant of the present, that is to unite the past
and the present. Furthermore loving your children centering on
yourself is to connect the present with the future. And the
philosophy that practices and sings the praise of such love for a
thousand and tens of thousands of years is Unification thought.
(30-82, 1970.3.17)

God Has Revealed His Heavenly Secrets

Cheon Seong Gyeong 247

    You are each walking the path of restoration as an individual, but you are not walking it individually. You are always walking that path on behalf of True Parents. Otherwise, you will not be able to prepare True Parents’ victorious foundation at the tribal, ethnic, or national levels. For you to proceed correctly on behalf of True Parents, if True Parents are going out to establish the worldwide spiritual standard of victory, you should go out to establish the national standard of victory. You should know this clearly. Now that True Parents’ standard of victory is established spiritually, it must be established on earth. You are going beyond the level of one people, carrying out True Parents’ responsibility on their behalf. To explain this from another viewpoint, you are going over the national level towards the worldwide level, to spiritually establish the cosmic standard of victory. The Lord, who is coming as the True Parents for us, has to spiritually pioneer the cross we must bear, achieve substantial victory and take responsibility for everything. This is the difficult aspect of restoring parents.
    Looking at heaven, earth, and humankind, has Heaven ever been able to attend the victorious True Parents? Heaven could not yet do so. Has the earth been able to attend them? It has not yet been able to do so. Has humankind been able to attend them? They have not been able to, but they are now on the way to doing so.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 2371

By fulfilling the duty of a holy person, and going forward so that I can govern all religions on earth in the place of God, I am to bless the world centering on families. You should know that I will not bless families and nations separately. Since I am in such a position, I can bring to fulfillment the Four Great Realms of Heart and the Three Great Kingships. Everyone can achieve kingship by standing in the position where they can fulfill the purpose of the blessing, allowing them to move freely in any direction – east, west, north, and south, and to the twelve pearly gates; everywhere within a 360 degree range. Now the Four Great Realms of Heart must be dealt with. If you do not go beyond the realm of the heart of a holy man, the realm of the heart of a saint, the realm of the heart of a loyal citizen, and the realm of the heart of a filial child in the Four Great Realms of Heart, you can not say that you have crossed over the boundary of the Four Great Realms of Heart. This is the meaning of the third verse of the Family Pledge. (280-35, 1996.10.13)

Original Substance of the Divine Principle

The Principle of Restoration

The Eras in Providential History and the Formation of Their Lengths

The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth is a world similar to a single completed human being.  Conversely, we can understand the overall contents of human history by observing the life practices of a single fallen person, where the two minds, the good and evil mends are always fighting.
Satan took the lead to establish an unprincipled world before God could establish His ideal.  The unprincipled world that Satan established is similar in form to the principled world God intended to establish. 
The new expression of truth is the Unification Principle revealed by the Second Coming of Christ, the True Parent. Centering on the Unification Principle, religion, politics and economics must work together under one ideological framework to realize God’s ideal of creation.  You can study this new truth this Sudnay, July 23rd at the Peaceful Families, Peaceful World workshop.  Register now here to ensure your place.
The society of the Ideal of Creation (Cheon IL Guk) is a society o coexistence, co-prosperity and common righteousness.
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Jesus Did Not Come to Die

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1735

    Who on earth is God? He is the Creator and the vertical Parent of true love. In other words, He is the vertical Parent based on true love. Perfected Adam and Eve are the horizontal parents based on true love. These two sets of parents are to unite. Vertical and horizontal are to unite at the place where Adam and Eve make love. That place is the original palace of love, life and lineage. It is the male and female organs.
    In such a manner, God Himself will give birth to His sons and daughters. They are indeed His children. You were all born of two sets of parents, and the conscience is in the reciprocal position to the vertical Parent. In view of this, the conscience is the vertical “you” and the body the horizontal “you.” How do vertical and horizontal unite? If they were to unite through true parental love, the Creator’s true love, body and mind would never conflict but rather would harmonize completely. (250-38, 1993.10.11)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1002

You should prepare a prayer room in which you place my picture, and bow before it a thousand, even ten thousand times. In the past, the spiritual groups, such as that of Heo Ho-Bin, who were preparing to receive the Messiah, bowed three thousand times each day. You should try this. When they were making clothes, they sewed each garment by hand, one by one. They believed that doing it on sewing machine showed disrespect. Even with such great devotion, it was still not enough. (179-77, 1988.7.22)

Original Substance of the Divine Principle

The Advent of the Messiah and the Purpose of His Second Coming

The Messiah came and comes again to fulfill the purpose of creation to create the Kingdom of God on earth and in heaven.  Since Jesus was crucified, salvation could not be completed, as original sin was not eradicated, and the bodies of believers still are tormented by Satan.Jesus said in John 6:29 that the people should believe in him. Jesus’ death on the cross was not a pre-determined outcome.
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The Spirit Grows Only through the Physical Self

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Huge Win For Parental Rights-Court Mandates Religious Vaccination Exemptions in Mississippi

Cheon Seong Gyeong 197

The character se (世) in Savior (guse-ju) refers to the world. God gave His only begotten son because He loved the world, not because He loved Christianity. Many Christians memorize John 3:16 and repeat it over and over! It does not say that God so loved Christianity that He gave His only begotten son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life. It says that God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son. What is the mission of the Savior? It is to liberate God and punish Satan. Who will get rid of this bitter enemy who has sunk his teeth into human beings and is accusing them so viciously? God cannot get rid of him. Only the Messiah, the Savior, can do that! (136-219, 1985.12.29)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 926

By the use of power alone, the unification of heaven and earth would be impossible, even for God who is the great king of judgment, and who can freely lead heaven and earth as He pleases. It would not be possible with money, knowledge or authority. Love is the only thing that can make this possible. (200- 173, 1990.2.25)

Original Substance of the Divine Principle

Principle of Creation

For today’s study, please view slides 156 to 159 below.
Spirits can only be born on earth at the same time as the physical self.
Our life on earth determines our life in the spirit world.
We ourselves will determine wheter we enter heaven or hell in the spirit world when we die.