God Made the Universe for Me

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Cheong Seong Gyeong 1132

If we read the Bible, it tells us that
Adam and Eve fell by eating of the fruit
of the tree of the knowledge of good and
evil, but then what does it mean that
they covered their sexual parts? If the
Christian churches had a mind to inter-
pret the Bible a little more intellectu-
ally, they would immediately be able to
understand the origin of the Fall. Why
were Adam and Eve ashamed of their
sexual parts? Why did they cover them?
They should have covered their mouths
and hands. There is nothing wrong with
sexual organs. However, since people fell
through them, these parts of the human
body became a palace of shame where
heavenly love was violated. A spring of
true love should have welled forth from
there, but a fountain of false, devil-
ish love gushed out instead. That place
therefore became the stronghold of
worst kind of love. (202-199, 1990.5.24)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1239

1.1. What is the Blessing?
1.1.1. The meaning of the Blessing

The Blessing signifies the True Par-
ents and true children coming together
to fulfill the purpose of creation.

God exists with dual characteris-
tics. These dual characteristics are posi-
tive and negative, the former represent-
ed by the man, Adam, and the latter by
the woman, Eve. The children are thus
a combination of the two of them. In
this way, according to God’s ideal, the
first, second and third generations are
formed. Out of the three generations,
it was the generation of Adam and Eve,
the second generation, where the prob-
lem occurred.
Adam and Eve did not become
one in God’s love. If they had, they
would have formed a love relationship
in which God could dwell. They also
would have established the standard
of love through which God could have
naturally formed a relationship with
Adam and Eve’s children. This would
have been the Blessing. (32-239, 1970.7.19)

The Blessing Ceremony of the Unifi-
cation Church is not simply a wedding
through which a man and a woman come
together and form a family. Until now,
all weddings were solely for the sake of
the people getting married. But our wed-
ding ceremony is significant and neces-
sary to set a condition to indemnify the
past and return joy to God. Therefore,
we conduct our ceremonies in a sacred
and splendid manner. Divine Principle
clearly explains to us that our wedding
ceremony alleviates God’s bitter grief
that was caused by the Fall of Adam and
Eve. It goes beyond the standard of hus-
band and wife, which Jesus was unable
to attain. (22-212, 1969.2.4)

World Scripture and the Teachings of
Sun Myung Moon

Chapter 4

God’s Creation and Human Creativity

The Sanctity of Nature

3. Mother Earth and Her Children

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

When we were created, the universe lent us its elements to constitute our bodies. This means the universe gave birth to us. It is our first parent. Our fathers and mothers are our second parents, the parents who brought us into the world. God, who gave each of us a spirit, is our third parent. Thus, human beings have three sets of parents. (106:84, December 9, 1979)

People in ancient times had a close relationship with nature. Then the natural world and the spirit world were close to human beings—not distant and foreign as they are to people living in modern times. When people entered a grove of giant trees, they looked at them reverently and thought, “For thousands of years these trees have been here; through countless cycles of quickening in spring and dying in autumn they remain unchanged; their shade makes a pleasant environment for all creatures.” Observing them, they recognized that they were deficient in many aspects, and so they
worshipped tall trees, great rocks and high mountains.

They saw tall persimmon trees, thick with foliage in the summer and bare in the winter. With the arrival of spring their branches sprouted with new life: first buds, then blossoms, and finally delicious and fragrant fruit. They marveled at this, and sensed that those trees were better than they.
Where is the fragrance in human existence? Do humans give off a fragrance that beautifies their surroundings, attracting birds and insects to nest in their branches? No, compared to nature, man is humbled and recognizes his inadequacy. (November 4, 1990)

When we look at the creation, we feel a religious emotion welling up from deep in our hearts and naturally bow down before it. Gazing up at the constellations of the night sky or exploring nature around us, we experience awesome and mysterious feelings surging up from deep in our hearts. This state is the starting point of religion. While gazing at living things and the phenomena of nature, we
can sing songs that arise from the precious world of the heart within.
Playing nature’s music, displaying nature’s art and reciting nature’s poetry, all living things resonate in our hearts. Then we can relate with God, who rules the heavenly bodies. Experience the feeling that you are intimately connected to everything; then you can enter a state of the heart to rightly appreciate them. You enter a mystical state in which you can feel everything in its reality.
God created human beings to connect with all His creation, which He had made inseparably interrelated with Himself. Externally we appear to be extremely small and insignificant, but when we behold nature from this understanding, we can feel a human being’s true dignity and value. (5:344-45, March 8, 1959)

I once asked God, “For whom didst Thou create this universe?” God replied, “Sun Myung Moon, I created it for you.” As God is my God, so the universe is my universe. These are not only words; I feel it to my bones.
In springtime, I behold the beauty of the universe in the beautiful flowers and fragrances, and in the butterflies and bees flying about. These creatures show us God’s love and God’s precious value; they display the harmony of His angels. I feel connected to everything. A bird chirps; it is asking me to feed it. It wants me to help it find a mate.
I am very sensitive to the world of nature. When butterflies are fluttering together in pairs, or when a male and female bird sing together for joy, I see it as a lesson that men and women should live together with even greater beauty… and happiness than these.
When the birds and flowers stimulate me with their joy and love, I would in turn stimulate God in heaven with my songs of joy and love. I may be penniless and my clothes may be rags, yet I never feel poor. I think, “The sky is my blanket, the flowing brook is my water faucet, and the plants
growing nearby are my food.” When you feel that the house of God is your house, how can you feel poor?
When I see a small stream, I feel behind it the dignity of the great ocean. When I see a blade of grass, I think its beauty is greater than the greatest masterpieces in the world’s museums. A painting may cost millions of dollars, but it is merely man-made. It cannot compare with this small creation of God. Once I caught a bird and kissed it, saying, “You are more precious than anything in the world.”
(106:137, December 23, 1979)

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