Neither Will They be Convinced if Someone Should Rise From the Dead

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Cheong Seong Gyeong 2450

What do we mean when we refer to
the ideal family of the original creation?
The ideal family of the original creation
is made up of the Heavenly Father-King,
the king of the spiritual kingdom and
the king of the earthly kingdom; in oth-
er words the king of heaven and the king
of the earth. That is why you are princes.
What is the ideal family? The past rep-
resents God, the earth represents the
present, and the children are the princ-
es of the future. So the Cheon Bu Wang,
the Heavenly Father-King stands in the
place of God; the Earthly Father-King
and Mother-Queen stand in the place
of the father and the mother; and the
children stand in the place of the princ-
es, that is, the place of sons and daugh-
ters. So looking at the three generations
as one family, the grandparents repre-
sent God, the earthly father-king and
the earthly mother-queen represent the
parents; and their sons and daughters
become princes and princesses. Thus,
each of these three generations is repre-
sentatives of kingship. If we talk about
the grandparents we are talking about
the past, if we talk about the parents,
we are talking about the present, and if
we talk about the children, we are talk-
ing about the future. When these are all
linked together, the past, the present and
the future are all connected in them. (219-
244, 1991.9.8)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1083

Health is the most important thing.
Even if you are sick with a cold, you
should have healthy feelings. It is impor-
tant to practice having a facial expres-
sion that betrays nothing to other peo-
ple. Even if you have a cold, you should
not look sick or appear worried when
you are facing some difficulties. When a
man looks worried, you should ask what
is wrong and comfort him, always with
a happy expression. (131-283, 1984.5.3)


2. Warnings about Hell

Rivalry in worldly increase distracts you
Until you visit the graves.
Nay, but you will come to know!
Again, you will come to know!
Would that you knew now with certainty of
For you will behold hell-fire;
Indeed, you will behold it with sure vision.
Then, on that day, you will be asked
concerning pleasure.
    Qur’an 102

There was a rich man, who was clothed in pur-
ple and fine linen and who feasted sumptuously
every day. And at his gate lay a poor man named
Lazarus, full of sores, who desired to be fed with
what fell from the rich man’s table; moreover
the dogs came and licked his sores. The poor
man died and was carried by the angels to
Abraham’s bosom. The rich man also died and
was buried; and in Hades, being in torment,
he lifted up his eyes, and saw Abraham far off
and Lazarus in his bosom. And he called out,
“Father Abraham, have mercy upon me, and
send Lazarus to dip the end of his finger in water
and cool my tongue; for I am in anguish in this
flame.” But Abraham said, “Son, remember that
you in your lifetime received your good things,
and Lazarus in like manner evil things; but now
he is comforted here, and you are in anguish.
And besides all this, between us and you a great
chasm has been fixed, in order that those who
would pass from here to you may not be able,
and none may cross from there to us.”
    And he said, “Then I beg you, father, to send
him to my father’s house, for I have five brothers,
so that he may warn them, lest they also come
into this place of torment.” But Abraham said,
“They have Moses and the prophets; let them
hear them.” And he said, “No, father Abraham;
but if some one goes to them from the dead,
they will repent.” He said to him, “If they do
not hear Moses and the prophets, neither will
they be convinced if someone should rise from
the dead.”
    Luke 16.19-31

In the garden of the city of Sieu-Shui-Siuen,
there once lived a man by the name of Fan Ki,
who led a wicked life. He induced men to stir up
quarrels and lawsuits with each other, to seize
by violence what did not belong to them, and
to dishonor other men’s wives and daughters.
When he could not succeed easily in carrying
out his evil purposes, he made use of the most
odious stratagems.
    One day he died suddenly, but came back to
life twenty-four hours afterward and bade his wife
gather together their relatives and neighbors.
When all were assembled he told them that he
had seen the king of the dark realm who said
to him, “Here the dead receive punishment for
their deeds of evil. The living know not the lot
that is reserved for them. They must be thrown
into a bed of coals whose heat is in proportion to
the extent of their crimes and to the harm they
have done their fellows.”
    The assembled company listened to this
report as to the words of a feverish patient; they
were incredulous and refused to believe the story.
But Fan Ki had filled the measure of crime, and
Yama, the king of hell, had decided to make an
example of him so as to frighten men from their
evil ways. At Yama’s command Fan Ki took a
knife and mutilated himself, saying, “This is my
punishment for inciting men to dissolute lives.”
He put out both his eyes, saying, “This is my
punishment for having looked with anger at my
parents, and at the wives and daughters of other
men with lust in my heart.” He cut off his right
hand, saying, “This is my punishment for having
killed a great number of animals.” He cut open
his body and plucked out his heart, saying, “This
is my punishment for causing others to die under
tortures.” And last of all he cut out his tongue to
punish himself for lying and slandering.
    The rumor of these occurrences spread afar,
and people came from every direction to see the
mangled body of the unhappy man. His wife and
children were overcome with grief and shame,
and closed the door to keep out the curious
crowd. But Fan Ki, still living by the ordeal of
Yama, said in inarticulate sounds, “I have but
executed the commands of the king of hell, who
wants my punishment to serve as a warning to
others. What right have you to prevent them
from seeing me?”
    For six days the wicked man rolled upon the
ground in the most horrible agonies, and at the
end of that time he died.
    Treatise on Response and Retribution (Taoism)

Hell Is a Place Where Everyone Is Totally Self-Centered

Urban Life Training Newsletter-10-29-20

WV Elections 2020 Candidate Interviews

The Richard Urban Show:
#65-Freedom vs. Opression: Trump Vs. Biden
#64-Who Can be Trusted on Character, President Trump or Joe Biden?-Hunter Biden’s Self Enrichment

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1 Peter 4

Dear friends, don’t be surprised or shocked that you are going through testing that is like walking through fire. 13 Be glad for the chance to suffer as Christ suffered. It will prepare you for even greater happiness when he makes his glorious return.

Ezekiel 22

17 The Lord said:

18 Ezekiel, son of man, I consider the people of Israel as worthless as the leftover metal in a furnace after silver has been purified. 19 So I am going to bring them together in Jerusalem. 20-21 I will be like a metalworker who collects that metal from the furnace and melts it down. I will collect the Israelites and blow on them with my fiery anger. They will melt inside the city of Jerusalem 22 like silver in a furnace. Then they will know that I, the Lord, have punished them in my anger.


  1. Torments of Hell

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Hell is a place where everyone is totally self-centered, each insisting that he or she is the best and highest. With that attitude, they argue and fight continually. (360:185, November 16, 2001)
Hell is the realm of Satan’s love. Satan adores only hatred, jealousy, division and destruction. That is why only these things fill Satan’s realm. These characteristics of Satan manifest as wars. (214:282, February 3, 1991)
Hell is full of people who are proud of their power, their money and themselves. A person’s original mind desires to love and be loved, and to pursue goodness. The people living in hell do just the opposite, and face continual conflict. Yet being in hell does not remove the human desire to be loved. Actually, the yearning for love is felt even more strongly. (102:160, December 17, 1978)
What, then, will you do in the afterlife? Will you eat? Yes, you will eat. But it should be centered on love. Those who do not have love cannot open their mouths, no matter how much they try. That is the law. If you love only yourself and not the whole, you may try to eat, but your mouth will not open. If you try to eat with chopsticks, the chopsticks will swerve sharply to the right or the left. It is a miserable existence. In the spirit world, anything is possible with love, but only with love. Otherwise, nothing is possible. (207:94-95, November 1, 1990)
In the spirit world, most people dwell in various levels of hell. How did they end up living there? Some failed to practice filial piety as befits good sons and daughters. Some had the mission of patriots yet did not fulfill their mission and live for the sake of their country. Some were chosen to become saints and live for the sake of the world, but they did not attune themselves to that rhythm and hence failed to reach that level. (147:183-84, September 21, 1986)
The accusations we could face in the spirit world are far more fearful than the severest persecution on earth. Because I know that earthly persecution, no matter how heavy, is easier to endure than the accusations in the spirit world, I am clear about the path I should go. (189:247, April 9, 1989)
Heaven is a world of light, and hell is a world of darkness. You may have enjoyed your earthly life, but once you arrive in hell the darkness will quickly overcome you. It is like drinking: for awhile you are in high spirits, but later you feel regret as your conscience tells you it was the wrong thing to do. It will also ask, “Where are you going?” People who suffer continually from pangs of conscience belong to the world of darkness. If only their conscience were pleased with them; then they would display the original nature within themselves to relate to the world of light. (400:104, December 28, 2002)
This world is in chaos. How about the spirit world? The same confused people live there; therefore, the spirit world must likewise be in chaos. It is logical. A thief with a criminal record cannot just drop his bad habits when he crosses over to the spirit world. There too he would be a thief, wanting to own things without making effort to earn them. People like him are unable to fit in with heaven, so they went off and formed the realms of hell. God did not create hell. Human beings formed hell. Do people design their new house to be a garbage dump? No! They build a nice house, but after living in it for a while it becomes like a garbage dump. Hell is like that. (148:28, October 4, 1986)
Many people on earth think that there are only two different places: heaven and hell. But in reality there are many different levels, from very evil places to very good places. Heaven is a place of com-fort, but life in any of the levels below heaven is difficult and uncomfortable because the people fight each other continually, everyone insisting on their own opinion. Each region is filled with people who are of the same type, so after awhile living there becomes tedious.
    For example, people who on earth were accustomed to stealing things dwell in a region of the spirit world where people are always suspicious, thinking that everyone around them is looking to steal from them. Their lives are forever filled with distrust and anxiety. Likewise, people who on earth were accustomed to fighting live in a region where fighting goes on continually…
    If you descend further into the lower regions, you come to regions of hell that are suffocating, dark and scary. They smell horribly, worse than the smell of rotten meat or fish. Deformed figures appear in front of you, biting each other, yelling at each other with hate-filled voices. There is a region filled with burning holes, and in each one a wrathful person is held fast. The worst regions are reserved for those who were sexually corrupt or who committed suicide. They seem to be filled with snakes, but on close examination each snake is an ugly deformed human being slithering about. People living on the earth do not realize how frightening the regions of hell really are. They would not be able to stand it even for a minute…
    From the Kingdom of Heaven to hell, the various regions of the spirit world have colors of differing hues. The Kingdom of Heaven is a bright realm, transparent and white. It is without any stain, clean like flawless white jade. But as we descend the colors become darker and darker and dirtier—first beige, then darker shades of purple. Descending to still lower regions the color becomes brown, then gray, dark gray, black, and pitch black. The more sins committed, the darker the color. Also, spirits who committed many sins with a certain part of their body show dirtier and darker colors on that part. (Heung Jin Moon, Message from the Spirit World, January 1, 2002)
People who denied God on earth are more pitiful than people who starve to death. Those who died of hunger may, depending on their merit, be granted a certain standing in the other world. But atheists have no standing because they deny the spirit world exists. They become wandering spirits, wandering about the spirit world like clouds. Just as clouds gather and produce rain, they gather and create evil influence. They dwell in hell and inflict pains there. (205:355, October 2, 1990


Some of the Sinful Are Cut With Saws

WV Elections 2020 Candidate Interviews

The Richard Urban Show:
#64-Who Can be Trusted on Character, President Trump or Joe Biden?-Hunter Biden’s Self Enrichment
#65-Freedom vs. Opression: Trump Vs. Biden

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 578

We are headed for a certain destina-
tion whether we know it or not, even as
we move and even as we rest. Not just
you, but this nation, this world and even
heaven and earth are headed there as
well. This is an undeniable fact.
Where will you go after this life?
This is an important issue that people
must resolve. Religions and philosophies
arose historically to do this. You, there-
fore, cannot deny that you, too, are all
caught up and driven by this destiny.
That being always the case, where
are our bodies and minds trying to go?
Further, where are our lives inclined
towards and where are our hearts try-
ing to go? Our wishes, hopes, and ide-
als…Where are they trying to go? Even
if we cannot resolve these issues, we are
destined to go in any case.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1915

The era of the Pacific civilization is
coming, because Western Civilization
and oriental civilization must recover
the lost body of the father. Jesus came as
the father, but the body of that father was
killed. We must recover this body and
make it one with the legacy of spiritual
salvation within the sphere of Christi-
anity. That is why the Lord comes to the
East. Centering on the coming Lord, the
Korean peninsula is like Italy. Until now,
Italy has never been destroyed. For over
two thousand years, it has survived as
a powerful nation. That is because Italy
is a counterpart nation for the coming
Lord. Based on that standard, the Lord
returns to the Pacific era, centering on
this Korean peninsula; but it is the Pacif-
ic Ocean era rather than the Mediterra-
nean Sea era. He returns to the vast envi-
ronment of Asia through the connection
of the Korean peninsula. If the Korean
peninsula is the male sexual organ, then
Japan is the female sexual organ. They
are bound to become one. The age of a
unified world comes when they are unit-
ed. That is why Korea is called the Adam
nation, and Japan the Eve nation. (251-147,


No one likes to thing that they or their loved  ones are destined for hell. yet it is a painful truth that most people live out their lives far away from the original standard of God’s love. the human condition is too often this: we allow our thoughts and desires to be captive to the will of the flesh; our mentality is continually self-seeking; we habitually ignore the promptings of conscience. We betray those we love and then run away from facing the consequences, as well as the truth about ourselves. having lived this way for seventy-plus years, is there any hope of fitting in to the crystal-clear society of heaven?
    What is hell? some traditions describe it as a place deep underground, with rivers of fire and sulfur. some say that hell is but a state of mind, yet as anyone knows who has experienced the pangs of intense loneliness, remorse, shame, guilt, or loss, such states of mind can be excruciatingly vivid. Furthermore, it is said that in the spirit world it will not be possible to avoid such feelings, as is usually done while in the body, through such devices as forgetting, rationalization, or losing oneself in sense-pleasures or drink. there is no respite from unpleasant feelings, which remain to torture the unfortunate soul continually. to describe such pain beyond comprehension, scriptures use concrete images: burning fire, boiling water, bitter cold, being crushed, hacked and dismembered, trampled, burned, and eaten alive.
    We conclude with several passages that hold out the possibility of rescue from hell. the eastern religions regard all states of hell as purgatories, designed to mete out punishments for a period of time, that evil karma might be burned up and the soul have a future opportunity to find the path. Father Moon teaches that God did not create hell; indeed its very existence is an affront to God’s goodness and a nail driven into his loving heart. if we have sufficient love, we will do whatever it takes to turn others away from hell. We will even, like Jesus who “harrowed hell” during his three days in the tomb or the Hindu hero Vipascit, rescue the people imprisoned in its dungeons. 
1. Torments of Hell
Hell, where their worm does not die, and the
fire is not quenched.
    Mark 9.47-48

As for the cowardly, the faithless, the polluted,
as for murderers, fornicators, sorcerers, idola-
ters, and all liars, their lot shall be in the lake
that burns with fire and sulfur, which is the sec-
ond death.
    Revelation 21.8

There is a stream of fire from which emerge
poisonous flames.
There is none else there except the self.
The waves of the ocean of fire are aflame
And the sinners are burning in them.
    Adi Granth, Maru Solahe, M.1, p. 1026 (Sikhism)

Hell is before him, and he is made to drink fes-
tering water, which he sips but can hardly swal-
low. Death comes to him from every side, yet he
cannot die—before him is a harsh doom.
    Qur’an 14.15-16

Hell will lurk in ambush
to receive home the arrogant,
who will linger there for ages.
They will taste nothing cool in it nor any drink
except hot bathwater and slops,
a fitting compensation
since they have never expected any reckoning
and have wittingly rejected Our signs.
Everything We have calculated in writing.
“So taste! Yet We shall only increase torment
for you!”
    Qur’an 78.21-30

Some of the sinful are cut with saws, like fire-
wood, and others, thrown flat on the ground,
are chopped into pieces with axes. Some, their
bodies half buried in a pit, are pierced in the
head with arrows. Others, fixed in the middle
of a press, are squeezed like sugarcane. Some
are surrounded close with blazing charcoal,
enwrapped with torches, and smelted like a lump
of ore. Some are plunged into heated butter, and
others into heated oil, and like a cake thrown
into the frying pan they are turned about. Some
are thrown in the path of huge maddened ele-
phants, and some with hands and feet bound
are placed head downwards. Some are thrown
into wells; some are hurled from heights; others,
plunged into pits full of worms, are eaten away
by them…
    Having experienced in due order the
torments below, he comes here again,
purified. 21
    Garuda Purana 3.49-71 (Hinduism)

Then the man of unwholesome deeds boils
in water infested with worms. He cannot stay
still—the boiling pots, round and smooth like
bowls, have no surfaces which he can get hold
of. Then he is in the jungle of sword blades,
limbs mangled and hacked, the tongue hauled
by hooks, the body beaten and slashed. Then
he is in Vetarani, a watery state difficult to
get through, with its two streams that cut like
razors. The poor beings fall into it, living out
their unwholesome deeds of the past. Gnawed
by hungry jackals, ravens and black dogs, and
speckled vultures and crows, the sufferers
groan. Such a state is experienced by the man
of unwholesome deeds. It is a state of absolute
suffering. So a sensible person in this world is as
energetic and mindful as he can be.
    Sutta Nipata 672-76 (Buddhism)

There men were dismembering one another,
cutting off each of their limbs, saying, “This
to you, this to me!” When asked about it, they
replied, “In this way they have treated us in the
other world, and in the same way we now treat
them in return.”
    Satapatha Brahmana 11.6.3 (Hinduism)

There are divers regions in the hollows on the
face of the globe everywhere, some of them
deeper and also wider than that which we
inhabit, others deeper and with a narrower
opening than ours, and some are shallower and
wider; all have numerous perforations, and pas-
sages broad and narrow in the interior of the
earth, connecting them with one another; and
there flows into and out of them, as into basins,
a vast tide of water, and huge subterranean
streams of perennial rivers, and springs hot and
cold, and a great fire, and great rivers of fire, and
streams of liquid mud, thin or thick… pour into
a vast region of fire, and form a lake larger than
the Mediterranean Sea, boiling with water and
mud; and proceeding muddy and turbid, and…
after making many coils about the earth plunge
into Tartarus…
    And when the dead arrive at the place to
which the genius of each severally conveys them,
first of all they have sentence passed upon them,
as they have lived well and piously or not… Those
who appear to be incurable by reason of the
greatness of their crimes—who have committed
many and terrible deeds of sacrilege, murders
foul and violent, or the like—they are hurled
into Tartarus, which is their suitable destiny,
and they never come out. Those again who have
committed crimes, which, although great, are
not unpardonable—who in a moment of anger,
for example, have done violence to a father or
mother, and have repented for the remainder of
their lives, or who have taken the life of another
under like extenuating circumstances—these
are plunged into Tartarus, the pains of which
they are compelled to undergo for a year, but at
the end of the year the wave casts them forth…
and they are borne to the Acherusian Lake, and
there they lift up their voices and call upon the
victims whom they have slain or wronged, to
have pity on them, and to receive them, and to
let them come out of the river into the lake. And
if they prevail, then they come forth and cease
from their troubles; but if not, they are carried
back again into Tartarus and from thence into
the rivers unceasingly, until they obtain mercy
from those whom they have wronged: for that
is the sentence inflicted upon them by their
    Plato, Phaedo (Hellenism)

The Heavenly Mind and the Human Mind Should Have Complemented Each Other

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1973

Britain is the Eve nation, America
is the Abel nation, and France is the
archangel nation. The mother should
embrace the son, searching for these
nations. Since what was lost has been
found in this way, following this pat-
tern, the father should be recovered.
We are searching for the Adam nation
because the Adam nation is the nation
of the coming Lord, and that is the Kore-
an peninsula.
Why the Korean peninsula? It is
like the Italian peninsula. That which
was lost centering on the Vatican must
be restored through indemnity. That
which was lost in the west centering
on the Italian peninsula must be found
in the east. For this reason, the Kore-
an peninsula becomes a global concern.
The Korean peninsula is the border-
line between death and life. The North
and South were divided between com-
munism and democracy, with Kim Il-
sung in the north and Sun Myung Moon
in the south. This is the reality. In the
north, don’t they call Kim Il-sung,
“Father”? Don’t people in the south call
me “Father” or “the True Parent”? Who
will liberate this situation? The presi-
dent cannot solve the problem. Thus, it
rests in my hands. (201-52, 1990.2.28)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 892

Let us think about balloons. If you
fill one with hydrogen, it slowly rises. It
rises but there is a limit. At first it would
seem to rise without end. But there is a
limit to how far it rises. It stops at the
place where it finds a balance with its
weight. It remains at the same level of
atmospheric pressure. It is the same in
the spirit world. Those who are greedy
go down. They are heavy. For that rea-
son, hell is where heavy things gather
and collide with one another. That is
how it is. (115-186, 1981.11.15)

I Am Relating with Two Worlds

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
September 20, 1959

Romans 7: 15-25

No matter how much happiness a person may enjoy on earth, there has not been even one person who lived in true joy and happiness of the heart. We can conclude that because we could not feel joy and happiness in our hearts, God or Heaven, who stands as subject partner to us and is guiding us, has not felt joy or happiness.

If we think that we are to live in this world for our own sake, that is a misunderstanding. We know clearly through our lives that our minds are pursuing some purpose and destination in life. Thus, we cannot deny that each of us is connected to a world of some purpose. For this reason we should understand that we do not live for our own goal or for our own sake, but for some other purpose. Hence, we are all both infinitely small and infinitely big. We know that we have traveled through history based on this relationship.

In our feelings, worldviews and lifestyles, there are complementary and contradictory aspects. We cannot ignore this reality. In other words, even in living for some purpose, there are contradictory and conflicting aspects as well as complementary ones. These phenomena are in society; they are in the trend of thought in the world, and some of these phenomena are in Heaven.

When we analyze Heavenly principles and worldviews, we cannot deny that some being exists who transcends our concepts and guides us in great detail. We do not feel this being through our concepts, and this being does not originate from within us.

We have to understand clearly that this position we stand in is not limited to one world but is connected to two worlds. The world that our minds desire and the world that our body desires, these two worlds, are unfolding within us. For this reason, while our minds desire joy and happiness based on some ideology, we cannot deny that there are pleasures and joys that we feel physically through the five senses of our bodies.

We commonly say that we have a mind. We say that we have a human mind. There is also a heavenly mind. The heavenly mind and the human mind should have complemented each other within us, guiding our lives based on heavenly law and order. Yet we have not established the order which can clarify the standard for our lives. The heavenly mind and the human mind cannot unite. This is the Fall and the source of our lament.

That which abandons the human mind and betrays Heaven or the good mind is commonly called the evil mind. When we reflect upon ourselves, we find that the heavenly mind enters through our minds, while the evil mind enters through our bodies. From ancient times all saints and holy men have mourned over the conflict they found themselves in. Because St. Paul also suffered in the midst of the chaotic battle between the laws of the mind and the laws of the body, he said, “I am a wretched man.” (Romans 7:24)

What kind of world have we been rejoicing in and what kind of world do we want to rejoice in? You probably cannot deny that this world is not a place where our minds and bodies can enjoy true happiness, a world which is in harmony with the truth in our hearts. You are struggling and agonizing in this environment. When we fathom this situation, we can conclude that even though the heavenly mind should rule the human mind, there has never been a moment when the heavenly mind was in complete oneness with our human mind and when it manifested itself and produced joy in our lives.

If there is a God, would He want to dwell in our minds only for a day? God wants to dwell in our minds for eternity. However, we find ourselves in the chaos of the battle between our minds and bodies. If we ask whether or not Heaven can dwell in such a mind, the answer is negative.

God is good. Goodness is eternal, unique, and unchanging. However, because we do not possess unchanging, unique and eternal principles of life, we cannot penetrate into the mind which is orientated toward goodness.

For this reason, even though God can work through our consciences, He cannot work through our views on life. Because God could not guide us with the universal truth, human history until now has remained in the realm of evil. Hence, this world cannot build an eternal relationship with the heavenly principles. This is why this world must be judged. People living in this world also must be judged.