World Peace Starts with God-Centered Families

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 1567

We have entered an era when we can come together in harmony through love with no need for indemnification because, after the restoration of the right of the eldest son, it is embraced in the bosom of the parents. War and struggle to restore the right of the eldest son are no longer necessary in the realm of parental love. In order to initiate this, the Ceremony of the Settlement of the Eight Stages must be performed. Through this ceremony, the children in the positions of the first and second sons can be forgiven by those in the position of the parents, and we can enter the next era of forgiveness of parents. (193-173, 1989.10.3)
Richard: Notice that this is not the age for war. We should not fund a war in Ukraine. Think of the tens of thousands of young people on both sides who have been killed. Why is there no effort to end this conflict, no negotiations? All the money being poured out there should be used to build a godly movement for peace. See here and use ‘Ctrl F’ to search for “ploughshares”

Cheon Seong Gyeong 742

   If you keep pace with the Unification Church by way of the principled standard, good spirits and ancestors in the spirit world who used to cooperate with the national fortune will work for you. Externally, you may appear unlucky with a flat face and small ears, but the spirit world sees you as a lucky child. Your ancestors within ten generations are anxious because the history of restoration is realized based on ten generations. Yet when an evil descendant appears, ancestors within ten generations judge him by saying, “Hey you! You are going to ruin us!”
    For this reason, those who have good ancestors will be actively supported by them. You all are standing in such a position. The spirit world will be eternally happy if you, who are in such a position, fight with excitement and style and win every battle wherever you go. Various evil spirits will fall back with surprise even before they show up. So these ancestors will attend you like a king.
    We must prepare a victorious foundation before God’s will with the heart that refuses to defile God’s tradition and dignity. You must pray about what kind of tradition you will establish. Now is a blessed time. (14-19, 1964.4.19)

True Family Gateway to Heaven
Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Chapter Two

The Family Is the Model for the
Kingdom of Heaven

Section 8. The Family Is the Final Standard for
Completing the Cosmos-centered Ideology

Everything divides from one into many, which eventually merge
into a larger whole. In other words, one divides into many and
then unites again into one. From here it divides again and
becomes something even larger. Families exist within this larger
created object. These families all have the same form as each
other. The family is the place where the relationship of husband
and wife is established and the place that unites the husband and
wife. The tribe is a place that unites families, and the race is a place
that unites clans. Races combine to form one nation. Here families
play the central role. (26-189, 1969.10.25)
When the family is expanded, it becomes the horizontal world.
This is why no society can manage without the family. If families
cannot be restored, the world cannot be restored. Next we must
realize the cosmos-centered ideal through these families. The
word cosmos combines heaven and earth. Heaven and earth are
like a person’s mind and body. The mind and body must become
one. Just as a subject partner needs an object partner, one man
needs one woman. The union of a man and a woman leads to a
family. God’s foundation of love will not be attained without
working through this family. (26-189, 1969.10.25)
The cosmos-centered ideology is a philosophy that unites the
mind and body forming a family as the main body of love, and
connects that idea to the spirit world and physical world. The
character ju of cheon ju (cosmos) means a house. This is why we
are using the word cosmos-centered ideology. Cosmos combines
the spirit world and the physical world. What relationship does it
have with us? We need a family. If you fail to be at one in your
family, you have nothing to do with the cosmos-centered
ideology. The family serves as the final standard for completing
the cosmos-centered ideology. Those who cannot sing songs of
peace and sing praise for happiness here will become miserable
people either on this earth or in the spirit world. (26-189,

We Need a New Truth Rooted in the Entire Range of History

Cheon Seong Gyeong 2382

I sacrificed my life with blood and
sweat to bring you to this level. I gave
away my body as a ransom. Therefore,
you must do as I do. I want to boast
about our members. Let us make a pub-
lic promise. (11-164, 1961.7.20)

Richard: True Father, Rev. Sun Myung Moon went through six or seven life and death experiences in order to bring us the New Truth and make the successful foundation for the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth (Cheon Il Guk)l.

Cheong Seong Gyeong 734

The Unification Church allows the
honoring of ancestors. Did Christianity
allow you to perform a memorial ser-
vice for the repose of your ancestors?
The Unification Church should carry on
and establish this tradition. This is not a
secular tradition. This becomes the roy-
al domain for eternally serving the tra-
ditional blood relatives in the realm of
tribal messiahs who are succeeding in
the genealogical generations by serving
the heavenly Parent, the heavenly king-
dom and the heavenly ancestors. It will
be a nation where we can attend the king
and sing praises for the eternal reign of
peace. Do you understand? You, your
mother, father, family and tribe can go
directly to heaven only after having lived
in such a nation. (220-221, 1991.10.19)

Inside God’s Stadium

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
August 9, 1959

1 Corinthians 9: 14-27

If you sense that you are a racer running throughout the rest of your life and desire to be a winner, you will have to find a historical religion. You will have to find a religion of this period and a religion of the future. These are the only religions which people can believe in and never despair.

Although there have been many religious people in the past, their life span could not surpass a century. Based on this, it is clear that God has been working in the background without people’s being aware of it. God began His providence from the day human beings fell and will continue even in the future. If there is a religion which can represent God’s providential work, what kind of religion would it be? It is a religion which has made a contribution in history and which has a relationship with the beginnings of human history. It must be a religion which discusses the origins of good and evil and which can embrace all aspects of history found in human life. It must have the ability to decide the outcome of the battle in the final destination of the future. From this perspective, Christianity today is problematic.

If we are to receive God’s award, it cannot be just because we have been recognized in this age. Many racers of the past dwell in the next world. Countless people who raced on the race track of God’s providence now reside there. Some of them died on the race track, and they have a myriad of stories to tell. If you are qualified to receive an award on behalf of all those people of the past, then you have to have won a victory that no ancestor of the past was able to achieve. You must also have established some condition of victory which can be recognized by the people of this age. The people of the future must also be able to recognize your accomplishments. Only such a person can be awarded by God. Isn’t this true? This is the reason we believe in God. We are racing on the course of our life. We are racing toward the ultimate destination of the Last Days.

What kind of being is God whom we believe in? He is an historical God. He is the God of this age as well as the God of the future. The purpose that God set is also the historical purpose, the purpose of the present, and the purpose of the future.

If this is the nature of the God we believe in and the hope that we cherish in our hearts, we should understand and believe in God as the God of the past, the present and the future. Only then would God be happy when He gives us an award. You have to reach the point where you understand the heart of God who is giving you the award.

Many religions survived for several hundred or several thousand years, during which time they were slowly pushed aside by the trends of thought of each age. Although Christianity has been around for several thousand years, now they have to make another breakthrough for the one time in the future. If there is some race course of God which originates from the deepest part of God, that course must be of the past, the present and the future. For this reason, we should have knowledge of it. If there is a new truth emerging in this age, that truth cannot be limited to this age. You young people should understand this clearly. The truth cannot be limited to an age. Any teaching or idea will fade away if it is limited to an era. What we need is a new truth, a new ideology which is rooted in the entire range of history and which can transcend the philosophical trends of this age.

Our Ancestors Set a Foundation of Shim Jung

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 1836

The young, courageous soldiers of
the Unification Church must someday
experience the adventure of sailing on
fishing boats that go far out to sea. I
believe that experience in the marine
products industry is great training. You
must do it because I am asking it of you.
Even a graduate from Tokyo University
cannot shirk his responsibility. (192-159,

Richard:  It’s good for youth to have real world training, like working on the sea or participating in martial arts.

On earth, there are racial discrimi-
nation, cultural clashes and other con-
tentious issues. In spite of life’s frictions,
people want to maintain their assertions
and values, which do not pass away but
live on vividly when they go to the spirit
world. (187-285, 1989.2.12)

Richard:  Your thoughts, habits and proclivities will continue when you go to spirit world.  We should take care of any issues that we have (and we all do) while we are on earth.

Oh, Where Shall I Go?

Sun Myung Moon
January 18, 1959

Matthew 7

The course of restoration speaks. The sorrowful history began in Adam’s family, and the ancestors who served the providence of restoration went through a woeful course. With Noah, Abraham and even Jesus going through a complicated history of misfortune, the misfortune of history has been sweeping the world.

Jesus represented Heaven, humankind, history, the age and the future to prevent such a historical misfortune. We know too well, however, that since Jesus could not complete the victorious condition to eradicate this historical misfortune and left with the promise of the day of hope, the history of sorrow has continued until now.

Where am I going today? You should go beyond the Shim Jung of Adam, beyond that of Noah, Abraham and Moses. You should go beyond the Shim Jung of any prophet or individual, including John the Baptist and Jesus. We also should go beyond the woeful Shim Jung of the Christians who were killed and martyred in the historical course of the 2,000 years from Jesus until now. We are the substantial fruit representing all this. Heaven will ask you what heartistic foundation you have to respond to the historical connection of Shim Jung. Continue reading “Our Ancestors Set a Foundation of Shim Jung”