The President Would Do Better if He Lived in a Flimsy Mud Hut

Strengthening Families and Communities Forum:
#118-Jamal Johnson-He Who Controls the Narrative Controls Society

Cheon Seong Gyeong 2220

As national representatives responsible for the world, you are to achieve unity with America, which has its responsibilities as the nation representing the world. You have to become perfect Cains before me as people who represent the nation and the world. You cannot have your own individual concepts about that. Realize that at this exceptional time, you need to stand resolved to represent world history, to become the representative Cains of all Cains, and to cause the archangels to be ashamed because you have surpassed their conditions of atonement as you become like Heaven’s loyal archangels. (88-143, 1976.8.10)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1500

Parental love is absolutely necessary for the children. Conjugal love is absolutely necessary between a husband and wife. The sibling love between brothers and sisters, and filial piety toward parents, are also absolutely necessary in a family. (Blessed Family – 915)


Government for the People

2. Consideration for the Poor

Teachings of True Father Sun Myung Moon

A leader who, when he sees miserable people living on the street, feels shocked and finds himself sobbing, unable to control his body as he grabs on to a utility pole for balance—such a leader will naturally develop. (160:197, May 12, 1969)

Rather than building a lavish presidential palace, the president would do better if he lived in a flimsy mud hut that will hardly last until the end of his term before it must be torn down, and instead invested the nation’s revenues for the next generation. His country would prosper, and he would be known as a leader who lives for his people.
    And yet, God lives for the sake of humankind even more than that. (382:149-50, June 21, 2002)

Living for the self ends with the self, but living for others continues forever. Therefore, for goodness to continue, you should live for your counterpart—the greater whole. This is particularly the case when you are in a position of leadership. Hence, anyone who aspires to become a world-level figure should live for the sake of the world. If he practices this, he may even become a world leader. On the other hand, a world leader who tramples upon those beneath him cannot remain. A world leader should be a leader who lights up the world. (57:63, May 28, 1972)

In the future, politics will be mainly a matter of good management. There will be no place for politicians to manipulate policies for unrighteous ends, as all people follow the Principle way and live for the sake of peace. The government will provide an exemplary model of management that serves to benefit the entire people.
    The function of government will be to help people with economic difficulties and provide a way for everyone to eat and live. People will be categorized into three levels according to their standard of living—top, middle and bottom—and the average standard of living will be determined. Then the government will set up an administrative mechanism to equalize people’s living standards to the middle level…
    This administrative mechanism will incorporate the ethics of a single household planning the family budget, in which everyone takes responsibility for each other. Family members who are spending too much try to lower their expenses, while those in need receive more, in order that everyone in the family is at an equal level in the middle.14 Likewise in society, those who are blessed with more will contribute to lift up others. (324:253-54, June 24, 2000)

Today, the industrialized North must reach out to help liberate the South from pervasive impoverishment. The developed nations must lend a helping hand to the support the development of the developing countries and the new democracies. Each nation’s attitude must be changed from a selfish one to an unselfish one. That in itself will be a revolution. Nations can do this when their leaders think of themselves in the role of parents. From that perspective, nations will regard each other as brother and sister nations. Then a fresh new vision will emerge and new opportunities will open up before of us. (219:120, August 28, 1991)

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