You Must Not Compromise with Satan’s World

Cheon Seong Gyeong 2260

The family on earth is the horizontal entity whose purpose is to create the heavenly kingdom. Reproduction is not possible in the vertical world. The number of children expands in the horizontal world and they become God’s citizens. When members of royal families who are God’s citizens multiply, they are all citizens except the firstborn. They become relatives. Those citizens become clans. There must be a firstborn among the clans, right? Among tribes, too, there needs to be the firstborn that ties all the tribes together. This is Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve were to be the king and queen of the eternal tradition. In a democratic world, all this disappears. Then what is the spherical shape? The foundation for producing the citizens of heaven is not the family foundation in Heaven, but on earth. To bear children is to produce citizens of the heavenly world. (234-165, 1992.8.10)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1178

What does the savior come to do? He does not come for the sake of politics. Some Christians say that when the Lord comes, the Christians will be lifted up into the air, and those left on earth will all perish. But that is not so. It is not like that. They say he will come to judge, but the savior is not someone who comes to judge. He is the son of God, and, at the same time, he comes as the parent of humankind. Will someone who comes as the parent of humanity, with the heart of the parents, look at a sick son or daughter, groaning on the brink of death, and abandon them, saying, “You go to hell!”? Even if parents in this fallen world see the miserable scene of their own child being about to die, they would cry themselves hoarse and want to do anything to save their child’s life, even at the cost of their own. That is how parents are, so how much more would the savior, who has the original parent’s heart be determined to do? He cannot think of such a thing as judging people. Don’t you think so? (222-150, 1991.11.3)

Richard: The savior returns as True Parents. Rev. and Mrs. Moon have fulfilled that role. It is up to us to learn the truth and practice it in our own lives.


1. Abraham: A Man of Absolute Faith

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Abraham brought a revolution at the home of his father Terah. As a boy, he would kick the idols and say to his father, “Father, what are these idols?” He must have resolved many tens of times, “Someday, with my own hands, I am going to…” (151:62, October 7, 1962)
Abraham was the most-loved son of an idol merchant, and he lived well under his parents’ care. However, one day God called him saying, “Abraham, Abraham! You must leave from the house of your father Terah and go to the land I will show you.” God did not give him any advance preparation; the order came to him suddenly, like a bolt out of the blue. Yet in that circumstance, Abraham was not supposed to hesitate. He had to leave at once, as if he had been waiting for God’s order. He could not say, “Lord, please give me some time to get ready.” He had to depart immediately. Had he not done so, it would have been a grave mistake affecting many generations and even the course of human history. In other words, had Abraham delayed, it would have been a condition that Satan could accuse, nullifying all God’s historical efforts heretofore. Knowing this, those who are to attend God’s command must act right away. (43:270, May 1, 1971)
Suppose Abraham had gone to his parents and said, “Father, Mother, God has commanded me to leave Ur and travel to an unknown land. I intend to obey Him.” They undoubtedly would have said, “Are you crazy?” Therefore, he could not say a word about it. Moreover, his instructions were not just to visit a nearby village. God instructed him to journey to a strange land, as far away as Egypt.
    Abraham could overcome these obstacles and leave home because he had absolute faith in God’s words. His love for God was absolute, greater than his love for his parents, his relatives or his homeland. To Abraham, nothing was more important that God’s command; he cherished it more than his own life. I am sure he stole away in the middle of the night. Suddenly he found himself wandering like a gypsy. He lived in self-denial; he had given up everything. (69:95, October 21, 1973)
In the land of Canaan, God trained Abraham. As God advanced the dispensation, He put Abraham in circumstances where he would weep, not only for his own people but also for other peoples and even his enemies…
    God conducted His work by having Abraham wander about like a gypsy in a foreign land. Though a stranger, he prayed sincerely, in tears, for the people’s salvation. That is why God could establish Abraham as the ancestor of faith and to bless his descendants to prosper greatly like the stars in the sky and the sand on the seashore. (52:53, December 14, 1971)
In the wilderness, Abraham our ancestor, awaited the coming of the day when God’s reign could be established. He left the fertile rivers of his homeland in hope, looking towards the day when the sons and daughters whom God had blessed would multiply and fill the earth like the stars in the sky and the sand on the seashore, and smite the evil world.
    Why should we care about Abraham? We, too, are enslaved in the country of the enemy, behind its prison bars. We, too, should feel thoroughly disgusted with our lives in this fallen environment. We should also feel goose bumps at the prospect of freedom. If you cannot feel this, then you are not worthy to be called true believers before Heaven.
    For what purpose did God raise Abraham? It was not for just himself and his descendants. It was to create a bridge for God to reach out to distant peoples living in the enemy camp, in Satan’s world.11 Abraham was to make a foundation for God’s providence to expand outward. However, because the connection between Heaven and earth was still fragile, God had to begin by working through Abraham’s direct lineage. Thus, He referred to Himself as the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob…
    God blessed Abraham on the condition, “You must not compromise with Satan’s world. You must not assimilate into Satan’s world. You are My chosen people. Your life should be different; your feelings, desires and ideals should all be different. Your descendants shall live only if they overcome life’s challenges by relying on Me.” This was the nature of the blessing Abraham passed on to Isaac. Isaac kept it and conveyed it to Jacob, and Jacob likewise conveyed it to his descendants. (7:215-16, September 13, 1959)

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