Men and Women Can Produce God’s Sons and Daughters through the Reproductive Organs

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Declaration of the Realm of the Cosmic Sabbath for Parents of Heaven and Earth

August 9, 1997
Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Who is next? Samsung.(Samsung means three stars in Korean. Samsung is the name of one of huge enterprise in Korea) they can not win against the Great Bear. Samsung is only a servant which follows the North Pole that goes around. Or else they must add a name the Great Bear. The Great Bear never changes. It goes into all of the universe and turns around the center, but can Samsung do that? Who is it, Lee Gun Hee of Samsung, can he do what I am doing? All he does is sell el~ctronic products. He does not have any talent to restructure man. Isn’t that so? Does he have a right to bless families? He doesn’t. Only Rev. Moon can do that. If that person dies and is buried in a public cemetery, only the Korean conglomerates will come, but if Rev. Moon dies, conglomerates, politicians, educators, cultural peogle of the world, a few thousands of them will gather. … People here today, if I die will you follow me to that public cemetery in line or not? [We will follow] No, I don’t like that. Now get away from me here. Even if you don’t follow me, people of the world are meant to follow. Even if you do not bring flowers, people of the outside world are meant to even climb over the North Pole covered in snow with flowers and come and meet me with flowers.

So what kind of person will be able to become the disciples of love and in who’s house do you want to live in? Is it the house of Rev. Moon, or Korean conglomerate Jong something’s house or who’s house? {Father’s house) I am not satisfied, with you people. You are a group of beggars. A beggar who sells his father’s name and asks his father for money until the day be dies.   There are people who are not able to obtain the qualifications as father and son and there are many who always ask for something. You second generation, I will get hold of you and put you on the test stage and will see how much you can endure …

   Now God is liberated, True Parents are liberated, so what more is there that I should do? I am now a grandfather … The authority of grandfathers in Korea is symbolized by what kind of pipe? How do you call it in dialect of Kyong san do? A long pipe, and with the pipe when you hit the floor, the metal part of it makes a loud noise and it shakes the whole district. When the grandfather hits the floor with it to call the grandson, the grandson will come. It is a signal. That’s what a grandfather does.When you think of grandfather playing his role until you grow up, is Rev. Moon acting as a grandfather with a useless pipe which scares the grandson? Or acting as a father? I am gambling with a stick of truth in a position which the devil and God fought for thousands and millions of years. On the day you think positively about this and ~dmit it, you must practice it exactly the same. Do you understand it or not? The reason is because it is the Divine Principle. Even God bows down before that prirnciple. All the fallen children of the world should bow down before it for thousands and millions of years.

   There is no doctrine m Unification church It is HSA -UWC. an association. It is not a church. Since it is not a church, it is the Divine Principle. It is not a doctrine. Since it is a way of truth which all men must go, now it is the principle of FFWPU. We are talking about a truth which God can follow and so can we. You must understand when we draw a line with this truth, no one can erase it and when we draw a picture with it is an which no one can erase, and has a content which can become the champion of all art.

   I became the chief of the world. Also I am the champion of the world of Karate. Then I am the chief of world of economics, and the champion of world of scholars and University Federation. I am the champion of everything. I have so many of these titles therefore I will give you one of them, so are you confident or not of keeping loosing that qualification and authority? Are you confident Dr. Yoon? Don’t say anything. How can a person be the president of the university when he does not know how to attend the President of foundation for HSA -UWC. Come to your senses. Kim Yong Hee, [Yes] you were kicked out. Next Kwak Chung Hwang [Yes] you would have been kicked out if it wasn’t for me.

   You must know who in the world is the master and which way to go. You must know clearly, do you understand? Chairman Kwak'[Yes] do you know that if you don’t create a president who you can order about freely, the history of making a university of the Unification church will be at stake? That order wasn’t from Chung Hwang Kwak. It was from me. Dr. Yoon, have you got it or haven’t you? [I understand] In this case, answer casually. Dont’ say ‘I understand’ wanting to be recognized. You should answer “I got it!” and in that case it wouldn’t ruin the rhythm.

   If so, the only thing which can pass through anything anywhere is True Love. You can enter it,. go down, go horizontal, and wherever you go all becomes one. So the reason God cannot find a dwelling place in this world is because he has no house to rest in. God has no house of sabbath, do you understand? Since men fell everything is tom apart. Mind and body, husband and wife, mother and children, tribe, nation, world, heaven and earth, and God and Satan were tom apart. The question is how to unite this. Where should we start, from the original start, from myself.
   Do you think your mind and body is united even if the conflict between the democratic world and communism, United States and Soviet Union has concluded, and world peace has been accomplished? The divided husbands and wives, do you think that they will unite? Do you think the nation will unite? The realm of elder son, second son, Cain, Abel has nothing to do with curing the decayed root. You must understand there is no standard of peaceful unification going above the foundation of which our ancestors made a mistake in the garden of Eden, and the standard is from myself. The thing that corrects it is the principle of the Unification church. Do you understand?

   Therefore, we need True Love. What is True Love? What did I say True Love is? You should understand the amazing fact about God. You must forget things which you can never forget about, How can God forget the fact that when Adam and Eve fell, Satan has destroyed all the beloved sons and daughters, ruined the family and all the world. You must be able to forget what you cannot forget then you will be able to understand the heart of God and attend him.

   That is why when the last days comes, that Satan has retreated. Just like forgetting the fact that Satan took away our husbands and wives, we are creating an environment to forget it in order to make it ordinary. How far does it go? What relationship? The relation of incest. Incest with relatives and close members of the family. Who is a close member of the family? Confusion starts from the closest point of love, such as father and son, husband and wife. Where? There is no place in this evil world of Satan where traces of love can be made. That is why God is leaving. A grandfather has a relationship with his granddaughter. A father has a relationship with his daughter even though there is the mother. How on earth can that happen? A brother and sister have a relationship, they are even relationships between brothers. Therefore, the most precious things in the world which God treasures is the object of these incest relationships and that is why Satan who is against God has taken them. Satan made the ideal absolute subject object relationship of close family members into incest relationships. Satan acted in this way to completely destroy a foot plate which God can stand on.

   Therefore, love does not leave traces. There is no one in the world who ‘ can bring love to God. None. All are broken apart. Do you understand? Why did God make such conditions? Because Adam fell when he was 16. Our time and environment is set up as it was for Adam when he was 16, the mind and body of 16 years of age. What if he waited just a little longer. If Awun had waited one and a half years, passed the age sevent.een and turned eigh~n, God could have blessed him. Satan lmew that. So he made them fall before the time. So what happened due to the fall? People in the world many between men and women. But you should not marry. Because the master of the world changed.

   The fallen Eve who inherited Satan’s false blood lineage ruined Adam. If Adam did not fall, it would not have been so difficult to restore Eve. Since Adam himself fell, there was no foundation to save humans. There was nothing God could do. Therefore God had to restore everything from the zero point while bearing deep grudges against Satan. That was the recreation.

Providential history for salvation is the history of restoration. Restorational history had to be made through the process of recreation. Without the recreation process, that perfection can never be achieved becomes the ultimate reality of mankind. How miserable the situation would be? God could not forget the children who turned against Him and became Satan’s children. How difficult it must have been for Heavenly Father! God has given and given Himself for those who never deserved Him. What did He want by investing for us? He wanted to find love. Whoever understood the lonely position of God who can give so much love to the unlovables? Do you?

  Your life lasts for one generation and in one world. It is like a speck of cloud. Where the entire heaven and earth fell down to the destruction of hell, where one cannot forget the unforgettables. . . God could have destroyed them all but He has invested all Himself throughout the entire histozy. And moreover, God had to love Adam .and Eve even more than he ever did before the fall. How profound His love is! Do you understand?

Who ever understood God through the entire history? He is the loneliest Being who could not forget the unforgettables; who forgot everything He gave after He invested Himself for thousands of years; who has loved the unlovables who hurt Him so much. Who would understand such a heart of God? Since I knew the history and tradition, I had to forget the unforgettable things. How many enemies I have had!

   God wants to save the offsprings of the enemy who deserve to be kicked down to eternal hell even by sacrificing the lives of His own children. You should understand that the historical path of True Parents has been loving the children of the enemy by sacrificing their own children. One has to love others more than one’s own children. You must remember this. Do you understand? No ocean can fill up the valley of tears caused by such path. Nothing can be higher and nothing can be deeper than God’s mind with so much undescribable pain. You should never forget the history of Heavenly Father and True Parents.

   From this point of view, the only oath that is reliable is the path of True Love. Do you understand? [Yes]  You must lead the path where you ought to forget unforgettable, give to the unworthy, and love the unlovable. Even if you have to die once, twice or ~ven three times and resurrect again, you still to have the conviction to carry on. People in the Old Testament Age, the New Testament Age and the Completed Testament Age all failed. Forty years of my life in the wilderness bas been a history of grief All because the first generation of Adam failed. Whoever understood God’s heart when he looked at His empty Garden after expelling His children and yearned to free the entire universe and wanting to face the moment of victory over evil.

   There have been enormous heartbreaking, sad, painful, tearful and suffering stories behind this historical path. After enduring all the hardships of fifty years, True Parents have finally opened up the gate of liberation for all people as if Moses led the oppressed Israelites out of Egypt. We should forever give glory to God for we have met the day of proclamation of liberating heaven and earth that frees entire families in this world, the prisoners under Satan’s dominion, and enables them to be part of the heavenly lineage of ideal.

   This moment can be explained as the Universal Settlement of Heavenly Parents. What do I mean by settlement? Because of the fall, each particle of atoms grieves in lamentation. We were created by dynamic; reactions between the plus and minus elements in the universe, which is called love. Since we lost true love, the world fell into darkness. Not only minerals but also plants. A stamen and a pistil, the con- of _reproduction system lost its originally God-planned meaning. Relationships between male and female animals in the animal world and between men and women in human society all sank down to hell. The whole world was under Satan. To cast out the darkness of evil, God sent Messiah, but people crucified him. After Adam eternally scared human history, God set up the foundation of chosen people over 4 thousand years in order to send the Messiah. But he was killed in vain.

   God lost the victory in the national level and the Messiah had to leave the earth with a promise of returning again. God tried to find the one family !le lost at the Garden of Eden and restore the direction of the entire world. God’s plan was behind and He waited for the right moment passing the first War and the second  in Korea regarding the world Christian cultural domain. England, U.S., France. England is an island representing the Eve nation, U.S.A. representing Abel, France as an enemy nation against England became under one in the name of U .N.

   European Christian culture which is mainly spiritual does not hold a substantial ground. The East represents the substantiality which the West lacks. That is why they struggle with each other. Who attacked first? Satan did. It is like that. Satan always trys to dominate our conscience first. Satan always pulls down the conscience into the world of death. With the victory over the worldwide level of enemy in the World War II, the world had to receive the Second Coming as its master, the unified world of ideal. England, U.S.A. and France were right at the center of the Christian culture which could unify the entire world into one.

   Due to the benefit of time, Korea could cheer over its newly earned independence. However, I could not cheer even until now. Do you understand? To ease the broken heart unable to show the cheers, the unification church ~ to have such a tradition of cheering Manseis.

   We should proudly show our excitement when the time comes, looking straight at the soo rise with the joyful heart of God, serve the king and queen of the creation, and love the water and all life forms as if they are all in the new air and new oceans… Do you understand?

   God never experienced s1,1ch love. God could not love the sun, the king of the entire ecosystem, the water, the air or the land. God could not love all things, minerals, plans and animals. God has to find a way to love them all. Therefore, persons in True Parents position should go to and love the ocean at the most humble fishing town, streams at the poorest villages. They should visit all sorts of mountains and oceans, rivers in order to make bridges of heart which God never experienced through those creatures. True Parents should feel the feelings of joy God must have felt when He first created even the offspring of the smallest fish in the world. To qualify as a master and to realize the internal relationship of love, the very reason of our survivals, I had to visit all comers of the earth and the ocean.

   When we have the day of celebration, the age of the ocean 1s over. I have enough foundation to complete all the plans I have had in Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil, and so forth. I have been busy for the last ten days for that. Mother begged me not to go and told me she would not go. Mother does not understand. Father does not do things just by listening to Mother. I sent three people to each country. That makes a special condition, making the four position foundations. I didn’t die yet.

   Bv tracing back to the tradition I made throughout my life-long activities, you should educate your children to make the true connection. The settlement does not only apply to the oceans. It relates to the settlement of the lands. From now, I will visit mountains known for their beauty. I will not simply make visits. I will also create a hunting place. I will not kill the wild animals, though. I will raise my own animals.

   It will be a new leisure industry.
   Even if you don’t understand the reason, originally, you ought to raise your own animals for your meat. You eat animals, right? You eat all the plants? You take all the minerals? You are sinning before the natura. It is stealing. Stealing.
   Originally nature is supposed to be part of the flesh and blood of God’s begotten son. But they are taken by thieves. They become the flesh and blood of the thieves. In order to nullify the sin, we should create the leisure industry to actualize the original love at the utmost changing point of history, centered on the 3.6 billion blessing that we have prepared until now. Do you understand? Do you know what l mean? [yes]
   Whenever I go places, I never thought that I would want to own my own land. I thought of how to make the land belong to God and help resurrect all people by cultivating the land. When I saw the sights of remote villages, I thought of the way to make the places the number one sightseeing place so that people could come and praise the scenery.

   Making money is not my concern. What matters is how to promote the thoughts of caring for the natural beauty on the original foundation of the ideal of creation. No nation?l boundari~s were my limits. Whenever I need …

   I went to Europe without a visa. I am such a man.
   You ought to understand that all things grieve in deep lamentation q.ue to the fall. Do you understand? In chapter 8 Romans,. it says that all things are m gnevance. All things which were supvosed to proudly showup its appearances in the sunny light cannot but grieve in this world of dqrlme{is, where there is no need of bright colors. So we have to change the current situation. We have to tum this world into a world of light and love, the sunlight of love, before God so that all things can glorify God as their sole source of life. We have to make that center.

   Because all things were made by love, they will all be absorbed in and become one with the king of love and the master of love, Heavenly Parents. The law of the jumde should no more apply in this world. The lower level of love is to be absorbed in by the higher level of love. Where is the final destination? The final destination, the highest possible ideal is to experience God’s love.

   Men and women can produce God’s sons and daughters through reproductive organs. All things should give their lives; the higher form of minerals to plants, plants to lower form of animals to higher form of animals and animals to humans. Humans should love all things and take them in their bodies.  Did you love all tirings? When you take all things which willingly sacrifice themselves to complete the original ideal bond of God’s love, you should see them as offerings to God as if you were the master of love of subjectivity and freedom. If you have such attitudes, the lives of all things you take will never die.

   You should be able to reach the point where you become a single cell of God’s love and to truly be intoxicated by His love as God’s original sons and daughters experiencing the truth with all your souls so that your very existence is the highest purpose of God’s creation. Everything in you is mobilized at this one place.

   Where is that one place? It is your sexual organ. It can kill life. But also it is true temple of love. Without it no one can experience love women, men? Can you or can’t you? [No, we cannot] Can a man and a woman write without it? [No] Can you, you peasants? [No] Why your voices are so small? Yours should be thousand times bigger than mine. Can you or can’t you? [No!] Even if the whole universe breaks into pieces, when you know its absolute value, even the dead will open their eyes wide and say ‘Yes, that’s true. Now we understand.’ You have to understand that this truth can even make the dead respond. Now you answer me. Can you or can’t you? [No!] Think that even the dead would resurrect. Since such resurrection is possible things can find their own right courses.

   As true love finds its place in the world of animals, plants and minerals, the Heavenly Fortune is supports the Unification Church. No matter how many wish destruction of the Unification Church, there is no way it will perish. It is following the law of the universe. No matter who or how many wish for the disappearance of the Unification Church, it cannot) because the Church is connected to the very final end of God’s love. It is the inevitable conclusion. Amen. [Amen]

   Say ‘there is only love’. [There is only love] I need love absolutely. Even if I have to die ten times over and over again, I have no attachment to anything but walking the path to be God’s child. I am not ashamed to say this. Amen. [Amen]

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