You Are in the Position of Jacob

Leviticus 15

13 Seven days after the man gets well, he will be considered clean, if he washes his clothes and takes a bath in spring water. 14 On the eighth day he must bring either two doves or two pigeons to the front of my sacred tent and give them to a priest. 15 The priest will offer one of the birds as a sacrifice for sin and the other as a sacrifice to please me,[a] then I will consider the man completely clean.

Ezekiel 45

24 He will also provide twenty pounds of grain and four quarts of olive oil to be offered with each bull and each ram.


2. Jacob’s Labors under His Uncle Laban

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Jacob went to the land of Haran and worked as a servant for his maternal uncle Laban for twenty-one years. His uncle had promised to give him his daughter Rachel as his wife. But after seven years, Laban deceived Jacob and gave him her sister Leah instead. If it had been you, you would have immediately protested. But Jacob kept silent, worked for another seven years, and got Rachel. Even after that, his uncle Laban deceived him again and again, trying to cheat him of the possessions that God had given him. Still, Jacob did not complain.
    Here we must know that even though Jacob was in the loneliest of situations, still he thought of nothing else but God’s Will. Because of that, other things in his life did not matter; the important thing was to accomplish God’s Will. He grew farther from the world but came to receive more love from God. (52:64-65, December 22, 1971)

After being chased out and spurned by his relatives, how did Jacob overcome his difficulties? He never forgot the blessing he received from God, and he kept unwavering faith in God. He vowed he would not change no matter how his circumstances changed. Jacob had such faith that, even if Heaven did not believe in him, he was determined to make his family believe in him. He was determined to complete the unfinished task of the blessing given to him, and thus laid the foundation upon which God could advance His providence. With a burning desire to inherit the will of Heaven’s principle that God had tried to establish through Abraham’s family, Jacob could form a family of faith and return after twenty-one years. (4:139-40, March 30, 1958)

You are in the position of Jacob. You knew that God’s blessing was yours, and with faith in this movement you left your homes. Those of you who faced opposition and persecution from your parents and siblings, raise your hands…. After leaving his home, could Jacob go directly to God? No, he had to go to Haran. You, too, must go to your own “Haran,” the world where you must experience drudgery and there restore people and possessions. (67:123, May 27, 1973)

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