Salvation Must Take Place in the Physical World

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Happy True Parents Day! (Established 1960)

Special Reading for True Parents Day

This 18th Parents Day is a very meaningful day. You must fully realize where you are standing and what your mission is. I have explained to you what kind of attitude brought the fall, and by wholeheartedly undertaking your mission you can liberate man from the conditions that led to the fall; in the future nobody will accuse you of being a self-centered person or of indulging in self-centered love. You now have the opportunity to be liberated from the satanic lineage and influence.

Even though you are leaving the satanic realm, Satan still has a claim to your body because you were born in his lineage. However, if your loyalty is with God 100%, then even though you still have that string attached, Satan has no power to pull it. You must remember that a string is still attached, for Satan recognizes that your blood is his, but must also realize that you have been restored to a position outside of the satanic realm, the position of angels who have not fallen.

How can you create your beachhead in the satanic world? When God created man in the garden of Eden, He was assisted by the angels. In your recreation as well, you need the help of God and the angels. An angel is good and pure, but until the appearance of perfected Adam and Eve, the angel is not free to perfect himself. Without the perfection of Adam and Eve the angelic world cannot be perfected For you to elevate yourself to the position of physical Adam, you must be surrounded by spiritual children in the position of the three archangels.

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How Can God and Human Beings Become One?

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 2158

    Who did you say that the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth resembles? Us. It resembles us. Individuals such as us gather together and that forms a nation. Just as I have my own mind, the nation must have sovereignty. Just as I have a personal identity, there must be a national people. And just as people interact with the created universe, so a nation must have its national territory.
    Within this basic principle, the people control the national territory, and the sovereignty governs the people. This national territory, people, and sovereignty are the three essential elements that form a nation. That is how things are.
    If you look at human beings, the basic principle is that our mind controls our body, and our body controls nature. Because of this principle, if you look at the entire world, the definitive conclusion is that it consists of heaven, earth and mankind. What did you say that Heaven is? It is the same as the human mind, so it is also the same as the sovereignty. Humankind is the nation’s citizenry, and the earth is the created world. In the end, whom does the nation resemble? It all resembles your individual self.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1062

In Blessed Families, the man stands as a physical representative of Jesus and the woman stands as a physical representative of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, the Blessed families should dash forward to rescue the Korean people without delay, just as Jesus and the Holy Spirit did for the people of Israel. Thus Blessed families can begin their mission as tribal messiahs. (21-284, 1968.12.1)


3. Devotion to God as a Bride for Her Bridegroom

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

God is the eternal Lord of our bodies and the eternal Lord of our hearts. Consider the most loving couple in the original world: The wife will not resent the husband for loving God more than he loves her. Likewise, the wife may love God more than she loves her husband, but the husband will not complain, “Why do you love God more than you love me?” The Kingdom of Heaven is the world where both husband and wife rejoice to see such a thing. God is our Subject Partner, transcending any earthly love. He is the eternal Lord of our bodies. As long as God embraces us in His bosom, as long as we dwell within His garden, we do not mind if we die right there. Since our hearts are united with their eternal Lord, what more could we ask for? (7:255, September 20, 1959) Continue reading “How Can God and Human Beings Become One?”

Wars Until Now Were Useless Fights for Selfish Ends

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Cheon Seong Gyung 425

The answer to the questions, “Why does God need human beings?” and “Why does He need human beings in realizing His ideal?” is: God needs human beings to perfect His love. What is God’s love? We can say that God’s love involves human beings liking each other eternally, but more importantly, it involves God liking human beings eternally. In this way, human beings are God’s eternal objects of love. From the day God created Adam and Eve, God desired to love Adam and Eve as the object partners whom He would look at over and over again, and would wish to look at forever, to be with over and over again, and to live with over and over again. Having such object partners is God’s ideal of creation. (Blessed Family – 302)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1273

The path of restoration begins from the era of the servant of the servant and passes through the eras of the servant, adopted son, and true son. Then, if you were to pass through the eras of servant of servant, servant and adopted son could you then form a relationship with the era of the true son? You cannot form a relationship with the era of the true son just like that. You must establish the foundation of faith, the foundation of substance, and finally the foundation for the Messiah, as laid down in the Divine Principle. What that means is that you need to receive the Messiah. The Messiah is the true Son of God. The adopted son and the true son are of different lineages. That is why conversion of the lineage is necessary. (55-192, 1972.5.9)

Eschatology and Messianic Hope

The Kingdom of Heaven

2. A New World of Peace and Joy

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

God had a purpose when He created human beings, and if that purpose had been fulfilled, this world would be one great human family, unified in love, where all humanity would live in peace as brothers and sisters attending God as their Parent…
In the ideal world, each individual’s mind and body would be one, families would be one with each other, all ethnic groups would be one with each other, all nations would be one, the Orient and the Occident would be one, and God and humanity would be one. That is to say, the unified world is a world that fulfills God’s purpose of creation. (81:158) “I exist for my family, my family exists for my community, my community exists for my nation, my nation exists for the world, and the world exists for God”: This is the principle of Heaven’s sovereignty. The whole world is God’s, but since you are living for God, the world is yours as well. What is God’s—the whole world—becomes yours. Isn’t it wonderful? When you offer what is yours for your family, your family offers itself for your nation, your nation for the world, and the world for God, then God gives everything to you. The whole world is yours; the entire universe is yours.
    God’s ultimate desire is for humanity to establish the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. There God and human beings will be totally united, from the True Parents at the center expanding to true children, true tribes and true peoples. God will be our Father and we will be His children in a consecrated relationship that is free from sin, according to the holy Will of God that does not allow for sin. The Kingdom of Heaven on earth will be established only when we make a world where everyone lives for the sake of others. (69:89, October 20, 1973)

In the future there will be no more wars. Wars until now were useless fights for selfish ends. People fought simply to take from others. However, in the unified world established under God’s Kingship, everyone will live for the sake of others; therefore war will no longer be necessary. People will no longer want to take from their neighbors; instead your neighbors will try to give you so much that you will have to run away from them…
    Laws will disappear. In a world where people govern themselves with love, they will automatically fulfill the law. When people live for the sake of each other, there will be no problems requiring recourse to the law. Higher and lower will become one, front and back will become one, left and right will become one—all will become one. (224:173, November 24, 1991)

The age is coming when God and humankind will live as one in the ideal world of creation, the world of heart. The age is coming when everyone will realize that living for the sake of others holds greater eternal value than living for the self. The blind age of selfish life will pass away as we build an altruistic world of interdependence, mutual prosperity and universally shared values. For this purpose, all should have correct knowledge about God and the spirit world and testify to the world about the heavenly path; then we can lead humanity appropriately to establish the universal family. Therefore, let us work to establish God’s fatherland and hometown, the Kingdom of God on earth and in heaven, by investing ourselves for the sake of others with absolute love, unchanging love and eternal true love, looking to the day when we can offer all heavenly sovereignty to God. (December 27, 2002)

In the ideal society or nation, all people, transcending nationality and skin color, will cooperate with one another to live in harmony and happiness. With the awareness that they are all children of the one God, stemming from the one True Parents, they will relate as brothers and sisters in one global family. Blessed central families, who have restored their lineage, the realms of ownership and heart, and who are united with the True Parents’ language and culture, will take the lead in establishing a world of freedom, peace and unity. There, all people will live in interdependence, promote mutual prosperity and share universal values, immersed in the culture of God’s heart. 
    Therefore, this world will have nothing to do with corruption, injustice, war or crime. Humankind will eliminate the sources of pollution in the global environment, and love and protect nature as its true owner. People will labor and perform their daily tasks joyfully and with a loving heart, always aiming to serve and benefit others. This will gradually equalize people’s standards of living. Education will include highly developed technological and scientific material; but before knowledge, sports or technology, priority will be given to education of the heart and norms of blessed family life, in order to raise the chosen people who can follow the way of Heaven. (269:156-57, April 3, 1995, New Hope Farm Declaration)

Build the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 57

Why did God create human beings?
As this universe has physical form, God
did so in order to manage and lead it
through Adam and Eve, who would
be the masters with bodily form. Since
God is without form in the spirit world
and cannot rule directly over the uni-
verse, He created humankind in order
to assume physical form and become
the King who can rule over His descen-
dants, His children who are born in the
The face of this king was to be Adam’s
face. A king needs a queen. Who is the
queen? Eve was to become the queen.
Adam and Eve were to be the ancestors
in the heavenly world as well as on earth.
(199-144, 1990.2.16)

Cheong Seong Gyeong 953

By opening the gates of hell and giv-
ing the Blessing to all those who went to
the spirit world, God’s authority over His
lineage has been recognized. Because of
this, Satan must completely retreat. This
is a revolution. There has never been a
revolution like this amongst all revolu-
tions. I created the environment where
all those who died because of the Fall
can enter heaven. By creating all the
foundations enabling those who died
without getting married, ever since the
Fall of Adam and Eve, to enter and live
in heaven, and by creating the environ-
ment enabling all our ancestors to enter
a realm of the spirit world within the
domain of the Blessing, I have created
a highway that leads to heaven. I have
restored all those foundations through
indemnity. (300-305, 1999.4.11)

Richard:  Do you realize that a revolution of truth and heart has occurred?

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
August 30, 1959

John 14:11

1 Corinthians 13: 1-13

Ladies and gentlemen, the time to attempt to enter the Kingdom of Heaven has now passed. You should not try to go to the Kingdom of Heaven by believing in God; you should try to help God enter the Kingdom of Heaven. You should not have the desire to enter the Kingdom of Heaven and meet Jesus; you should build the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and attend Jesus.

Do you want to receive the love of Jesus? Are you worthy to demand the love of Jesus when you are soaked in sinfulness? Jesus is the royal prince of God. You cannot make such demands upon the royal prince of God. You should not have such an attitude of faith. If you want to receive his love, you should be filled with a desire to love him that is more intense than his death. Yet all of you have the attitude of a robber. Those who are faithful today do as they wish, but that is not how it should be. That is not how it is in the spirit world. It is fundamentally different.

Thus, it is our fate now to liberate God. God has been seeking those who crave faith and hope and who are burning with love. He wants those who say, “God is constrained because of humanity. God is constrained because of me. God is receiving Satan’s accusation because of me. Jesus died because of me. The Holy Spirit has been carrying on a bloody battle because of me. God, please give me strength. I will take the Father to a place of peace and liberation. I will also take Jesus and the Holy Spirit to a place of liberation.” We should understand this truth.

Is there a contradiction in these words? Only when we receive such great love can God be our father. In that state, your eyes will overflow with tears just looking at a mountain. Those of us who have failed in our responsibilities will strike our chests in frustration and will not be able to escape the fate of becoming princes of grief, even if we try our best to take steps forward.

You should understand that God is not someone comfortably sitting on the throne of the Kingdom of Heaven. God sees that hell has been created and He feels pain which surpasses that which is felt in hell. Yet humanity does not know this. If God does not feel pain which surpasses that which is felt in hell and allows hell to remain, He cannot be called the God of love. In the six-thousand-year history, there is no pain in hell God did not experience. God experienced all its agonies. In truth, God is suffering the pains of hell. You may accuse me of speaking nonsense, but we should believe in and attend God knowing these things. Only then can God be the true God of humanity. God suffered the anguishes of hell in order to find each one of us.

After Jesus died on the cross, there was a three-day period of darkness. How can this be? He should have been a physical and spiritual savior. He was to witness to people even when he entered hell. For this reason, the people who believe in Jesus should have touched the bottom of hell on earth. This is why they were trampled upon in history and persecuted. Since God walked such a path, we have to accompany Him and work by His side. The providence of restoration and the providence of salvation is the promise to give the garden of glory to such people. You should understand this clearly.

Those who pray with a sincere heart, “God, please let me go to hell and experience the Father’s sufferings” will not go to hell. Those who say, “Oh God, I do not want to go to hell; please send me to the Kingdom of Heaven,” will end up in hell. Jesus prayed on the cross, “Father, please do not do as I will, but as You will. Please do not let them bear the penalty for their sins.” This was because when he contemplated the internal heart and situation of God, who had suffered the pains of hell in order to save the people for four thousand years, he felt that he could not avoid the path of the cross. You should understand clearly that these were Jesus’ feelings.