The Second Generation Must Go the Righteous Way

Happy 30th Declaration Day of God’s Eternal Blessing!
Declared July 1, 1991,heavenly (lunar based) calendar (August 19th, 2020)

Today is the last installment of a special reading from the speech given on the Declaration Day of God’s Eternal Blessing in 1991.

The Ceremony Of The Declaration Of God’s Eternal Blessing

Elder sonship, as I told you, is not yet concluded. Now it is parentship. You have to understand the significance of your request to become tribal messiahs [the application for Tribal Messiahship submitted worldwide on July 1, 1991]. Because this is that day, you have to fulfill it now. Even if you are the elder in your clan, or if you have been in the church for a long time, if you don’t request to become a tribal messiah, you’ll be left out. Then, for example, if you are Kim, you can’t establish Kim’s tribe. Whatever your position might have been, it will be meaningless. Even if you are the chairman of the Federation or a Regional Director, if you don’t make this request to register as a Tribal Messiah, you are disqualified. If you act according to your own consensus, you’ll be greatly ashamed for the rest of your life.

Where did the loss of elder sonship, loss of parentship, and loss of kingship take place? It was not out in the world. So, where can we find these? At home. At home, we lost everything. What we have to do now is settle as families by breaking through the rigid social structure. That is the core of my direction. It is a battle for life, a fight which determines everything.

I did not plan to come to Korea at this time. And I did not plan to declare the Day of God’s Eternal Blessing. But we cannot do without this ceremony. Through the declaration, we will see who is determined to fight with their life, and who is a fake. In a serious time such as this, can one just be a bystander? Can one worry about finding a job? Did you come to the Unification Church in order to get a job? Did you get blessed so you could get a job? If your wife and children block your path in doing the will, you should be ready to leave them. I did not bless you to be people who would do otherwise.

You should go back to your hometowns to establish family foundations and, centering on your parents, build the foundation for restoration. Aren’t your children born within the family? Do you not make love in your home? Where do husband and wife stand in unity based on love? It is in the tribal hall of assembly. This is the time that has come after unimaginable difficulties. I spent 40 years, 70 years in reality, to come to this moment. Given the fact that we are in a time when all can go back to their families to build foundations to restore elder sonship, the realm of parents, and the realm of kingship, anyone who denies this reality and acts on their disbelief will be punished. We have to cut it off from our line of people.

I will look closely at those who try to protect their blessed families. Should I forgive them just because they are blessed families? There may come a time when I personally will cut away those blessed families who do not follow the will.

In the future, a wrongdoer in the tribe is to be judged, and the offender will be cast out by the head of his or her tribe, and children will be sent to take his or her place. Such a time will come. No third parties will be able to meddle in the affairs of the tribe on behalf of the wrongdoer. After having passed through that gate, the devil with his false words will run away.

Next is the restoration of original nature. You have to represent that original nature. You should proclaim, “I am now absolute in representing God. I have the heart to relate to the object of love, centered on love, and I want to make that person even better than myself prior to establishing this heartistic relationship. Thus, I am without doubt a representative of God.”

Restoration of heart is next. As a representative centered on love, you should be the owner of love. If you can be the owner through that love, eternal life will be perpetuated. Without the owner of love, this world cannot beget the owner of life. Love comes first. If you want to be the owner of life, you have to be the owner of love. Fulfill the Kingdom of Heaven of the Family Centered on Love

Through the True Parents, God has become the owner of love, and He wants to be the owner of life. Satan has to be eliminated in order for that to happen. We even want to liberate Satan. The archangel was in a position to take his place behind mankind. He was to wait for mankind to be liberated from the pit of hell, and to fulfill his original mission by guiding the children of Adam and Eve to Heaven. Following the original principle of protecting Adam and Eve from falling at any cost, he even was to seek after the people in hell. That’s how it is. Finding this path is the course of restoration.

Today, I proclaimed the victory that liberates the realm of Cain from Satan’s dominion. So there is nothing for which Satan can accuse True Parents. This does not just happen through a wily scheme: it has to follow the law of Principle. Because that was done, the world revolves around the fortunes of your family. It is not a company. It is not a nation. The nation of Korea does not shape the heavenly fortune. If this does not start from your family, the race and the nation will disappear and will have no relationship with Heaven.

After I gather all for whom I have fought on the worldwide level and bestow blessing upon them, you will go back. You must land at the original base and secure the supreme power of the family level victory, coming to represent the birthright of Heaven. Then you will represent the parents’ right and the king’s right, and when you accomplish that you do not need to be under the control of anyone. You will know how to live, right? If there are things of which you are not sure, you can read my collected sermons. My sermons reveal how I have lived my life.

You are a royal family of heaven in your home. With the messiah, with the Lord of Second Advent who is coming, each of you will play the role of a king. What is your outlook on the world to be? There is no gap between siblings. Your grandfathers represent everything of the past [gap in the tape] . . . and the contents that represent the spirit world and ancestors will become the ideology.

Your parents represent all humanity of the [present] world. Men and women, and parents, all have to become masters at least. A master represents a family. The representative of the family is the parent. Sons and daughters are descendants. They are the microcosm of the past, the present and the future, and the visual representation that illustrates the ideal of love on the kingship level.

Therefore, if a son or a daughter-in-law maintain, centering on love, all of what he or she advocates, then, needless to say grandfather, grandmother and grandson all will follow them. That family welcomes assertions which are centered on love. What kind of love? The re-creational love of God, altruistic love, the love that is forgotten after being given and invested. Even if a grandson makes these assertions centered on love, his grandfather and grandmother will bow their heads in acceptance of it being right.

After establishing this moral foundation in a tribe, a nation and the world, then this family must keep the master’s love of the family heaven in its center, and stand in the master’s seat centering on love. Then that family gains the qualification to be a master of life and to start putting forth buds.

Life starts from love. The lineage begins from the place where life and love are united. Upon receiving God’s blessing, if you govern a long life receiving Heaven’s blessing, prosperity will result. The descendant who can expand horizontally will be born.

Unless you become a master of love and true life, the investment cannot be made. It will gradually become reduced. You will see how that mother and father will move on and what will happen to the son and daughter. You wait and see whether what I say is right.

If a son and daughter come to understand, and can say, “Ah, Heaven cannot but love our mother and father. They never stray from the path of being patriotic day and night. The will of Heaven in all senses will be able to protect them,” then that family will prosper. It is the same with my family. When I said to myself, “Ah, the son or daughter this time will be born this way,” they were born like that. Therefore, I cannot complain. Standing in the Line of Tribal Restoration, March Forward with Vigor

Where are the three generations going? Is the mainstream going zigzag or straight? This is a very serious problem.

After having put this vast and confused world in order, I have made a ladder which mankind can climb. If you are to go up, you can climb even hundreds of stairs. No matter how seriously you search for one, there is no other way to go. I drastically cut off the ladder of temptation. You cannot find a way up by any other means.

Since I proclaimed the Unification Ceremony with that in mind, I wish you would go forward with that knowledge and with confidence. From now on, people who oppose the Unification Church will suffer. I do not expect to be opposed, and I should not be opposed. I want you to be active in the name of the Unification Church as much as possible.

Jesus could not have a “Messiah Proclamation Ceremony.” Centering on Judaism and Israel, he could not do it. What does the “Messiah Proclamation” require? He had to do it with the people of the nation, after having stepped forward with one tribe centering on his own family. He needed the people to make the proclamation. He needed the tribe to make the proclamation. But did he even have a family? Reverend Moon has traversed this entire path. In a free and democratic world in which you can proclaim the True Parents, no matter what anyone says, Reverend Moon is a world figure. When I look at the letters that come from people of all social standings throughout the world, I come across many who testify to that. You should be able to glorify such a tradition, even to your family. When the branch and bud of the teacher emerge and come to look beautiful, you take that branch bud and plant it instead of your own vertical column bud. Then it will become your new vertical column. You know that I have to bless you with the True Family and weave you all together.

Today is the first of July. You must understand how important this ceremony is. This Proclamation Ceremony is an event for which the True Parents have wished, for which God has desired, and for which all religions and nations have hoped. The problem will be settled from now on, based on this standard.

This moment is the same as the time when Adam had the authority to name all things. Now, in accord with the way which I have proclaimed, standing united with the will of God, and standing in a realm that is free from opposition, things will come about as I say. That is the special right of the True Parents.

If you utter a word of curse out of anger with this faith, it will be realized as a real curse. The punishment will be immediate. Therefore, the result of the dispensation will appear to be increasingly fearful. It will affect your families in ways that are revealed externally. Once God takes His place on the seat of judgment, He will not be forgiving. There is no forgiveness.

It is a shame that there appeared offspring who obstruct the heavenly way. There is no way they can be redeemed. Can the parents beg for the redemption of the offspring? Although the offspring can beg for their ancestors’ redemption, the parents cannot beg for the offspring’s redemption. That is how I understand it. So, the second generation must go the righteous way. I desire that you do not go in a way which will make your descendants ashamed of you. This problem will get increasingly serious.

I am presently praying for three important things, but I cannot disclose them yet. Once I start laying my hands on this, the judgment that can bring about worldwide devastation will take place. Who will take responsibility for what results? No one can take the responsibility. In the fallen world, there is no one who can bear the responsibility. Who is going to be responsible after the complete destruction of the nation? I know that the True Parents cannot bear the responsibility.

For that reason, as a sacrifice which can take responsibility in place of that someone in the end, one must bring one’s own children and set them up. This is very serious. Until we had crossed over, all of this was possible. The question is whether this still will take place, now that we have completely crossed over.

Knowing that the time of seriousness is coming, starting from tomorrow, I wish that you not turn back from the direction, perspective and intuition you have on the path in which you are going. Up to now, there has been persecution. However, now, there is no persecution.

When you cross the road at the utmost top in fine array, Satan will be cut off, tried and finished. If you destroy Asherah completely, you have to give all your valuables away and go forward seeking with bare hands. Weren’t the people cast out with bare hands?

You have to cry loudly over the wickedness of the offspring who committed the grave sin, shedding tears with shimjung. We do not know when and where that one day will come.

Now, even if the parents die, it will not be a failure. Since we have finished the Proclamation Ceremony, I ask you to stride with more strength on the advancing line, with that knowledge, handling things upon such a standard, and having faith in that standard.

Richard: I think that this is now the period that Rev. Moon is speaking about.
Exactly seven years after Rev. Moon proclaimed Foundation Day on January 13, 2013, on January 13th of this year, mothers in New Jersey gained an important victory in defeating the efforts of legislators to remove vaccine exemptions for religious reasons and force all children who go to public schools in New Jersey to be vaccinated. On that very same day, the first COVID-19 case in the United States was reported. Now we see an unprecedented effort by evil forces to force the fraudulent COVID-19 Agenda on the entire world-See my eight part video and blog series.
What can be done? We need a movement of God-centered families. Absolute sexual ethics are the core of the Kingdom of God. See my series about the importance of abstinence before marriage.
Study God’s Word every day, such as you are doing now. Find out about and seek the Blessing of Marriage.
It is important that our children also understand God’s Providential call and their role.

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