The Religious Realm and the Governmental Realm Can Be United

Happy Declaration Day of God’s Eternal Blessing!
Declared July 1, 1991,heavenly (lunar based) calendar (August 19th, 2020)

Today and tomorrow we will feature a special reading from the speech given on the Declaration Day of God’s Eternal Blessing in 1991.

The Ceremony Of The Declaration Of God’s Eternal Blessing

Today is the Declaration Day of God’s Eternal Blessing. What does that mean? The right wing and left wing came into being. This has been trouble for God. They must come together as one. We have to march forward as we bring right and left together as one. Until now people have been playing the right and the left. To get this split history under control, God has been receiving persecution here and getting hit there. Like a wife who lost her husband, like one who is chased by enemies, God could not go the right direction to the place where God wants to dwell, but He went here and there and left and right.

Since you joined the church, how many times have you moved left and right? Until now you have said whatever you wanted to say and have done many wrong actions at the expense of True Father. Now Father is praying deeply about how to resolve the problems connected with this. God’s blessed families, whom True Parents desire, are not yet like True Parents. Blessed families have split into left and right. Have your mind and body split, too? God wants the family to unite centered on God. Historically, God has made so many sacrifices to bring the dead back to life. In the process of trying to guide history, God has suffered so much to get everything, left and right, under control. God has patiently waited, enduring a thousand years as if it were a day.

Although True Parents have come to earth, people have treated them like dirt. All of you have wanted to take advantage of True Parents, and True Parents have been abused. Today, July the first, on this very hour you should really repent of all the things you have done wrong and you should make a fresh, brand new beginning. Through your own will you should lament and repent, feeling a guilty conscience and heart-broken embarrassment. You should know that you are in the position to mourn and repent.

Father can make no retreat. Can parents retreat? You should know that parents cannot retreat. Will all your sons and daughters inherit the position of parents, so that your blood lineage is carried on? Centering on these sons and daughters, nations and the world will be formed. This is a serious task. Can you trade your parents for money? Or for dignity? This Principle will not change even if the universe changes. Can you deny this Principle for money? Or for dignity? For power? It cannot be denied even at the cost of your life. Parents should die for the sake of the children and the children should die for the sake of the parents. Only in this way can we truly carry on the way of the universal Principle.

Father has called you through the will of God, made you true sons and daughters, and assigned you the position of tribal messiah. What is the messiah? Jesus wanted to take the victorious position at the cost of his life, mobilize the enemies who were against his mother and father, and put his enemies in Adam’s position. This story [this hope and plan] is like a dream. Unless it is accomplished, however, the horizontal standard on which east, west, south and north can live together in the center cannot be set; the 360 degrees will not be drawn. That is why we have to bear the cross of love and forgive. The chance to do this does not happen all the time. When the messiah comes, settles, and becomes the center, this will not happen. The messiah will judge. Once the center is set and determined, there is no forgiveness. If you have the law, you have to live by the law. However, before the center is set, forgiveness and “re-salvation” are possible.

In this free world, the truth and the heavenly way must be centered on True Parents and the Unification family. Are your wife, husband and children living the principled life? When the day comes, those who did not work hard enough will face the outcome. You might think everything is going your way, but just wait and see. Gradually it all will get twisted.

If a parent does not fulfill the responsibility, the child will not find the right way to go on with his life, and he or she will pay the indemnity. The child will end up suffering. If the child suffers, so does the parent. That’s the way it is. A parent who cannot take care of the child properly cannot be here.

It was the same in the Old Testament Age and the New Testament Age. During the Completed Testament Age, True Parents come down to the earth in order to comfort the suffering God. The Completed Testament Age is the era for true love to eliminate the miserable domain of rejection.

The standard of false parenthood established by Adam and Eve, who were not united with true love, should be corrected based on love for the way of the child, the way of all things, and the way of God. This is an unavoidable conclusion in our Principle view. There is no possible objection to this view.

Those who bowed down first [in the July 1 Main Ceremony] were the representative of the free world and the representative of the communist world. Right now is the turning point when left becomes right and everything reverses. Because of rejection by the realm of Christianity, the realm of communism is progressing. Now we are stepping onto that new level. If the realm of communism does not take the path centered on Reverend Moon, it will fall off the track by which the world will progress. It is the same for America. However, Americans now are realizing that I possess a tremendous influence for good. Now the Right and Left Have Become One

Now the time has come when both America and Russia need Reverend Moon to provide the providential direction. Recently, 200 Russian military generals and members of the Parliament received Principle education in America. They are taking this up with the belief and knowledge that they will be victors by realizing the ideal world through Father’s Godism and Headwing Ideology. They know that Father’s thought will overcome their former materialistic idealism and will create the ideal world.

Looking ideologically at Communism, it is one sided, but because it contains facts which cannot be denied by history, the communists were able to influence and manipulate elite groups.

But now I have taken care of the conflict of left and right. On this foundation, Reverend Moon can go back and forth from America to the communist world, going straight where he wishes to go. Until now, we have always moved straight forward through our opposition. Although it has been this way since the beginning, absolutely the time in which it was even possible to wander without direction has passed. Now we have entered a time in which we can march straight towards our destination with the force of a hurricane and accuracy of a bullet.

You Must Fulfill Your Responsibility After the Blessing

You must all prepare. There is only one parent. You must go through the right process. In order to do this, a father and mother cannot go together at the same time. The father’s heart and mother’s heart, and the father’s body and mother’s body, must be in one line. And then, the son’s heart and the daughter’s heart, the son’s body and the daughter’s body, must be in one line. Two people cannot enter and exit side by side. You must overcome. You two are just one person when you overcome division. There is no room for Satan to come into an opening made by a second person. The father’s heart and mother’s heart, father’s body and mother’s body: parents are one in heart and body. In one body, the son’s and daughter’s hearts and bodies must be one and stand on a straight line. Only when these four come together as one can they extend horizontally. Once you set up vertically, then you can set up horizontally.

If you do not, you can never come here, eternally. You will be disqualified even if you have been blessed 1,000 years. Didn’t Adam and Eve originally receive the blessing of God? God willed them to be blessed, saying “be fruitful, multiply”, but they did not realize the blessing. Whose responsibility was it? It was not God’s responsibility; it was their own. It is the parents’ responsibility to bless their children, but to realize the blessing is the children’s task.

True Parents have gone through this path. You should understand this point clearly. How can you love your children if you as parents are not united? It won’t happen; it is against heavenly law. Your children must be able to say, “My mother is heavenly mother, and my father is heavenly father.” When they look at you, completely united as husband and wife, they have to see you as a physical substantiation of God. You must be the parents who can be glorified, whom your children will not trade for anything.

But if you do all kinds of bad things, cheating on others, it is absurd to think that your children and your family will prosper. The path we have to walk is a one-way street, but people are walking in four different directions. This undermines the heavenly standard.

Husband and wife bow together during pledge, right? That is horizontal unity. But Reverend Moon is vertical. There are millions of branches, but there is only one vertical axis. I do not carry on the providence haphazardly. I do it to reveal heavenly law.

Is it acceptable as a blessed Unification Church member not to do pledge as a family? The time will come when God’s will is done by a child condemning his father, saying, “Having received the blessing, why am I, your child, like this?” There will come a time when such children would even strike their father harshly. Because I know these things, I lead on the front line with unblinking eyes. Since I know what to do, I must tell you before I go.

We call this the era of the second generation. Therefore, you second generation must do better than your mother and father. The second generation must correct the mistakes of their mothers and fathers, and be prepared to straighten out the crooked branch and fulfill their responsibility.

In order to restore the nation, I have had to walk the path of indemnity alone, yet joyfully, in order to indemnify the failure to offer the nation to God. You must fulfill your portion of responsibility. I labored and was a beggar for God’s providence. If you think and work only for your own success and that of your family, you cannot stand before True Parents as children.

I will make the True Family, the 36 Couples, 72 Couples, 120 Couples, 430 Couples, extending to the nth blessing group, stand correctly. But the blessed families who fail will become nourishment for worms.

I’m a person who even disregarded his own parents. Not only did I leave my brothers and sisters, I even left my own tribe. I left everything for God. Does God have a nation? Does God have parents? I attended only God, on behalf of the nation, parents, and elder and younger brothers and sisters. Despite many complications, I didn’t get caught up with distractions. I walked my way imposingly. To straighten the way, I overcame the environment. Even today, no matter what others say, I pioneer my way and walk the path. I overcame everything, so I make this proclamation today.

Is the representation of the democratic world, communist world, and religious world a problem? Making the democratic world and communist world into one is a problem. They came this far with their minds and bodies separated, and because of this separation there has been a lot of bloodshed. Religion and government have stood face to face until now. The people in government have been beating the people of religion. The body always strikes the mind, right? They are each other’s enemy.

Religion has sacrificed a lot and shed much blood. No one knows where and when the blood you shed will bear fruit equal to its value. This is the meaning of being a true parent: because of True Parents, the religious realm and the governmental realm, as well as the democratic world and the communist world, can be united. Why? Since all conflict began with the separation of false parents, it must be brought into oneness by True Parents. This is logical. These are not just words made up for appearance’s sake. Because this is reality, we are proceeding according to the truth.

This is the basis for what we are preparing in August. We will found the Federation for World Peace and the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace. I’m trying to finish everything in August. That is why we are promoting this. If we promote it, then Heaven will organize it. The foundation to resolve everything over which the communist world and the democratic world have been fighting is mobilized in the spirit world.

Religious leaders and politicians have been enemies until now. How much did political figures persecute and even kill religious men? They all are enemies, aren’t they? But when you look at it more deeply, they are brothers, and they want and need to be forgiven by love. There will be forgiveness, and in that realm there will unfold a movement for alliance in the open and free areas of the spirit world.

Thus we are restoring elder sonship. Territories in the spirit world are separated because the realm of religion and the realm of secularism were fighting over elder sonship. By restoring elder sonship, change can take place in the spirit world and on earth. By restoring elder sonship, which was stolen by the archangel centered on Adam, we can enter the original world, in which the world of angels can nurture Adam to maturity. That means the spirit world will not be able to use the human world. Up until now, how much did it use and take advantage? Devils have been using many good men. Satan is the one who played the trick on Adam and Eve which led to the fall. Even the Buddhists have played this kind of game, and other religious leaders as well.

Therefore, I want to unite the brothers to create elder sonship. This causes the followers of Satan to lose their power, putting them on a horizontal level. The authority of True Parents and Heaven are the only things that can rise to a higher level. Therefore, the strength people have used to exceed their rightful authority will disappear. No matter how much they try, it will fall. This can occur in Korea, both North and South. No single leader in North and South Korea can accomplish everything which needs to be done. That is why this proclamation must take place. The task must be taken care of centering on Father. Until now, false parents have been taking care of it, but True Parents put it together and proclaim this. Today is the day to proclaim this.

2 thoughts on “The Religious Realm and the Governmental Realm Can Be United”

  1. This is why President Trump and President Putin, America and Russia must come together as brothers, Cain and Abel, to make the worldwide condition of unity for the ‘parents’ to appear, and in doing so, dominate the Archangel, foremostly represented by China and other ‘goat type nations and institutions’.

    President Trump then as an ‘Adamic figure’ must receive God’s Commandment, the Word, that being the ‘Eight Great Sacred Texts’.

    On the governmental level President Trump on receiving God’s Word can then unite the realm of politics and religion establishing ‘true governance’ of the people. The external and internal uniting, as in mind and body. (Richard sent President Trump a copy of the Divine Principle, and received a signed letter of acknowledgement from President Trump).

    “This is the meaning of being a true parent: because of True Parents, the religious realm and the governmental realm, as well as the democratic world and the communist world, can be united. Why? Since all conflict began with the separation of false parents, it must be brought into oneness by True Parents. This is logical. These are not just words made up for appearance’s sake. Because this is reality, we are proceeding according to the truth”. SMM ‘Declaration Day of God’s Eternal Blessing’. July 1 1991.

    As of Foundation Day, all Blessed Couples stand in the position of true parents. That is the inheritance and blessing we received due to the ‘Merit of the Age’.

    We must now move forward from the position of true parents ourselves, and liberate humankind with the ‘new truth’*, and the victorious accomplishments of the age culminating in ‘Foundation Day’.

    * ‘The Eight Great Sacred Texts’

  2. I agree whole heartedly. The foundation for world peace fundamentally lies in true families. Those families, when expanded to a larger and larger level, will create the ideal world of peace, including appropriate governance structures. Ideal families are in the subject position, governments are in the object position.

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