We Must Know How to Prepare for Life in the Spirit World

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 780

In this way, the Seunghwa Cere-
mony came to be held in the Unifica-
tion Church. It is a ceremony of going
beyond death and onward to joy. Those
who go through the Seunghwa Ceremo-
ny can easily go beyond all the valleys in
the spirit world. Of course, there will be
some who fail to do so and remain in-
between. You have to understand this.
The Seunghwa Ceremony began with
Heung-jin. (212-96, 1991.1.2)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1355

What is the second Seven-Year
Course? It is a period during which
your families must become Abel fami-
lies. In order to fulfill that responsibili-
ty, you must restore Cain families. What
do you form when Abel families restore
Cain families? You form tribes. You
must become tribal messiahs. The 430
Couples are tribal messiahs. This means
to be global. In this way, all conditions
should be met. (34-104, 1970.8.29)

Preparation for Eternity

4. The Finality of Death

You can climb up the mountain and down again;
you can stroll around the valley and return; but
you cannot go to God and return.
Nupe Proverb (African Traditional Religions)

The untrustworthy lord of death
Waits not for things to be done or undone;
Whether I am sick or healthy,
This fleeting life span is unstable.

Leaving all I must depart alone.
But through not having understood this
I committed various kinds of evil
For the sake of my friends and foes.

Yet my foes will become nothing.
My friends will become nothing.
I too will become nothing.

Likewise all will become nothing.
Just like a dream experience,
Whatever things I enjoy
Will become a memory.
Whatever has passed will not be seen again.

Even within this brief life
Many friends and foes have passed,
But whatever unbearable evil I committed for
Remains ahead of me…
While I am lying in bed,
Although surrounded by my friends and
The feeling of life being severed
Will be experienced by me alone.

When seized by the messengers of death,
What benefit will friends and relatives afford?
My merit alone shall protect me then,
But upon that I have never relied.
Shantideva, Guide to the Bodhisattva’s Way of Life
2.33-41 (Buddhism)

Teachings of the Rev. Sun Myung Moon

No friends accompany you on the path of death. You journey without your beloved parents, beloved brothers, beloved spouse or beloved children. You journey all alone. Once you go down that path, you can never return. With what kind of heart will you make the journey?
If you do not have hope that you can overcome death, when you meet your death it will be the end. The numerous people who believed and followed God’s Will did not retreat before death. Rather, they mocked death and overcame it with dignity. Throughout history, such people exalted the way of Heaven.
Each one of you likewise has to maintain hope to overcome the death that awaits you. You should aspire to stand before God with dignity at the end of your journey. You should be able to run with joy to the heavenly world, the original homeland your heart desperately longs for. Then you will conquer death. (6:53, March 22, 1959)

It is not enough to live with a vague belief in the existence of the spirit world. On earth we must know how to prepare for life in the spirit world, where whether we like it or not, we shall live for eternity. Once we know, we should thoroughly prepare ourselves for that day. A child who develops a problem while in the womb will suffer after his birth from a handicap that lasts his entire life. So too, if we fail to recognize Heaven’s Will during our short life on earth and commit sin or carry out evil deeds, we will eventually pay the price in the spirit world according to the universal principle of cause and effect. In the spirit world our souls will have to suffer indescribable pain and make many efforts at atonement. Yet once we shed our physical body, it will be too late.
When the physical body dies, it returns to the earth as a handful of dirt, but do you think that our life, our mind, our heart, and our hopes are also buried? It is absolutely not so. Our 100-year-long life is recorded, photographed and automatically evaluated without fail in our personal supercomputer, built by God, called the spirit self. This is why all of us, during life on earth, should stop and check ourselves again and again, and ask our unsteady mind and heart: “Where are you going?” (May 1, 2004)

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