Teach Your Children to be People Who Know God

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 2256

What constitutes a wonderful and good husband or wife? The quality of seeing the spouse as absolute in the place of God and in the place of the True Parents. Such a husband and such a wife together constitute the true couple. Children who are born into the family where God is seen as absolute, parents are seen as absolute, and the conjugal relationship is seen as absolute, must themselves be seen as absolute. This is what is referred to in the Unification Church as the ideal of the four-position foundation. (147-231, 1986.9.28)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1044

What is the main idea of the Unification Church? It is to live for the sake of others. God exists for the sake of His objects of love. When we live for others in the same way, we can live for the sake of the world, even if the entire race opposes us. Knowing this, the Unification Church carries on. (77-302, 1975.4.25)



Parental Love

3. Educating Children in Their Parents’ Tradition

Bequeath to your children a good tradition that they will continue to follow throughout their lives. (71:19, March 24, 1974)

Parents usually tell their children, “You should become this or that kind of person, and you should do this or that kind of work.” But it is far better to tell them, “You should be a person who knows God.” (11:308, March 5, 1962)

The family is the school of love; it is the most important school in life. The family is where children cultivate the depth and breadth of their heart (shimjung) by receiving an education in love and emotion that only parents can provide. This becomes the foundation stone for building the children’s character. The family is also the school teaching virtues, norms and manners. It is the way of Heaven that academic education, physical education and technical education should be given on the foundation of this primary education of heart and norm.
    Parents should be true parents, showering their children with true love. At the same time they should also be true teachers, properly educating their children in heart and moral norms. Though some parents may not be aware their role as teachers, their children still learn from them by imitation. The role of parents is that important. Children develop their character of love and their spiritual nature when they are nurtured by their parents’ true love and when they emulate their parents’ lives of love. (271:80-81, August 22, 1995)

A father should be his child’s best friend. When he comes home, his child should run to him, even if he was playing with a friend. A father should become his child’s best teacher. And he should be the center of heart. (57:282, June 4, 1972)

As parents you should set the right example by your devoted service to God’s Will, and in your daily life of faith and service… By doing so, you are raising children who will respect their parents and not talk back to them, and who will honor their parents by obeying whatever you ask them to do. (31:268, June 4, 1970)

Even a father who lives a life of crime does not tell his children, “I am a robber and a murderer, and you should follow in my footsteps.” No, however evil they may be, parents do not teach their children to be evil. When parents say to their children, “At least you should not be bad,” it implies that they themselves were bad; when they say, “At least you should do well,” it means they themselves did not do well.
    It is right that parents invest everything completely for their children; that way they can leave a legacy behind. This is an age-old principle of education. It would be even better if the parents left such an excellent legacy that it should be bequeathed to the society and to the world. If parents act like that, no one will say they are bad parents.
    A while ago, I read that some parents left their children in an orphanage to travel around the world. That kind of neglect causes children to become bad. If the parents are always with their children, watching over them and correcting them, they will not become bad. (36:73, November 15, 1970)

Do you want to be blessed? Do you want to live eternally? Then, you should become a public person. When educating your children, do not love them only as your own children. Love them with the heart to offer them for the people of the world. When nursing your child in your bosom, consider yourself the representative of all mothers on this planet earth, and regard your baby as the representative of all humankind. Do not nurse your baby with the heart to love only your child. Rather, be a mother who loves other babies as if they were also yours. Babies nourished with the milk of such a mother will definitely become great people. And if your children do not attain such greatness, it will be a descendant one or two generations later who turns out to be someone who can lead the world. This is a formula. (31:168, 700524)

When you die, there are three things you should leave behind: First, that you lived by the path of the Principle, following God’s Will. Second, that you raised good offspring. Third, that you imparted education to your children that will enable them to achieve greatness in the world. (101:200, October 30, 1978)

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