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The True Foundation Day For The Nation Of The Unified World

October 3, 1995

Selected excerpts:

What is the topic Father is speaking on today? [Father writes on the board.] Is there any non-Korean who is able to read what Father has written? Repeat after me, Gaechunjul. Gae means opening, like opening a flood gate. Chun means Heaven, Jul means occasion, season or event. When we open the gate, are we talking about opening it 360 degrees, 180 degrees or just 90 degrees? What is it? (360.) What is the point which can give you the room for 360 degree opening. From zero point coming back to zero point. Is it knowledge and money? They are all related to a one way concept. Then what is it? When it comes to the concept of love, even making love, you begin from zero point. Then when it is over you return to zero point. It is like conquering the top of the man’s head and coming back again to the bottom.

As we age, do we have to go up higher and higher or lower and lower? Higher up to God. Every day bigger. When you make love, if you become smaller in terms of the scale, can you conquer God? (No.) Father is referring to the practice of love centered upon your individual self here [indicating to the board]. You create love as an individual and expand your love to the family level, tribal level and all the way up to God. It takes eight different stages. If we look from the vertical view [Father is drawing on the board] this expansion is flattened and will look like this [indicating to the board]. From the individual to God makes this shape. Don’t you want to become the representative axis here? You embrace one another as husband and wife and you also embrace your children. Father concludes that through embracing and hugging as husband and wife you are learning how to embrace your children. Would you be opposed to that? (No.) When you have a lovely baby do you want to embrace your lovely child only once a day, or each hour, or every minute possible? Any minute possible. Don’t you feel that you want to keep your mouth on your lovely baby twenty four hours a day. This is a mother’s heart.

By loving your child in this way, you should be able to see your husband. Your baby is an extension of your husband. That is true. It is fair to say that if you give a hug and a kiss three times to your baby, at least you have to do it once to your husband. This is training for you. One baby is the training ground for husband and wife to build their love relationship. From the mother’s point of view, the baby is also an extension of herself. It is like a flower of love whose fragrance you are now enjoying. Without the husband the baby could not exist. Without the mother, the baby could not exist. The mother takes care of the baby all day long while her husband is working. In the evening when the husband returns home, he will run to give the baby a hug and a kiss. The wife watches this and feels grateful for her husband’s appreciation of their baby. That kind of feeling of love should empower her to serve her husband even better at night when they make love. She should be willing to do so. We should not lose this kind of moment and treasure in your family life. If you lose it then it will become hell.

It is logical that in any family, until the wife reaches the age when she cannot have any more children, husband and wife should continue to have babies. Then they are able to develop this fresh kind of emotion of love for one another through their babies. Once the woman loses the ability to have children she feels miserable. Once your menstruation cycle ends it means you are unable to have children. Therefore, through your children you have to revive and refresh your feeling of love all the time. If you have many babies, then even when you reach to menopause and are unable to give birth anymore, your memories of raising your children will remain with you. When you join the spiritual world, you will observe that those mothers who raised many children on this physical earth will be in the higher realm. We can apply this principle in our lives as Unification Church members. If we raise many spiritual children, which is far more difficult than raising our own physical children, then we will be in a good place in the spiritual world.

Usually American women spend a lot of time and effort making up their faces. Father wonders if you have put as much time and effort into loving your husband as you have to applying your make-up? Even until death they still make up their eyes. It isn’t normal from the love world’s point of view. Not normal means going to hell. There are some women who do not consider their husbands as important as their rouge and lipstick. Even if you drop all of your make-up, but pay complete attention to truly loving your husband, you will be a happy woman. Even if your husband is old, you can compliment him on his lines and tell him they make him look distinguished. Then your husband will feel very good. The wife can describe to him how his wrinkles show how much love he has as a human soul. Just imagine how happy such a husband would be. If your husband’s hands are wrinkled you can say it is due to love. We touched one another so often in love and so the hands became wrinkled. If your husband’s chest is scrawny now due to his age, still you could encourage him by telling him that because he gave you so many hugs he is only left with bones now. (Laughter.) That is the way we should think.

That is the only way for God to be happy. Think about how old God Himself is. If we are talking about the absolute love standard, whatever belongs to your lover, it has to be absolutely your object of love. Wrinkles, bald head, everything should be the object of your love. If there is such a woman who thinks in this way she is very fortunate. Does this make for happiness? (Yes.) I say not so happy. (Happy.) Your sound isn’t very exciting. You have to be able to win over Father in this contest. Not so happy! (HAPPY.) You should have given that kind of excited, loud response in the beginning. Instead it is like kicking a mule in order to gain a response.

This is the first time that Father has revealed such an explanation to all of you, including True Mother. (Laughter.) Father wonders, since he is growing old now, if Mother is getting properly educated today. (Laughter.) (Father laughs.) This is a good chance to educate Mother. It is not a laughing matter. [Father and Mr. Kim are exchanging in Korean. Mr. Kim is trying to make clear what Father is saying.] (Laughter.) [Mr. Kim says: Don’t laugh at me okay.] (Laughter.) Even when you sleep you want to keep so close and keep touching the blanket your spouse is using. That much love is there. If you don’t want to let that blanket go you have to keep that blanket in your mouth biting on it. Is that a happy couple or a miserable couple? (HAPPY.) Is that an ideal couple? (Yes.)

You are in bed together and there are many different fish hooks. Would you rather sleep with all the hooks attached to your five senses and sleep together, or no hooks and sleep alone? (Hooked.) Not hooked. (HOOKED.) Not hooked. (HOOKED.) (Laughter.) Everything becomes possible because of love.

Even when you go out to take a walk in the field and you happen to see a beautiful flower, then go and touch and kiss that flower remembering your wife when you do so. If you find an ant, touch it gently as if you were touching your wife, thinking of her as you do. Don’t you think the ant will be happy? (Yes.) The ant is so small that you are unable to kiss it. Therefore just give the sound of a kiss to it. People with such a heart of love are only happy. Do you understand? (Yes.) Nothing can compare with such a high, deep, wide love. How wonderful it is. How happy are such a couple? (Very happy.) God wants to dwell with such a couple…..

Love is the only power which can open the door to the nation of the unified world. If love is the only power to open the door to the unified world, suppose there is a door of love. Then what kind of qualification does one need in order to open that door? One needs a ticket of love. In the Bible it refers to twelve pearly gates that have to be passed. God is the center of all humanity, including your children. If you have raised your children properly in front of God that is your ticket of love. Even though there are twelve different gates, even though you have to go around several times you will still be able to pass with this love ticket. If you stick in just one direction without raising many different children, you will be confined. Because Jesus was unable to teach his twelve disciples to go through these twelve different gates, he was crucified on the cross. Because Judas sold Jesus. By the same token, if we want to be truly welcomed in the spiritual world and pass all twelve gates, we should be able to go and work in twelve different nations from the bottom to the top and restore them. Only by having that kind of experience will we truly be able to pass through all the different gates. This covers the entire kingdom. Are you interested? (Yes.)

Just because you have been born in America as a citizen, does it mean you have to live here for eternity? (No.) If you want to live for three years in twelve different nations, it will take thirty six years. In those twelve nations you have to serve people as though you were a servant; a servant of love. In My Pledge there is one particular phrase: In the shoes of a servant, with the heart of a parent, shedding tears for mankind, shedding blood for heaven and shedding sweat for the earth. Do you want to live such a life? If you go around the twelve different nations and you are treated miserably, it means you are following in True Parents’ footsteps. You are offering that much. That is where God’s blessing will be bestowed. This particular word Chun refers to servant and it also refers to bell. What is the purpose of a bell? To give news to places far away. Do you understand? (Yes.)

Through this Gaechunjul which means the season of the opening of heaven’s gate, now we can have the Kingdom of God on earth. This is a very important day. Father is teaching you to become such a couple who are able to cheer mansei with all five senses together in order to cheer your husband and wife. With that kind of excitement and sincerity. Mansei for God means for your husband and home at the family level. Mansei for True Parents represents mansei for your wife at home. Mansei for the Unification Church represents mansei for your children. Husband represents heaven, mother represents earth and children represent humankind.

Have you become the body in which all the cells are totally united and excited to shout out mansei for your spouse and children? When we cheer at the end of each of our meetings, it is training us how to build an ideal family at home. We need that same spirit in applying ourselves to our daily lives at home. Do you understand? (Yes.) Have you lived such lives until now? If not, learn from Father through this kind of teaching. Make sure you come to Father’s speech whenever Father is here.

Now it is afready after 11 a.m. After two hours of talking Father has hardly touched upon his main topic today. (Laughter.) It may take all day long today. (Applause.) The ideal family you establish is thousands of times more precious than all the hours of teaching and preaching. The ideal family is more important than anything. Once you attain that you don’t need any preaching. Do you understand? (Yes.) The characteristics of love should be eternally expanding. If you shrink it then it will become so small that you can hardly notice it. Love is the biggest thing in this entire universe. However, it can also be smaller than anything in the universe. Love is so sensitive that when your loving husband gets on your nerves for just one flickering of a second, you feel sad. Usually divorce takes place between husband and wife for some very small reason. Love has such a characteristic. Because of that sensitivity of love, it can also conquer everything. Therefore, stay away from love fighting. Because if you start having fights because of love, you grow further and further apart from one another.

We hide our most valuable treasure where no one would notice it. Because there are a lot of people who may steal that. It means you have to be very careful. We need etiquette, order, and all manner of environmental restrictions and codes in order to protect it. There should be a border line. As a woman there are certain restrictions you must adhere to. Likewise for a man. Through understanding and digesting these norms and regulations in the fields of women and men, both should be able to travel in and out of both sides freely. When we speak of the world we are referring to heaven and earth. This means the cosmos. What can bring about the unification of the cosmos? Only True Love. We need to have a True Love key. Since your couple has the True Love key, your family is like a True Love vehicle. This key can be used by the mother and father of the family, but children will be able to use it also when they grow up. Because they are one. Vertically and horizontally they are united into one. Do you understand? If your family establishes such an ideal standard, you will be trusted by any member of your family or friends. They will freely allow you to use their car or anything belonging to them. Because they realize the standard of your family.

If you move into your home town as a tribal messiah, in the beginning you may be opposed on all sides. However, if you continue to live such a high standard of life, within ten years they will recognize and respect the value of your life. They will respect your family. Therefore if you wanted to borrow something from your neighbor you could easily do so because they would trust you. Also they would be free to borrow from your family. This kind of relationship will be established.

If you keep on following in Father’s footsteps for the next ten years, do you imagine you will end up by prospering or not? (Prospering.) The Foundation Day for the Nation of the Unified World was proclaimed by Father in 1988 right after the Olympic Games. Father explained at that time how the Cold War began in 1950 through the Korean War. It went all the way around and finally ended up in 1988 with the Seoul Olympic Games. The Cold War began and ended in Korea. The Seoul Olympic Games had the largest number of participating countries. In fact Kim Il Sung’s regime should have attended which would have made 161 countries. However, they did not attend. Those athletes who came to the Seoul Olympics represent the second generation. The second generation came from all over the world representing 160 nations and were united in Seoul. This was truly an historical event. Through this event, the youth from the communist world and the youth from the democratic world became united here. Because of this condition the world communism demised. Therefore, there is no reason for the democratic and communistic blocs to fight anymore. Only the foundation of unification remains.

At the time of the Korean War sixteen nations sent their soldiers to Korea. Actually the United Nations soldiers emerged because of the Korean War. Up until that point they did not have United Nations soldiers. Also Father spoke in sixteen nations in South America. Now Father is planning to give a worldwide speaking tour to 160 nations. Do you see the connection? Father is declaring here today that from the year 1988 until the year 2000, which is a twelve year period, is the critical period for humankind. It is a transitional critical period. If the twelve major nations of the world are united, then the entire world can be unified. As we have been going through this twelve year period, Father declared tribal messiahship mobilization. Through the tribal messiah mobilization, the Cain and Abel positions were established. Upon this foundation Father sent out Mother for the speaking tour. He also declared, True Parents and the Completed Testament Era. Also, through Mother and the Women’s Federation for World Peace, women’s liberation began. Through tribal messiahship the Cain and Abel positions of the children were established. Based upon that Cain and Abel children’s unity with True Mother the base was established for True Father to emerge. This happened in 1992 when I declared world women’s liberation. Do you understand? From the unity of these three positions with Mother in the Eve’s position, Cain and Abel could restore the original house. Then, Satan’s side turned around 180 degree towards True Father. This is the bride’s foundation, the bride’s church, the Christian world. That is why Father can connect the tribal messiah to the world messiah, because he won that position. [Father draws on the board.] House messiah, tribal messiah, national messiah, world messiah. This world came against the house place and tribe place, going over them to make a winner’s position. God and humankind are separated through eight degrees. How can they be connected? There was no way until now. [Father continues to draw on the board and explain.] Put in here, separate God is plus and Father is minus. Then combine into one and come down; world messiah, national messiah, tribal messiah, family messiah connected into one. Satan invades the world in eight different degrees. This tribal messiahship is a house or family problem: how to save 160 homes. Then become a tribal messiah and automatically national messiah and world messiah are connected there. This represents 160 nations. This small dot in the center represents you as a tribal messiah. The second circle represents 160 homes, 160 families that you have to restore. The third largest circle represents 160 different nations. Eventually all the tribal messiahs have to reach out. In order to reach these 160 nations, you have to go through these 160 families that you restore. These 160 homes connect with the nation.

By doing so Father can bequeath his foundation of victory to the entire 160 nations of the world. That is why this year’s motto is, Let’s Inherit True Parents’ Realm of Victory. This means, centering upon Adam’s family we lost the entire world. From True Parents’ position Father is bequeathing everything to the entire world. Centering upon God, True Parents level comes all the way down here and then there is no more obstacle. Once True Parents have won the victorious level here, it goes back up to God without any resistance. These stages, [indicating to the board] the Blessed couples should accomplish……

fter we reach the 3.6 million Couples Blessing, do you think those who want to get married will go and find their own spouse while everyone else is joining the Unification Church Holy Wedding? Because everyone, including schoolteachers and parents and policemen will have to answer what that 3.6 million couples Unification Church Holy Wedding is all about. Whether they like it or not, they will eventually hear about this and be attracted by this Holy Wedding concept. At every village level, if civic leaders praise this Holy Wedding ceremony, then who could think of it as anything but holy. While Father was going around the nation of America giving his speech, different dignitaries introduced Father. Then newspaper reporters realized that many of these people received the blessing from Reverend Moon recently. They were shocked. (Applause.)…..

Whenever we receive Father’s words we have to be centered upon the three major determinations. Firstly, absolute faith; secondly, absolute love; thirdly, absolute obedience. This is the model we need to always remember. When God first created the world and Adam and Eve, these were the criteria with which He created. Absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience, this is the motto we must practice. God expected Adam’s family to achieve this level of absoluteness. However they failed and we lost these. Therefore, as Blessed couples, Unification Church members should live up to this standard. Do you understand? (Yes.) God is the subject Being. God created every creature upon this foundation of absolute love, absolute obedience and absolute faith. It was the same with Adam and Eve. They occupied the highest position. Therefore they had to follow the same commandments as God. That was God’s absolute love to enable them to become His love object partners. Their personalities had to be complete vacuums to become God’s absolute partners. God invested His absolute power all at one time. These three action categories should have been exercised. That was the content of Adam and Eve’s commandment. If someone tries to insist that Rev. Moon is too absolute with his teaching, you have to argue that it was God who originally created everything upon those criteria. The restoration providence starts from that point.

It starts from your own family, between husband and wife, parents and children, between families and other families, all the way up to tribes, nations and the world. If we all live up to this kind of standard don’t you think that we would have an ideal world here? Between your eyes and nose is there absolute trust or do they harbor some mistrust? (Absolute trust.) If your brain commands your eyes to do something they absolutely obey. Or do your eyes tell the brain that they need to think about it first. (Laughter.) Do you think that your eyes would say that? (No.) You are driving along and there is an obstacle ahead of you. Immediately your eyes will warn your mouth to shout out that it is dangerous to warn someone. But will your mouth refuse to do it? When your brain gives direction to the legs to walk, the left and right leg automatically take turns and move forward. Do you imagine that the legs would have to pay close attention to whose turn it was? No. It flows naturally. Absoluteness dwells in that naturalness.

God is like our brain of love. The love brain is God. True Parents are our horizontal true love brain. When the spiritual brain and the physical brain are waiting for a command, centering upon True Love, then every action is enjoyable. When you go to see your lover do you hesitate? (No.) You deny everything and go to see him or her. You husbands, have you thought about giving your absolute love, faith and obedience to your wives? (Yes.) What? (Laughter.) There is a limited amount of food, do you try to eat it for yourself or give it to your wife first? (Wife.) (Laughter.) After you give your answer you laugh. Therefore the answer is not a truthful one.

Remember, unification only comes on the basis of these three criteria: absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. Father’s life is based upon absolute faith and so no one can influence or sway Father. Even during his incarceration because Father had absolute faith, something else was to be provided through this kind of trial.

Because of Danbury, Father realized even more deeply what kind of misery America was going through and how difficult America is. Therefore, Father shed many tears. Father saw one young man, what kind of environment he passed through and what kind of influence he left behind him. All kinds of stories came up. Through that experience, Father truly understood what America was all about. Father got even stronger in his determination to change this kingdom of hell into the Kingdom of God on earth. (Applause.)…..

Father’s conclusion of his message is that we must go beyond this absolute standard which God has given to Adam’s family when He created them. We have to shoot for the goal of reaching beyond this level. Then we can build the Kingdom of God on earth as well as in heaven. In order to reach that goal we have to be in tears so many times. We have to be able to make God cry. Had Adam and Eve not fallen but had completed themselves, don’t you think that God would have come down and embraced them in tears? Endless tears of joy. God is waiting for the day that He will meet you in such a situation. When Father joins the spiritual world, will God come down from His throne and give Father a hug or will Father have to run and give a hug to God? They will hug and kiss in tears of happiness. That is the goal as a son of God. It is that serious. Father’s goal is there and according to this goal everything is being adjusted. Whatever problem you may encounter in your life, always your standard and your solution should come from God’s point of view. If you always refer to God’s point of view then your conscience will automatically tell you what will make God happy and what will make God sad. If there is a right direction, then no matter what obstacle is in the way, you have to go with it. Do you understand?

Father’s life has proved this. Because of this absolute faith and conviction Father has been able to do so many great things. Do you understand? (Yes.) We have to go through this worldwide level. This is the restoration through heart. Those who have absolute conviction and make a pledge today to God and Father that you will become such a son, such a daughter and build such families for you to be proud of and build the Kingdom of God on earth with you, please raise your hands. This should come naturally through exercising True Love. Even without thinking this should come automatically and naturally. God Bless you. (Applause.)
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