God Exists in the Center of Our Heart

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Luke 22

The day had come for the Festival of Thin Bread, and it was time to kill the Passover lambs. So Jesus said to Peter and John, “Go and prepare the Passover meal for us to eat.”

But they asked, “Where do you want us to prepare it?”

10 Jesus told them, “As you go into the city, you will meet a man carrying a jar of water.[b] Follow him into the house 11 and say to the owner, ‘Our teacher wants to know where he can eat the Passover meal with his disciples.’ 12 The owner will take you upstairs and show you a large room ready for you to use. Prepare the meal there.”

13 Peter and John left. They found everything just as Jesus had told them, and they prepared the Passover meal.

2 Chronicles 35

12 The Levites set aside the parts of the animal that the worshipers needed for their sacrifices to please the Lord,[c] just as the Law of Moses required. They also did the same thing with the bulls. 13 They sacrificed the Passover animals on the altar and boiled the meat for the other offerings in pots, kettles, and pans. Then they quickly handed the meat to the people so they could eat it.

World Scripture and the Teachings of
Sun Myung Moon

Part 1
God and Creation

Chapter 1

Immanent and Dwelling within the Heart

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Where does God exist? He is not in heaven, but in our heart—the center of our heart. (145:310,June 1, 1986)

God is not merely a concept. God is alive in each of our lives, and we can feel His touch. I constantly hear the beating of God’s pulse. I breathe as He breathes. I can feel the warmth of His body against my own. I have come to know the heart of God, and have shed rivers of tears from the knowledge that His heart is bursting with the sorrow of having lost humankind through the Fall. (234:233, August 22, 1992)

When we forget to eat and sleep, yearning for our beloved Heavenly Father and calling out, “Father!” He holds our hand, even though we do not notice Him. We call out, “Father,” and Heavenly Father clasps us to His bosom. It is precious to have these experiences in our life of faith. With a heart of love, even before you say, “Please be with me while I do this,” God is already with you. Experience this, and you will know that God is Gracious and Merciful. (58:299, June 25,1972)

How does God love? It is not hard to answer. Since God is without form, He can go anywhere—inside a lady’s eyes, inside her heart, anywhere at all. Where does God live? He dwells in the midst of our heart. God’s masculine aspect lives in the heart of a man, and God’s feminine aspect lives in the heart of a woman. (128:325)

Many Christians today think that because God the Creator is unique and absolute, the Supreme Being, it is impossible for human beings, His creatures, to relate with God in a full partnership. They reason that creatures are profane while God is absolute and holy. Consider this matter, however, from the concept of love. To form relationships of love, even the lofty and supremely good God and
lowly created beings must share common attributes of character. To love, they must share the same heart. That is, the personal God must have the same qualities as the human personality. (138:247, January 24, 1986)

The universe is vast, as great as 21 billion light-years across… Yet when we search within for the best place to receive God, our greatest treasure, the natural conclusion is, “The heart is the only appropriate place.” No place can be safer or more comfortable for Him.

The heart is able to stand in the position of God’s object partner and exist for eternity by engaging in spherical motion, and this is the reason that human beings can have eternal life. (May 1, 2004)

God is immeasurably huge, but a human being, though tiny in comparison, is a microcosm of the universe. Therefore, we can experience that God is within us as we go into God. We can experience that we are within God and God is within us. That is why Jesus said, “I am in the Father and the Father is in me.” Although God is infinitely big, only when human beings dwell within Him, can God work. (31:210, May 31, 1970)

Thou dost relate to us at the dividing line between joy and sorrow. (24:245, August 24, 1969)

Now is the time when people must reflect on themselves and listen to the voice from Heaven. Through the benefit of the providence, the living God has now drawn near to us. From now on, people will have many spiritual experiences that they could not have earlier. That is to say, they will communicate with the transcendent world. Through these frequent spiritual experiences, people will be influenced directly and indirectly. Especially people who experience the inspiration of God and good spirits will have their spiritual senses developed centered on God, and they will experience major changes in their character. People whose character is thus transformed to fit the way of Heaven are the true people God has been hoping for. (February 6, 2003)

Thou dost not live in some distant, relative world.
Thou art in the middle of our hearts;
Thou surroundest our bodies
unnoticed, like the air all around us;
Thou hast been embracing our entire lives.
When we receive that power which surrounds us,
infinite power is mobilized.
When we absorb that power—eternal power—
it impacts and stimulates us anew. (27:41-42, November 23, 1969)

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