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Happy Day of All True Things!
This is also the 67th Anniversary of the founding of the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity (1954) by Reverend Sun Myung Moon.
Today we have a special reading for the Holy Day.

The Day of All True Things 1986

Reverend Sun Myung Moon

How long have I been gone? When you are waiting for something or someone, the days seem long. Have the days been longer during True Parents, absence? Coming here and seeing your happy, bright and exuberant faces makes me feel good.

If there were no True Parents, we could not have such a gathering, in which people are assembled from every continent in the world to celebrate this historic day. I would like you to fully realize that tremendous suffering and historical preparation were necessary to allow this celebration to happen. Many special saints-from the earliest days of Judaism and Christianity-have lived and died for the sake of a day of such historical significance. It is because of their preparations that we could gather like this.

You need to remember that each of you is the fruit of your ancestral tree. In order for just one fruit to be harvested at this time and in order for each one of you to be here in this room, hundreds of thousands of years of effort have been made. Those sacrificial people of the past could not be here today but you can, so you must be deeply grateful for all their effort.

Today, then, is the day of harvest of the fruit of history- yourselves. This fruit represents the hope for mankind, the hope of the True Parents and the hope of God. When the seeds from your fruit are planted, they will be the hope of the world. That is the meaning of this gathering today. Truly the blessing of God has been given abundantly to each one of you. Amen!

Today is the 24th Day of All Things. Are people included within all things or are they in a separate category? Only the Unification Church celebrates these special holidays, including God’s Day, Children’s Day, Parents, Day, and Day of All Things. In our observance of these holidays, we are setting a new tradition for history. If there were no God, there could be no such celebrations. God is the Creator and we and all things make up His creation. So the Creator and the creation represent two levels.

Why did the Creator create human beings and all things? Do you think the purpose of creation was to fulfill God’s need, the needs of all things, or the needs of people? In other words, for whose purpose did God create-Himself, human beings, or all things? We have the understanding that God created out of His own need, but why does God need all the things of creation, if He is almighty and omnipresent? He can fulfill His wishes and desires at any moment and He must not be lacking anything. Do you think it was absolutely necessary for God to create men and women?

When we talk about human beings, we talk about the two elements-men and women. For men, what is most important? For woman, what is most important? Is it money? Knowledge and power-that must be it. We know that money, power and knowledge are not absolutely important, but there is one thing which is. For men, it is women; for women, it is men. They need each other, absolutely.

From a fundamental viewpoint, why were women born? You were born for the sake of men, period. And we can say the same thing for men-you were born for the sake of women. There can be no completion or perfection of humankind unless there is true harmony and unity between men and women. How can men and women become one? It is only by love. What kind of love? True love. True love means original love. God is the origin of love, so when we speak about original love, we are talking about the love of God.

The value of men and women is the same in that respect: You are not living for yourself but for the sake of each other. A woman lives for a man and a man lives for a woman. By living that way and loving each other, the true value of a man and a woman comes into being.

Who created this idea and these ideals? They do not spring from men and women but from God. The purpose of existence for men and women comes from God, just as the motivation for human beings springs from within God’s heart. God was motivated to create men and women, not as a manifestation of His power but as the result of His love and creativity. It doesn’t make you feel so good to think that you are merely the product of someone’s power, but being the product of love makes you feel very inspired.

Imagine if God created men and women as a commodity by which He could earn a lot of money. Then we wouldn’t feel good at all, would we? You laugh at such an idea-to think that God would create us for His fund raising product. You laugh because it is absurd to think that God needed people for earning money and fattening His bankbook. We are created out of far nobler motivations.

Our body, then, becomes one with our mind-not centered upon money, knowledge or power but centered upon true, original love. Your body has five senses and so does your spirit. These spiritual and physical senses are meant to harmonize into one, centered upon true love. Then there is no further need, no place higher or more fulfilling. That is the way mind and body are supposed to be, totally happy.

There is a physics experiment in which one of two metal bars is struck with a predetermined velocity. The resultant sound wave hits the second bar, which vibrates with a sound of the same wave length. Likewise, between mind and body there is meant to be one shared vibration; each of them is meant to vibrate on the same wave length. Our mind and body are waiting for the true love vibration, which does not come from within human beings. That love vibration must come from somewhere else and hit the mind, which then hits the body. Then they vibrate together with the same wave length.

Men and women, therefore, are like two standing, complementary sound bars. A man’s sound bar can only resound in response to the woman’s love, and vice versa. Each should initiate the vibration of the other. Thus we say that love doesn’t really belong to you; it doesn’t even come from you. It comes from the other side, your object.

The man has male sexual organs and the woman has female sexual organs and even those do not belong to themselves alone. You are the custodian of those organs and they exist for the sake of your mate, who has the true ownership. This is a rather new realization. So you have no freedom to abuse those parts. This is a major problem with American society today, particularly with the young people. They think their love instrument is theirs to use or abuse, according to their whims. All kinds of moral degradation have come about because of such thinking.

Today’s American young people are, in a way, the saddest, most tragic generation because of this lack of understanding. The self indulgence of the so called “Me” generation is leading young people to their own destruction. God did not create them for that purpose. They have no way to find their original, Principled satisfaction and no way to fulfill their lives, as long as they pursue that deviated way.

How many owners of your love should there be? Why only one? Some people cry, “The more the better!” Is that correct? Ultimately speaking, the ownership of love doesn’t belong to either men or women but to the original owner, God. When you speak of “God” you include the meaning of absolute. The absolute God created for absolute purposes. In love, therefore, that means only one, not dozens of extras. Something absolute doesn’t need a spare because it cannot go wrong.

One of the greatest truths taught in the Unification Church is that God has dual essentialities of sung sang and hyung sang. What is the creation? It is the place in which the invisible God planted His character and gave it visible form. The creatures God made are the evidence or manifestation of God’s nature. We have seen that two different kinds of people came from God’s planted seed-men and women. We say, therefore, that God cannot be represented through men or women alone; neither one fully completes God’s image.

What was God’s motivation in planting His character into the creation? It was love. God was seeking the fulfillment of love through give and take with His creation. God expressed Himself through the two beings of plus and minus, or men and women, and neither can find their completion alone. Without their completion of love, then even God cannot find the completion of His love.

Completion comes as men and women grow in love and come closer and closer together. Men and women grow in two ways-first, in their individual love for God. They realize that love comes from God and their desire for loving Him becomes stronger and stronger. In the meantime, as they mature, they also begin to desire love from each other-men from women and women from men. The body structures of men and women change as their capacity for love grows. An amazing thing is that there is a “homing device” within them that always draws them together; it never pushes them in the opposite direction.

Men and women are meant to be the temples of God, so when love grows within them, the dwelling of God comes closer and closer. In other words, the time when the love between men and women can be consummated is the same time when their love for God can be consummated and completed. When God centered men and women consummate their love, God also feels the fulfillment of His love.

The movement of God’s love is vertical. The universe has vertical and horizontal lines-all created beings move in vertical as well as horizontal lines. When you talk about the angle of horizontal lines, you automatically denote the vertical line.

When we say “She is a woman” we denote the existence of man. Likewise, when we say, “He is a man” we include the existence of woman. The two opposite positions must exist in relationship, never separately. These words then: “Men, women, and love” can be said only within a complementary context. We assume the existence of the others when we say any of those words.

The motion of love is always circular. Many times in movies we see two lovers running toward each other and embracing, turning around and around. Men and women are meant to turn together, but they must have an anchor, some center and discipline to their love. They cannot just revolve in every direction.

In the expression of love, each cell is almost ready to explode. Of course, that kind of explosion does not produce chaos; it is guided by a certain discipline. There is great flexibility and harmony in the expansion and contraction of love. When do you meet God? Men and women centered upon true love represent the total image of God. That is when the image of God becomes real.

The motion of love joins together with the vertical line coming down and gigantic circular movement is begun. In other words, the love of God along the vertical line is always circling. At the same time, men and women are also making circular motion in their love. This is another element of universal principle-there is no straight line or movement in God’s creation; it is always a circling movement. Everything comes to a certain point and then returns, then comes back, and so forth.

In the circling motion of family love there is the father’s position, the mother’s position, the children’s position, as well as God’s position. That is what we call the Heavenly four position foundation. God, on the vertical line, is connected with the children; the father and mother are connected on the horizontal line. When millions of these Heavenly four position foundations fill the earth, that will be what we call Heaven on earth.

Always the vertical line of true love must intersect the horizontal line at a ninety degree angle. Your horizontal line must cross the vertical line at a ninety degree angle. Then your small circling motion can expand to larger and larger levels. In order to cross with a perfect ninety degrees, there can be no deviation. You must have absolute love toward God. The woman must love her husband absolutely; the man must love his wife absolutely. The fathers and mother’s love toward the children must be absolute, without deviation. If any deviation is there, a ninety degree crossing cannot be possible.

In this Heavenly four position foundation, you can experience love of the children, love of the parents, love of husband, love of wife, and love of God. Learning these things qualifies you to enter the Kingdom of Heaven; without these you cannot dwell there, either here on earth on in the spirit world. What is the Kingdom of Heaven? It is like a storehouse of all these loves-of the parents, the children, husband and wife. It is where they can dwell after being harvested. That is what we call Heaven. That particular result can only come through living within a Heavenly four position foundation here on earth; by practicing these loves you will attain the proper qualification to enter Heaven in spirit world.

How does a tree naturally behave? What is the ideal for a tree? There are many different types of trees, such as the chestnut, fir, and olive, but each one’s goal is to create its most perfect fruit. That perfect fruit would be identical to the original chestnut, fir or olive. That is the goal of each tree; they don’t want to produce anything different from the seed which started them. That is the only way the same fruit can be multiplied, generation after generation. Later on, the seeds from each fruit can be planted in a larger space and multiplication can take place a hundred fold, a thousand fold and even a million fold, each with identical results. That is the way Heaven grows. Do you follow?

The love of God is like a weight which drops down on a string; the children are at the base, in the receiving position, where that weight falls. The line of that string is always absolutely vertical. The position of a woman, as the mother, is to live for the sake of the other three elements-first for God, then her husband and children. When she does that, she also engenders the man’s love toward God, toward the children and toward herself. You cannot engender the love of other people unless you live for their sake first. For that reason, anyone who lives only for his or her own sake will not bring forth good fruit, good result.

In the world today and particularly in the United States, so many people seem to be “me” centered. People think, “You must come to me and do what I want. I am the most important” The fall of man originally created this way of thinking. That is what brought “me” into center stage. Because of the fall, everything is reversed. Restoration, therefore, is the removal of “me” from the center; let “me” serve for the sake of others. By doing that, we engender give and take in the proper order.

Everyone has his proper position. The man takes the right side, the woman the left side; God is in the upper position and the children in the lower. These are the four positions, existing in complementary directions. There is only one power in the universe that can bring all these directions into harmony at the same time, all at one stroke. That power is called true love.

I emphasize true love simply because there are other kinds of love as well. There is selfish and perverted love, which exists in opposition to true love. True love always selects the center as its meeting place. God’s true love wants to go to the center, as does man’s and woman’s true love. In that love, one gives himself one hundred percent with no reservations. With that kind of commitment, there is virtually no consciousness of day and night. You don’t say, “Wait until tomorrow morning. This is a bad time” Any time, any moment is okay.

You can travel all the way to the ends of the world if you originated in the center and you will always come back to that center. God doesn’t have to go chasing around all over the place. He can sit and wait at the center, knowing that everyone will inevitably come back to Him.

When you are living with this 100% commitment of true love, you don’t have to worry or have ulcers. You can always have serenity and peace of mind, knowing that as you stay in the center, everything always comes back to you. You are the winner. This is the ideal realm of the heart of man – shim jung – heartle. When there is 100% commitment, there is 100% freedom. The tiny little child can climb all over his grandfather; he has that kind of total freedom. The big, muscular husband can lay his head on his wife’s lap. That is what we call the romantic, dramatic life of men and women, where you enjoy true freedom within true love.

Let’s say the wife is totally exhausted at night but as soon as she sees her husband’s face, she becomes renewed and revitalized. That is the power of love-to ignite and electrify. Love is like electricity. Suppose one parent is totally distraught because he thinks his child has been lost; then all of a sudden, that child comes back. When the parent sees that child again, he or she becomes instantly rejuvenated. Without knowing where such energy comes from, that mother or father becomes a new person.

This is the same as God. In a way, God is tired and fatigued, like the disheartened parent. But as soon as He sees the perfected Adam and Eve in the unity of true love, He can forget everything, including His tiredness and His dignity, and become electrified with true love. He could come down and find His dwelling among human beings.

When that union of true love occurs between people and God, there will be nothing but joy and celebration throughout the universe. There will be singing and dancing in Heaven, on earth and everywhere else in that celebration of love. Looking at the families of the world from this heavenly, ideal standpoint, we can see that they are very far from it. There has never been 100% commitment but always some reservation. Men and women want to claim their own rights, saying “This is mine. Don’t touch that” They want to claim their own territories and their own “personal secrets”

With such selfish reservations, a woman could never become a beautiful wife, for instance. Rather, she would be like a monster, ready to shoot out venom. Many American husbands tremble when they just think of their wives! That is one reason men pursue other men and women pursue other women. This perverted situation occurs because our society has fallen so far below the realm of God’s principles. This is the reality of American life.

Reverend Moon has come to ignite the reformation of love and inaugurate the new, harmonious family system. This is Heavenly principle. No matter what people may say about Reverend Moon now, history will vindicate us. Eventually, America will realize that it needs Reverend Moon to be saved. Amen!

Reverend Moon’s dream is to restore the world into a beautiful palace where the dignity and sovereignty of love can reign. There all men and women will live in families under the principle of true love. That is the ideal of the True Parents. Love bestows special privileges. First of all, it makes people equal: regardless of social differences, two people are on the same level when they are in love. Suppose a young man has a very small, homely wife whom he loves nonetheless. Imagine that that young man eventually becomes the President of the United States. No matter how small or ugly his wife may be, she will be elevated into the status of First Lady. Isn’t that true?

Another privilege of love is that of inheritance. The beloved gains the right to own the treasures of the loved one. What does this mean? This is a great truth. When you men and women create the perfectly loving couple, God’s dwelling place is within you. You are loving God and thus you are, in a sense, being elevated to the level of God. The children and God gain the same level. Furthermore, you have the right to inherit the Kingdom of God. Everything that belongs to Him belongs to His children as well.

Compare this concept with the way many American people approach their relationships. Many women want to have their own private bank accounts that their husbands cant touch, and viceĀ­versa. How different that is from the

ideal. You can lose your separate bank account at any time, but you can never lose love. Even though the satanic world came into being after the fall of man, people still retained a taste of the original love. That is why we have hope, even in this world, for true love and restoration.

The universe has a built in defense system. Anybody who lives for the sake of original love will be welcomed by the universe and embraced. On the other hand, anybody who tries to turn away from true love will be rejected and punished by the universe. For that reason, all types of love other than true love will eventually be destroyed.

There are powers of both attraction and repulsion in the universe. The law of repulsion, however, exists in order to protect rightful give and take between subject and object. As you know, there are the two forces of plus and minus in electricity. Plus and minus pull each other in order to harmonize and unite. But plus and plus repel each other, as do minus and minus, in order to protect the cohesiveness of the plus and minus unity.

Why are we gathered together on this Day of All Things? I have been speaking all morning about true love. What does that have to do with all things of creation? All things exist for the sake of the expression of true love. Look at the beauty of the flowers and all their different colors; look at all the other beautiful things of nature. All these are meant to provide a better environment for men and women to experience and express true love.

When all things welcome you, including the trees, flowers, rocks, water and grasses, how do you want to respond to them? Would you give them an insipid greeting, or would you feel like shouting out your joy to see them? Rather than just shouting out “Mansei!” separately, wouldn’t it be better for husband and wife to be holding hands and jumping up together, whirling around and shouting “Mansei!” with all your might?

Look at the flowers and how they express love. Within one flower there is both the male and female aspect, the stamen and pistil. Plus and minus are contained within one; love is joined within each flower. Why did God create all things? It was in order to make an environment in which husband and wife could engender the best, most beautiful love. All things exist to augment that true love.

There are many different kinds of flowers, but no ugly ones; every flower has its own unique beauty. Likewise, all the animals express their uniqueness for the sake of human beings. The male and female birds sing love songs to the universe for the sake of men and women. All the creatures are there in their own special fashion to express the love of God toward us. To play music, you need a musical instrument. By the same token, to engender love you need some instruments. All things are those instruments of love.

If you could ask a flower, “What kind of place would you like to decorate with your beauty?” it would tell you, “I want to decorate the room where the true glory of God permeates, where true men and women are loving each other” That is the true wish of the flowers. They want to be placed where they can glorify God together with men. Therefore, even after all these thousands of years since the fall of man, the flowers have maintained their tradition, blossoming year after year, waiting for the one day when they can say, “Hallelujah! Finally we have seen true men and women on earth. The dwelling of God is with men. Now let us really, fully blossom. Amen!”

All things are waiting for that one day, the day of the appearance of true men and women, so they can finally fulfill their purpose of creation. Look at the lilies here on this table. You can imagine that they must be jubilant to be decorating the room where I am speaking about true love. These flowers never expected to be in such a place. It is their great joy and surprise! When you go about your daily life, you tend to become apathetic and not pay attention to the flowers and other forms of creation. In that case, they will never appreciate you; so from now on, you have to appreciate the character and personality of all things.

There are many great classics of literature written by the best writers of history. What is literature all about? It is largely the description of the things of the universe, such as the oceans, wind, rocks, and so forth. If you removed the descriptive words from books, you would have virtually nothing left. Writers always give the most realistic and meaningful descriptions of human beings by comparing them with things in nature. For example: “My lover’s smile is like the morning lily” “She blossoms like the springtime cherry tree” Without such comparisons, what do we have left? “My love has a round face” or “My love has a big nose and small eyes” Not much in the way of literature. When people who live in the desert describe love, it reflects the desert, since that is all they know.

I have expressed two important concepts today, namely that all things are the ornaments of love and also that they are like the bridge for love. That is why God created all things of creation-for the sake of men. I want you to know that nature is yearning to see the house of the true husband and wife. When you become such a couple, your home will become the place where the birds will want to sit and sing. The animals and even the insects will want to come into the loving circle of your home. With such welcome and support from all things of the universe, that couple will be bound to live a good life.

Much of the food we eat comes from grain, which is the seed of the plant. The seed is produced after the flowers blossom; then we men and women use that seed as our food. When you eat, you are really engaging in a universal natural process, so you must have a deep sense of appreciation: “God provided this to me, but I must become a center of true love or I won’t be worthy of it”

If someone wants to disregard other people and just love flowers, for instance, that is not pleasing to the flowers. The flowers don’t like to see bachelors particularly; they like to see the harmony of love between true husband and wife. When you observe birds, doesn’t it look more attractive for a pair to be flying together, rather than just one bird?

Perhaps there would be one assertive male bird who didn’t feel like flying with his little mate because she was smaller and weaker, and without her he could fly faster. If he thought that way, it would be against the law of the universe. Even though it may slow him down, the male bird has to fly with his mate. He might pull out ahead a little, then slow down to allow her to catch up with him. This is the beauty of nature. They might fly a long distance and then make a stop on a tree branch somewhere. The male might feel strong and fresh, while the female might be gasping for breath, so he would try to comfort and help her.

If you take love out of the universe, everything becomes a desert. Isn’t that true? Unification Church members are the happiest people because we have so much love within our hearts that we are anxious to share. We want to have give and take with other people and also with nature-flowers, trees, birds, fish and so forth. How can you ever be bored with such a life?

When you observe a small mountain stream flowing down and joining with a larger rivulet, the water splashes and crashes against rocks and sand. It may seem to be a difficult and even joyless battle for the water to find its way to the bottom of the valley, but that is not so. The water makes music and rhythm as it dances down the mountain, and as long as there is someone who can appreciate its song, that stream will be happy.

The important point is that nature is looking for its counterpart. Without men and women, all things would be terribly lonely. People must be here to appreciate the things of creation, as well as give glory to God-this is our duty. Even in New York City, where things are sometimes very desolate and dirty, we can appreciate the buildings and think, “They want to see me” You can go out each day and say, “Hello, New Yorker and the Empire State Building” As you greet these things, they respond to you! With such a heart of love toward all the things in the world, a person can never get bored or lonely. You will be filled with love all the time and ready to give love to others.

The Unification Church alone truly appreciates and celebrates this Day of All Things. We know that all things of creation have been grieving in their hearts, yearning for the appearance of the true sons and daughters of God who would appreciate them and take dominion over them. They have never had such proper dominion until the time of the True Parents. For that reason, the Day of All Things is crucially important. For the first time in history, we are giving true joy to all things.

In conclusion, I want to say to you that this is the day of the appearance of the true sons and daughters of God. Now for the first time, all things have seen men and women who interact centered upon the true love of God. Because of this, they feel they have found their true masters. The work and the desire of God for all these years has been to see the day of harmony between the creation and human beings. This is that day. Amen! Let us pray.

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