Cheon Seong Gyeon 1355

Individual restoration precedes family restoration. After achieving individual victory, we enter the stage of Abel families. Whether husband or wife, all of you are Abels in your family and so from there you must become tribal messiahs. As this mission can only be undertaken by families, I have entrusted it to the 430 Couples. You do not understand this at all, do you? What do I mean when I say that the 430 Couples are tribal messiahs? This is logically inevitable. These words apply to everyone. (39-119, 1971.1.10)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1929

If the things I have presented come into effect, I will create a new UN, the Abel-type UN. That is why I have created such things as the Federation of Island Nations, the Federation for Peninsular Nations, and the Federation for Continental Nations. (288-204, 1997.11.28)

Original Substance of the Divine Principle

Principle of Creation

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