Unless We Can Restore a Strong Moral Fiber, America Will Have No Hope

Peaceful families create a peaceful world.
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Cheon Seong Gyeong 2067

Having done so, we should mobilize all the professors connected to this tong ban breakthrough activity… by the way, there’s no difficulty in obtaining information about their hometowns or other information is there? We should choose one hundred hometown schools to use as bases upon which to assign these professors, and then invite the Home Church leaders to come. The professors may even buy them dinner. Unless we form an organization in such a way and carry out the tong ban breakthrough activities in the districts, townships, local communities and home neighborhoods, in order to stop the communists, we will face the substantial problem of being swallowed by the communists. (187-21, 1989.2.7)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 706

What way should you go? First you are recognized by family members in the satanic world, then by me. After that, you go to God in the spirit world. That is the way to go, by the way of the law. Going that way is the right direction. If there are any conditions for accusation, they will join forces to accuse you in the flesh. It will be a judgment of substance. Will lies work in that situation? Doing something unwillingly is like not doing it at all. If you do it thinking of God and Father, their essence will be embedded inside your shell, like a fully mature chestnut embedded inside the burr. When you think of God and me dwelling in your heart, my words and God’s Word will become your core.


Family as the Cornerstone of Society

1. Healthy Families Make for a Strong Nation

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

The strongest foundation for the unity of humanity is the universal and essential love generated through the ideal of the true family. (330:252, August 18, 2000)

Family education determines the future destiny of the entire nation. When there are many families living by the principle of public service, the nation will flourish; when there are many families living with a private standard, the nation will perish. (31:243, June 4, 1970)

Unrest among today’s youth has created problems throughout the world.1 The cause of this unrest almost always has to do with emotional issues that result from not having sound parents and brothers and sisters, and from unhealthy man-woman relationships. Considering this fact, where do we look for the clue to correct these destructive problems? It is in the family. (23:13, May 11, 1969)

All juvenile problems originate in the family. Most of these children have parents, but the parents’ heart is not deeply implanted in their children’s hearts. In other words, these children did not experience parental love down to their bones. The generation gap arose from that point. (25:60, September 28, 1969)

The most serious problem besetting humankind is the destruction of family values due to immorality and moral decadence. Moral decadence is truly the original sin that pushes people into the abyss of suffering and despair. Whether the world of the future will resemble heaven or hell will be determined by whether we can establish a moral code that sustains the purity of the family and protects family values. (288:140, November 26, 1997)

America is bound to decline, like Rome in ancient times. Rome was not defeated by foreign invasions. It perished from within, after moral corruption undermined the people’s values of love and family. Today America is vulnerable for the same reason. It is declining from within; it will not continue for long. Despite its developed civilization, America is beset by confusion over sex. The developing countries are too; [they take their lead from America.] Unless we can restore discipline and a strong moral fiber, America and the world will have no hope for a better future. (118:296, June 20, 1982)

Richard:  Everyone needs to attend the Peaceful Families; Peaceful World workshop, November 25 to November 27, in Harpers Ferry, and online.  The workshop is exactly about “Unless we can restore discipline and a strong moral fiber, America and the world will have no hope for a better future.”


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