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Declaration of the Realm of the Cosmic Sabbath for Parents of Heaven and Earth

August 9, 1997
Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Since we understand that where there is bones; flesh can be added, we have to remember that we should follow wherever there is true love. Amen. [Amen] Let me go back to my point now …. We have a simple conclusion. Your mind and body should be a comfortable dwelling place for God. You should unite your mind and body. That’s it.

   Where is the point of unity? It is where you make 100 percent of love to your spouse whom you have been longing to meet for thousands of years, the embodiment of loving God you have been dying to embrace for thousands of years. The first one is in the position of Satan and the second indicates that we should find the original path of love. Therefore, restoration is not possible in the love of elder son ship. It is only possible in the younger son ship of love ….

 Restoration providence does not work in the lineage of the first wives. It works in the lineage of concubines and illegitimate children. Why? They are two kinds of mothers and their children; fallen mother and her children and restored mother and her children. Two mothers cannot go into the kingdom of heaven together side by side.

  Only one kind of mother and her children can go in. You just have to overturn the original order. An elder son becomes a younger son and the younger son becomes the elder. This explains the struggle between two sisters, Leah and Rachel in Jacob’s family. Even if Leah was treated as if she were a slave in her sister’s household, she had to unite with Rachel. She had to be her sister’s slave if need be. This will create the model of Heaven. Here all of Leah’s sons representing the whole humanity should have bowed down to Joseph and Benjamin as their slaves.  They could not go to the kingdom of Heaven, the original world} without the Absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience to their two younger brothers. That was the commandment.

   When God created the universe, He bad absolute faith. God made the world as His object of absolute love on the foundation of His absolute faith. Therefore, He invested everything and then He obeyed absolutely. He gave everything he had. Yow love partner also asks you to give everything of yourself to her/him. Isn’t it true? When you have your first night in the honeymoon or when you are out on date, if your woman asks ”How much do you love me?” She will be satisfied only when you say, ‘1 can die for you. I am not afraid of reaching the point zero just to follow you.” Everything will be okay then. It applies to all forms of reciprocal relationships. One should never change in the loyalty of love even at the risk of one’s life. Only then the separate two become one. Only then they can be sons and daughters of God.

   When we look at the history, we should all repent our sins. Historically, who sinned first? Adam did or Eve did? [Eve] Eve did. Adam was like a licking wall. And he was supposed to win over Eve’s temptation. Madam Eve, that’s right. If you eat wrong, you shall die. If you cannot preserve your chastity, you will ruin yourself. The Korean language is so prophetic. Do you understand? [yes] The walls are blocked. Adam turned upside down and made those personal, familial, tribal and national walls in his wi11 he can only go to Heaven by breaking up all of them.

   Eve should absolutely obey him supporting Adam up until the point of giving her own flesh and blood to be melted to water and help to build whatever Adam wants to build. Eve should walk the path of a woman who sacrifices everything for Adam in order to return to the original place. Otherwise, there is no other way for her. That is why women had to sacrifice themselves for thousands of years since the fall, to find the loving husband. Their men have been archangels, they are holding onto false husbands. . . They are the thieves of love. Their whole lives, they bit  their loving wives, scarring them from head to toe, scarring their hearts, scarring not only their faces but also their minds. Women had to lead such a tearful history.  Women have been sacrificial offerings.

What is such women’s wish? Finding the original husband with all their selves. You should understand that for the last thousands and millions of years, women walked the path of tears and death • they wished at the last moment of their lives at least their daughters or descendants would be able to find the original true husband. God heard their dying wishes. While listening to their heartbroken stories, God must have felt ever frustrated, sad and lonely. It was so much more harder on God than any of those women. Do you understand? [Yes]

   Don’t speak about your own family problems.  You women and your husbands as well. No matter how difficult obstacles come in your way, nationally and worldwide, you should determine that you will overcome all even if you have to crawl over them. If you die while crawling over, God will send a successor who can overcome all the obstacles at once. Don’t you understand such God’s plan? Understand or not understand? [Understand]

As God loves Korea, .Arirang hill . . . .

‘Arirang Arirang Arariyo. We are walking over the .Arirang hill.’ No matter how sad, difficult and bard the situations are you have to walk over them. It is quite principled. “A” sounds like love in Korean, “ri “, sounds like village. It is the journey to find the village of your love. On the way to the village, there are many bills; there are 12 of them. When we carefully study our traditional folk songs and family traditions we can easily find that the heavenly ideals were all there such as loyalty to the nation and filial piety. Toe journey to find the village manifests our journeys to find true Adam and true Eve. The road separating the bride and groom are twelve No matter how difficult  one should overcome those obstacles to complete the ideal of creation of God.

The first Adam failed and even the second Adam failed, as the Arirang song says that the third Adam will tum things around and arrive in the original hometown and we shall serve True Parents for the next thousands of years. So who is responsible for overcoming the hills of Arirang? Eve cannot. Do you understand? Eve knows nothing.

The true bridegroom will climb up all the hills and find the village of dreams. That is the meaning of twelve hills. So how do you pass through the twelve hills in your own life? The world blessing marriage. It overcomes the national differences. Do you un9erstand? We should make the road of tradition where all families of different nationalities can go. We should build up the highway. So you must know that the Unification Church has overcome the twelve hills of the blessing.

   Look. How many couples in the first blessing? Three couples, and next? thirty six couples, then next? seventy two couples, and then next? 124 couples and next? 456 couples horizontal foundation in the worldwide level in August 25, 1992 based on the 6500 couple blessing foundation which symbolized number ten, the number of completing one circle.  3.2 million couple blessing was the formation stage, 36 million couple blessing as the growth stage, and 3.6 billion couple blessing will be the completion stage.

   When I announced about the thirty thousand couple blessing as the leader of the Unification Church, everyone thought of me crazy. I am a smart man. ‘Crazy thirty thousand couples? 6000 couple? It took several years to bless the 6000 couples. How could they make thirty thousand couples in such a short period of time?’ I am a frightening man. Did we do it or not? [We did it.] Worldwide, transcending races, nationalities and religions, I blessed thirty thousand couples. I blessed them beyond the differences of their beliefs. Do you remember you made big eyes when I told you about blessing Moslems, Buddhists, Hindis? [Yes] You tried to run from the responsibility but soon your eyes were wide open. I still could not forget your changed face.

   Under God’s protection it went well without any troubles. The 36 million couple blessing was a mere dream. Who sided with me then? No one trusted me. Did you Chung Hwan Kwak believe me? Not believing and believing a little is just the same. You could not trust me fully. What difference does it make when your score is 50 or 65 when you fail anyway? It is same as zero points. The only man who has the absolute faith is Reverend Moon. Reverend Moon is the only one with absolute love, absolute obedience.

   Even if I am thrown into a prison, my mind does not change even for a minute. One should win over every minute, every day, every month, and every year. I have a mission of winning the victory of the world history. Nothing can break me. Even if I have to be executed by hanging, my spirit should be able to move God’s heart. I have believed that such a determination is the only way that God can send someone much better than me after I am gone.

   With God’s protection, for anyone who has faith as strong as Rev. Moon there are no impossibilities. As you know the 36 million couple blessing was held without any problems. You have to say ‘Amen’ or clap your hands when I say such things. [Clapping] You have to say ‘Amen’ first and then clap. You Unification Church members should be struck by lightning if you are embarrassed to clap for me. [Laughter] If you are young and naive you will clap hard but you are so old. You wonder ‘why the Teacher is so excited?’ and you clap like this. That should go. If that doesn’t go away, I will kick it away with a bat. Let’s do it again. [Amen] [Clapping]
   You should not forget today. You blocked my way, you peasants? I should give you some disciplinary punishments to the back stage people. Do you hear me well in the back? [Yes] I thought you didn’t listen . . . I think that you can understand my point by now.

   Don’t you see me as a poor man? I have no friends, no father, no brothers. I have been lonely, lonely, . . . Only God and me. That’s why I never shared my situation fully with anyone in the Unification Church, no Chung Hwan Kwak, no Young Hwi Kim not even Mother. I am alone . . .

   My wish is for everyone in the world find the nest of love centered on True Family ideal and the whole world finally find the true freedom I want to lead everyone in the world to realize the original ideal of God’s creation intoxicated by true love. I never ever forget the path of restoration. So I stood over nights to find the right way. When others took their days off and visits resorts, I gave them all up although I knew I could enjoy myself more than anyone if I wanted to.

   I did not celebrate Christmas nor the New Year’s Day. In order to build up the foundation that God can truly resolve His pain and walk towards the hopeful future, I abandoned such things. Is it a crime? If you are such parents all your children will return to the Unification Church before the last day.

   What do you think? Am I great or worthless? [Great] I am the number one worthless among the worthless. [No] I lost my country, my kingdom and the whole universe. I am just a vagrant. All my life, I have been trying to pioneer the way of filial sons, loyal servants, saints and holy men with the heart of repentance as I lost the kingdom of the original ideal of God and lost the foundation to serve God.   Who can sympathize a grieving son who is so far way. God cannot sympathize. Instead, he had to whip His leaving son. I understood God’s situation.

   Look. After you receive your blessing, you cannot overcome such situations. You have no idea how much I could grieve about. Even this morning I fell to the ground while praying. I am a very lonely man. If anyone says one word touching my heart, I would cry my heart out. I have lived a life of a man who writhes in the agony of pain. Korea this nation has tried to drive out a man like me for the last 40 years.

   I went through the three ages of kingship. Even the son of Young Sam Kim went? Do you think that they will have an easy life? Now Korean women unify into one transcending political parties and create the dominion of family liberation. All the archangelic political leaders will kneel down before them and beg for their lives. Such a day will come. [Amen]

   You watch if that is going to happen or not. [Clapping] All the evil thieves who tempted women throughout history ·· ·. They will have to beg before women for the next thousands and millions of years. The day will come. I have been working for such a liberation for women. ‘ is why I made sixteen places for women of the South and North. One has to complete the satanic number beyond sixteen. Sixteen in the U.N. Korea is the 161st country. It went beyond the number sixteen. There we have to restore the number eighteen of the South and North and prepare the day of liberation, today.

   To make that possible we should plant the seed of the mainstream thoughts of the South and North Americas. . . We held these campaigns centered on Mother. This is the third time. I am trying to change Korea’s defeated position. I am trying to make ways for elder sons, younger sons and stepsons to receive blessings. . . . No one knows how hard I have been working to save Korea while being persecuted in this country. Only God  knows.
   This poor Rev. Moon did not want Korea to be blessed in second place. So here we are as Mother and Father to help the families and people. We have been preparing to bring the foundations of North and South Americas, the Christian culture. They are Cain and Abel before Mother. Therefore, Mother in the position of Eve has to sew the seed. This was the third time. . . Now all the top leaders of the country cannot but follow Mother. All the conditions have been made.

   Therefore, there should be dialogues between South and North Korean women. If we held the South and North Women Campaign at 516 Square in Pyongyang, the new political era will begin. The elder sonship of the satanic side will go and Abie’s heavenly side will take over. The world of liberation centered on True Parents and True Children will begin. [Amen]

   This year, I bought my favorite airplane. I don’t need a big one. So in Canada we bought the plane and make a technological tie up in the future. We have to be the master in the land, sea and air. Since we are not the master in the air, we need to make a technological tie up with the Bombardier Company which has the best technology. We will buy planes one by one from there and then we will have newspaper companies in 18.5 nations. . .

   Newspaper companies need planes. One, two, three are needed. I want to develop all the potential places as tourist sights and bring people to those places with the planes. I am preparing all of that. After that I want to build a ship and go to the South and North poles. (We are reaching the North Pole centered on Kodiak and we are also trying to go to the South Pole as well.) I took all the 7 thousand boats which enabled the Soviet in the past to be the leading fishery industry nation. They were cheap since they were in auction.

   Experts examined the boats to make some repairs. I asked the best experts in the US. fishing boat industry. They said that ‘buying those boats will bring 6 million dollars benefits. How in the world did Rev. Moon know that?’   You can clap when say such a thing. [clapping]
   So I would like to make the number one company all over the world. No one else can do this. l am trying to bring life to people.  I would like to develop the food industry by using inexhaustible resources . . . You have to make me in charge. I want to build a joint stock company. . .

This is the breadbasket area. You can cultivate the land. Do you understand? I would like to buy all the land. It will be about 2 million ha. I would like to buy the whole land and create the cooperation. Then I want to bring North Korean~ and Africans who are starving to death and give them jobs in fisheries and farming. That way I want to liberate those who are in severe poverty. In ten years from now there will be ten billion Unification Church members. No men or Amen? [Amen] [Clapping]

   Christianity collected trash of the waste companies. But Rev. Moon has made ways to bring several times more of people to the Church. That time will come. [Amen] Those who opposed to me, cannot drive the Unification Church out away. Japan, U.S., Germany and Soviet Union could not do it. Rev. Moon is not a fool. Young Sam Kim claimed that ‘the Unification Church .will perish in my hands’ but he couldn’t do it. The present government wants to pull us out but they found themselves unable to. Japan gave up and the U.S. gave up. I have such powers. I have enough power to win over the Japanese Embassy. I investigated after all the prominent Christians in Korea. I will break them all apart if they attack. Since I have the newspaper, I get to know world best top information . . . I can find out about certain informations even two weeks before the CIA.

   You thought that I was nobody. Now you know I can be quite scary. Right? [Yes] You worthless, some of you went to Seoul University, the shitty university and all go astray. They will all be thrown into shit holes someday. I can fight like a man. Am I not a real man, right? [Yes, you are.]
   The Family Federation for World Peace has made its place all over the world. Now we need to build the Clan Federation for World Peace and Kindred Federation. Do you understand? We need to create the new movement to mobilize people through their clan organizations not only Moons and Hans but others clan as well starting from April 10. The newly flamed ”blessing movement” has begun. They are making new resolutions this time centered on Moons and Hans.

   What is the biggest river, Han River? Ap-rok River? Look at the Ap-rok River from upside down at the end of the river. Since we made the worldwide foundation, it is time to work centered on clan organizations. All the fallen branch streams should be taken in to the main heavenly stream even the smallest waters. Do you understand?

   Wherever I go, there should not be any blocks. I should be free so that God can go anywhere He desires to go with me. Liberation of True Parents and liberation of God molds into one. Do you understand? There will be no one opposing me. Everyone will welcome me. They will sell the most precious things in their household and make a great feast for me. Everywhere I go, there will be feasts day after day. Do you understand?

   When I go to your house, will you have a feast or not? [I will] Families should make feasts and there should be feasts in clan level and national level. Family Federation can work hand in hand with the Clan Federation, National Federation and World Federation. The time has come now that there weren’t be any obstacles. Do you understand? So it is the realm of freedom and liberation. No matter how prominent and no matter how proud a heritage ones has, they cannot oppose us. No one will say) no men. They will absolutely say Amen. Such a free world has come; liberation of individuals, families, nations, the world, and the universe. When God embraces me in His bosom, He will say ‘Have you come Moon so and so?’  When I return to God and say ‘Heavenly Father’ God would not say, ‘You came. Go away.’  He will jump from his royal chair, hold my neck and cry His heart out. That is why I feel so responsible in serving God. That is what Rev. Moon is. To deserve such a day, I truly want to make no mistakes and bring only victories to Heavenly Father. And we are groups of people to reach such goals. 3.6 billion is not a problem. 36 billion is not a real problem, either. If you are so determined and have the fiery will to take care of 3 hundred billion or even 3 thousand billion, things will work themselves out. Everything will be done in eight months. Do you understand? [Yes]

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