The Question Is How Many People Can We Rescue from Satan on Earth?

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1677

Re-creation involves the creation of an environment with subject and object partners, followed by corresponding developments. This is how evolutionary theory should also develop; it cannot develop as it is. Subject and object partners must unite, be absorbed into something greater, and pass through the gates of love. According to this principle, to progress from the loveless amoeba to the human being thousands of levels need to be passed through, and these gates of love cannot be crossed just like that. (230- 68, 1992.4.19)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1918

In the future, the world civilization will most certainly return to Asia. The era of the Pacific civilization is approaching. Today, eminent scholars who study social science, as well as natural scientists who have any pretence to knowledge, predict that the era of the Pacific civilization will appear and set the trend of history. Why must it be that way? Shouldn’t I know the root cause? Haven’t I been teaching now for over forty years that the era of the Pacific civilization is coming? Nobody knows in which nation it will appear. I am the only one who knows. It is the man called Rev. Moon who knows all these things and believes that the Republic of Korea must take the lead. (207-281, 1990.11.11)

Cheon Seong Gyeong

Selections from the Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon
Book 2
True Parents
Chapter 6

True Parents and Us

Section 4. Grace and Self-Realization

4.7. We must carry out our responsibilities

    What do we have to do to go through the twelve pearly gates of the spirit world? The question is how many people can we rescue from Satan on earth and help to become heavenly citizens before we enter the spirit world. Continue reading “The Question Is How Many People Can We Rescue from Satan on Earth?”

There are No Races or Class Distinctions in Heaven

Cheon Seong Gyeong 667

The condition enabling you to go to heaven is to love God more than your own children. You must love the Lord more than your own spouse. You must love the Holy Spirit more than yourself. That’s the oneness of the Trinity. (10-99, 1960.7.17)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1351

    What is the Blessing? It is the securing of families. Centering on my family, the 3, 36, 72, and 124 Couples were blessed, and through these Blessings, the global indemnity condition could be fulfilled. Then the issue of the 430 Couples arises. Although the 124 Couples were established to represent the global standard of the Blessing, there are still many Koreans who do not believe in religion and so do not lead religious lives. Isn’t that so? God’s providence must take account of all existing religions, and indemnity conditions are necessary for their sakes. But what would happen to nonbelievers? They cannot just be cut off completely and cast away.
    Ultimately, the many races and clans must be equally engrafted to the realm of mainstream thought through religions. Although the way leading to the world has been paved and the gates through which religious people can pass have been opened, ordinary people had been excluded; they could not be admitted. Thus, the many ordinary tribes in Korea must be engrafted. That was the reason behind the establishment of the 430 Couples: they represent the 4,300 years of Korean history. (110-123, 1980.11.10)

Richard:  For me, this means that even if people do not understand the truth and receive salvation the way you would like them to, none the less, you still need to make effort to help them.  All of God’s people have this ministry and mission.



3. There Are No Races or Class Distinctions in Heaven

As men, we are all equal in the presence of death.
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God, You Can Say to Me ‘I Do Not Know You’

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 1908

The enterprise for the future will be the leisure industry. The age of technological industry is an age where people do not work, due to automated technology. Such a time will come. Even now, it is that way. A machine works once the person pushes a button. There will come a time when only three or four machines can produce, day and night, all the products in a factory where thousands of people used to work. Then what kind of industries will grow? It would be such things as the entertainment and fashion industries, both of which fall under the broader category of the industry of leisure. (191-73, 1989.6.24)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1240

The Blessing opens the gates of the Kingdom of Heaven. The Kingdom of Heaven is a place where only families with children enter. (12-266, 1963.5.25)

Arguing with God

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

When Moses faced the truth that the Israelites had fallen away, he did not immediately chastise them; instead, he appealed to God, blaming himself and his inadequacy. He went again up Mount Sinai and fasted for 40 days. He prayed, “Father, why can’t these people enter the Promised Land even when they see it before their eyes? Who is responsible for that? It is my responsibility.” He appealed to God to take him as an offering and turn aside from destroying his people. (1:144, July 1, 1956)

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God Rejoices When We Testify to Him with an Earnest Heart

Cheon Seong Gyeong 2104

The path of God, who has been paving the way of the tradition of love, is one full of suffering. We have to walk this path because we are to inherit the tradition God has been establishing. I don’t enjoy watching you suffer. You should keep in mind that God has been preparing with painful efforts and devotion to bless you unconditionally. Glory comes only when you receive the inheritance in that place. Isn’t this so? Glory comes only when you inherit from your enemy. God dwells there. Since it has been spread through the cross, it must be reaped by going the way of the cross again. You should know this. Since it was spread through suffering, it must be reaped through suffering. (150-209, 1961.2.15)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1224

As far as I know, there is no way you can unite mind and body when rising to a high position. If you rise to the top with a lofty mindset, there is no way to be united. You must be trampled on. Even in my case, God has been trampling on me with His feet for forty years now, so that I would not rise high. Since He’s been doing that, all my aspirations to rise were stirred up and I could unite with Him. You must be cursed at, trampled upon, and mistreated wherever you go, like Kim Sat-gat who roamed all over the Korean peninsula. But even in such circumstances you must discover yourself and be able to digest everything with joy. (144-255, 1986.4.25)


Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

By witnessing through the Divine Principle, we are carrying out a movement to revive love. [We are building] the world of heart, which transcends time and space. Our words and our prayers are ultimately for the sake of love. Let us realize the ideal of love—that is perfection. (33:69, August 8, 1970)

God rejoices when we testify to Him with an earnest heart. God desires to work through good people to save every human soul from the world of death. God would not withhold anything from people who understand this deep wish of Heaven—and who take it upon themselves to resolve the grief in God’s heart by shouldering the burden in God’s place, fighting to save people, and declaring God’s heart to the world. (8:259, January 17, 1960)

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I Send You Out as Sheep in the Midst of Wolves

Cheon Seong Gyeong 239

If I had known from the beginning that I would be the True Parent, it is reasonable to say that everyone would have known it. Rather, I was digging into the fundamental problem of human life without knowing it, and came all the way here as a result. As I was disentangling these complications, the liberation of True Parents took place and I came to know that God needs liberation. Since God was liberated through me, He cannot help but absolutely love me. What have you done after meeting True Parents? I am asking you, what have you accomplished? Until now, I have gone through the family, tribe, and race, organizing individuals, families, and tribes while being beaten up in the devil’s world. Our Blessed Families have organized a tribe. This is global. Now the satanic world cannot take them away and do as it pleases with them. Why? When they observe closely, our way of life is very good. Today Eastern and Western people fight, and even if they do get together, they divorce after a short time. In contrast, our Blessed Families are living together well after ten years, twenty years, or however long. (211-323, 1991.1.1)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1259

Adam and Eve became one with Satan in their minds and inherited the lineage of Satan. God is a loving God, so why can’t He find it in His heart to forgive Satan? The Bible says He could forgive anything, even murder and robbery, and those who believe in Jesus will be forgiven their sins. So why can’t He forgive Satan? The reason God cannot forgive Satan is because he defiled the blood line of humankind. What does that mean? From God’s point of view, Satan is the adulterer, the adulterer of love. Do you understand what that means? (156-226, 1966.5.25)


MOST RELIGIONS ENCOURAGE EVANGELISM, sharing the truth with others with the aim of leading them to salvation. The religious mandate to bear witness to the truth grows out of love—concern for that person’s eternal life, based upon the conviction that the truth of religion is liberating and will bring out that person’s higher potential. Witness begins by example, to “let your light so shine before men.” Through good deeds and a compassionate heart the believer demonstrates living faith that is attractive to others. Next comes preaching and teaching the doctrine. Although evangelism sometimes meets with opposition, nevertheless it should be carried out with a pure mind and upright conduct while always trusting in God’s guidance.

All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the close of the age.
    Matthew 28.18-20: The Great Commission

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