Heavenly Fortune Rejects Those Who Live for Their Own Sake

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Philemon 1

From Paul, who is in jail for serving Christ Jesus, and from Timothy, who is like a brother because of our faith.

Philemon, you work with us and are very dear to us. This letter is to you and to the church that meets in your home. It is also to our dear friend Apphia and to Archippus, who serves the Lord as we do.

I pray that God our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ will be kind to you and will bless you with peace!

Lamentations 1

15 You, Lord, have turned back
my warriors
and crushed
    my young heroes.
Judah was a woman untouched,
but you let her be trampled
    like grapes in a wine pit.
16 Because of this, I mourn,
    and tears flood my eyes.
No one is here to comfort
    or to encourage me;
we have lost the war—
    my people are suffering.

World Scripture and the Teachings of
Sun Myung Moon

Chapter 2

Truth and Universal Law


Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

In the universe, everything is linked and related, from the minutest things to the largest. (16:119, January 2, 1966)

Every existence is linked to another through dual purposes. One purpose pertains to internal character and the other to external form. The purpose pertaining to internal character is for the whole, while the purpose pertaining to external form is for the individual. These relate to each other as cause and effect, internal and external, and subject and object. Therefore, there cannot be any purpose of the individual apart from the purpose of the whole, nor any purpose of the whole that does not include the purpose of the individual. All the creatures in the entire universe form a vast complex linked together by these dual purposes. (Exposition of the Divine Principle, Creation 1.3.1)

When all beings in the whole universe, with subject and object partners well adjusted to each other, are linked to one another in harmony for a common purpose, there is completion and perfection. The universe is a balanced whole composed of reciprocal relationships, large and small. Without reciprocal relationships, nothing can exist. Anything that ceases to relate becomes extinct. (391:174, August 21, 2002)

Heavenly fortune rejects those who live for their own sake and embraces those who live for the sake of others. It is like a person who is nearly blind suddenly seeing with 20-20 vision; his eyes exclaim for joy: “Wow! We can see everything very clearly!” Through Heaven’s power we are connected to the entire universe and can see all for eternity. This power penetrates everything infinitely; hence our scope of action expands infinitely… By living for the sake of others, we can make relationships with everything. (244:107, January 31, 1993)

In the human body, the eye looks very simple, but it is actually complex. Each cell that makes up the eye is complex as well. All the organs are complex, but in living together as a single organism, they do not conflict with each other. Instead, they function together interdependently. No part of the body can say that it likes only the hand and does not like the eye. Each organ has its lawful place, and each accommodates itself to the limitations of its position and rank, relating to the others front and back, left and right, and above and below. That is the only way it can function; there is no other way. (49:193, October 10, 1971)

Each human being is like a cell. They do not exist separately, each doing their own thing. Rather, they come together and form a whole, creating an axis. Then humankind can enter into a partnership with God, the Center of the whole. The force of love flowing in this partnership motivates them to pursue a common objective. Cause and effect correspond to each other and fulfill their purpose. When the cause and effect are thus united, God and the whole of humankind manifest their value and complete their one common purpose. (110:73, November 9, 1980)

The supreme element that we human beings pursue is love. Therefore, we should make it so the give and take of love proceeds smoothly. The universe should be linked by one axis, formed when each person centers on his or her subject partner. Then, just like an electrical circuit, everything can engage in good give and take action through the axis. It is similar to a tree whose parts engage in give and take action centering on the trunk. Through that axis, every cell, from the bottommost tip of the central root to the terminal bud at the very top, relate to each other continually. If that give and take action is good, the tree will grow; if not, the root will shrivel and the whole tree will decline. (165:177, May 20, 1987)

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