If You Live for Your Partner, You Will Help Your Partner Complete Themself

Cheon Seong Gyeong 2189

Filial children must always unite with their parents’ heart and direction. People going the way of filial piety are not those who behave in a way far different from their parents. If the parents go east, then the children should go east. If the parents go west, then they should go west. If the parents have given a certain direction, but suddenly make an aboutface, then the filial child must follow them. There should be no dissent from this. If you follow your parents when they leave home, and each time they order you to turn back and go home, you should turn to go back but then do an about-face and follow them anyway, even if this happens ten times.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1243

If you were so poor you had nothing to eat or wear, would you forget about your duties and sell the Blessing you had received from God? Would you? God’s Blessing is something that cannot be exchanged even for heaven and earth. (14-161, 1964.9)
Richard: Learn more about the Blessing here.

Principle of Creation

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