Salvation Must Take Place in the Physical World

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Happy True Parents Day! (Established 1960)

Special Reading for True Parents Day

This 18th Parents Day is a very meaningful day. You must fully realize where you are standing and what your mission is. I have explained to you what kind of attitude brought the fall, and by wholeheartedly undertaking your mission you can liberate man from the conditions that led to the fall; in the future nobody will accuse you of being a self-centered person or of indulging in self-centered love. You now have the opportunity to be liberated from the satanic lineage and influence.

Even though you are leaving the satanic realm, Satan still has a claim to your body because you were born in his lineage. However, if your loyalty is with God 100%, then even though you still have that string attached, Satan has no power to pull it. You must remember that a string is still attached, for Satan recognizes that your blood is his, but must also realize that you have been restored to a position outside of the satanic realm, the position of angels who have not fallen.

How can you create your beachhead in the satanic world? When God created man in the garden of Eden, He was assisted by the angels. In your recreation as well, you need the help of God and the angels. An angel is good and pure, but until the appearance of perfected Adam and Eve, the angel is not free to perfect himself. Without the perfection of Adam and Eve the angelic world cannot be perfected For you to elevate yourself to the position of physical Adam, you must be surrounded by spiritual children in the position of the three archangels.

Now that you are in an area isolated from the satanic world you can create your own spiritual defense by winning spiritual children from the satanic world. With the help of God and those in the angelic position you can bring yourself into Adam’s position. Then you are ready to have your own children.

To establish your physical resurrection you must give birth to physical children of God who can be restored in the satanic world. Those children will serve in the role of your body.

In bearing and raising your pure physical children you are linking the spirit world to the physical world through yourselves. Because the fall of man came in the growth stage you must first restore yourself to the growth level, the position of Adam and Eve before the fall. The perfection realm was left unfulfilled by Adam and Eve, and shall be filled when you make yourself perfect Adam and Eve and win the right to give birth to your own sons and daughters.

You can go through this entire process in seven years’ time, just as the total creation was accomplished in a seven-day period. In this seven-year period you will go through three stages. First, you have already separated yourselves from the satanic world and are being elevated to the position of unfallen angels. Second, you will elevate yourselves into the growth level, the position of restored Adam and Eve. Because the fall occurred between husband and wife, you must fulfill the level of Adam and Eve as couples.

The third stage of perfection is the parents’ level. No matter how great you become as you are restored, you are still the product of the satanic world; you were born into the satanic lineage, and you still have ties with the satanic world which you cannot completely sever. Your children, however, will be born in the name of God, having nothing to do with the satanic world, and they will be the stepping stone by which you will elevate yourselves to the level of parents. The birth of your children is but the first step for you to elevate yourselves to the position of perfected Adam and then parent. There is always a chance for something to go wrong while your sons and daughters grow toward perfection and the blessing; you must take constant care in raising your children until they are mature and you can bless them in heavenly matrimony.

At what point can you be totally grafted into the lineage of heaven? The moment that you receive the blessing from the True Parents is the great moment when your bonds to your satanic lineage are severed and you become part of the heavenly lineage. Most marriages in the world are not God-centered, but in the Unification Church our greatest pride is that in the name of the True Parents couples can enter into the heavenly, God-centered lineage. At that moment they become direct heirs of God. Through the blessing the process of the fall can be totally reversed. But that reversal must be complete, for if some tiny hole remains then Satan will dash in to claim it.

My goal is to make all of you true parents

I know Satan’s secret, and no matter what the satanic world will try to do, it is destined to crumble. We stand on the side of God’s Principle; however, a pioneer or harbinger is needed to open all stages of restoration. Until one man can pave the way no one else will be able to find it. This is the most important key. The road of restoration follows a precise formula, but someone must pioneer that formula. As soon as you understand the formula, all you have to do is apply it in order to gain the same result. You can be restored as individual men and women as far as the growth level, but to enter perfection you need to receive the blessing and bear children. After a seven-year period of raising your children, you can reach the perfection of perfection.

You must also be protected and escorted by your spiritual children in the angelic position. You need angels around you, and that is why having spiritual children is a most essential requirement for receiving the blessing. They are in the position of angels to escort you, and with them you can attain the level of Adam and Eve before the fall and qualify to receive the blessing.

You must be able to come to the throne of God having completed each of these three levels in your life on earth: the level of restored angel, the level of perfected son and daughter, and the level of having raised your perfected children. These three elements must all be won from the satanic world. Your lineage will gather behind you, beginning with your children, with each of them in one of these three different levels of maturity. Among your descendants you will see every level of accomplishment. From generation to generation your lineage will expand onto an ever larger scale, from the family level to the tribal level, national, worldwide, and universal levels. Even though I will be gone, this expansion will continue. Progressing further and further through the years, the realm of your own lineage will get bigger and bigger.

Your destination is the eternal dwelling place of the True Parents. Mother and I are not going to be the only True Parents. My goal is to make all of you true parents. It is the greatest honor that I can give to you. In your own area and lineage each of you is to become the true parents.

I am not just theorizing now, but speaking of the Principle which I have lived and walked. I have done this on the individual level, family, tribal, national, worldwide, and cosmic levels. I have gained invincible victory at each level of accomplishment, and thus I have declared the liberation of the individual, family, tribe, world, and cosmos. Now I am declaring the liberation of God Himself. Can you grasp the significance of this formidable statement? Some people exclaim that I am a heretic for saying such things, but let us wait and see who God believes is the heretic.

Every mission we undertake must be accomplished on both the physical and spiritual planes. Anything we establish in the spiritual realm must be duplicated in the physical world, and those physical accomplishments must then be united with our spiritual accomplishments. The entire spiritual world is in the angelic position; therefore, to find the physical element they must work on the level of the physical world. Even though it is not God-centered, this world is invaluable because it is only here that you can find what you need. When you can bring your physical children together with your spiritual children, you are truly in the Kingdom of God. In the garden of Eden children and parents can rejoice together in God’s glory, freed from any acquaintance with the fall.

I am declaring the absolute standard for you Unification Church members: unless you find three spiritual children in three years you are not entitled to the blessing. Jesus’ ministry was focused on precisely that. He wanted to find his three major apostles and raise them in faith so they could establish the foundation for their physical families here on earth. It was God’s wish and also Jesus’ desire that Jesus claim his throne and elevate himself to the position of True Parents. Instead Jesus met with such opposition that finally he was crucified without attaining it.

We witness in order to restore the relatives of our Church

Jesus must indeed come again; however, if God were to send Jesus the way the Christians predict, on the clouds of heaven, not only would Christianity crumble, but the entire world would crumble. The fall of man did not occur in the spirit world but in the physical world. Salvation must also take place in the physical world. No one can even talk about their kingdom of heaven until they establish their kingdom here on earth, for without establishing the kingdom here on earth there will be no kingdom in heaven. Jesus did not take the keys to the Kingdom of God with him to heaven, but left them here on earth. Matthew 16 says, “Whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.” Without understanding the significance of the physical world, there is no way to understand the Scriptures and the true meaning of the Bible.

We members of the Unification Church are proud people, handpicked for God’s mission. We have undertaken the liberation of the satanic world and the declaration of the glory and victory of God before heaven and earth. By now I am sure you understand that the restoration must go through that process. No one can enter heaven without walking this path and fulfilling this Principle. Christians are very naive to think that believing in Jesus is all that is required for them to end up in heaven while they *leave this world behind. Their idea of a guaranteed place in heaven is a crazy concept that could never enable man to fulfill God’s will. From God’s standpoint that is heretical thinking, not the principles of the Unification Church.

In the Last Days, the truth will seem to be a lie and lies will seem to be the truth. That is precisely what is happening today, isn’t it? Though I represent the genuine goodness of God, the world thinks I am some kind of monster; some people even think my organization is worse than the Mafia. I studied science and mathematics and unless everything we do is scientifically possible, I will not even go myself. I am not a foolish man with blind ideals.

Why does the world come against us? The reason is very simple. They are afraid of us. Jews and Catholics and Protestants have been fighting and killing each other for 2,000 years, but when I appear they hastily get together as allies to make a statement against me. Without even knowing me some people now say, “Reverend Moon must be some kind of giant because the denominations were enemies before, but now they have come together as allies against this one man!”

This occurrence is prophetic. In uniting to come against me, the Jews, Catholics, and Protestants have shown that there is room for unity among the three faiths. Yet, without me there is no way that they can become one in the sight of God. We must become the catalyst, for it is with our blessing alone that they have the possibility of truly becoming one.

Our diligent witnessing is for a dual purpose. We are restoring our spiritual children of course, but we are also restoring our relatives; our closest relative is Protestantism, and our cousin is Catholicism, while our distant cousin, yet still very much our relative, is Judaism. The non-religious people of the world are extremely distant cousins. Their restoration is the job the Unification Church has undertaken.

I have fully expounded the external meaning of Parents Day in its historical context, but I have not yet spoken of its internal aspect. Would you like to hear it? Only a few people are saying yes; perhaps most would like to wait until next Parents Day! I see a lot of mouths still closed, and my voice is getting hoarse now. Shall we go on or not? Could someone come forward to speak so I can sit down? No, only I can speak this morning.

Is your flesh, blood and bone related to God or not? No matter how much you may say yes, even if your ‘yes’ brings the roof down, at best we could say that they are conditionally related to God; in actuality there is no relation. Now you call me your True Parent, but do you truly have any connection with me? Does my flesh have something to do with your flesh? Does my bone have something to do with your bone? Does my blood have a relation to your blood? Restoration itself is only conditional. You will never be able to pay your whole debt, but by the conditions of restoration you can accomplish what would otherwise take a million years. That is a beautiful secret.
Excerpted from: True Parents Day From The Historical Point Of View, April 18, 1977

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