Will we Literally Meet the Lord in the Air?

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In 1992, we announced the Messiah and True Parents to the world. Focusing on America, we announced the True Parents and the Completed Testament Age starting on May 13, 1993. I have made all the necessary conditions. As you know, America represents the entire world. It is the final settling place in terms of the Christian cultural sphere. This is the time of transition into the new age centering on True Parents. We are entering the Completed Testament Age. Our proclamation was the first time in history for such an event. How long God must have been waiting for this time! How miserable God has been throughout history! Now the age of hope is approaching. We are entering into the age when we can proclaim the True Parents. It is a historical and universal event. Nothing like this has ever happened before in human history. (248-175, 1993.8.3)

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Up until this time, if your beloved wife were to pass on to the spirit world, you would be separated from her. When you go there, you go to a level according to your own spiritual standard. Once you arrive in that world, you can press a button on something similar to a video machine, and everything you did in your life will come up. It is all recorded. Your number will be called out, and the person who brings you away will already be waiting there. Then you will go to your place. Even if there were ten people in a family, they will all be separated because the standards of their spirituality are all different. They cannot meet each other. Now this situation has been resolved.
Richard: The Blessing enables you to enter heaven along with your family members.

Original Substance of the Divine Principle

Eschatology and the End of Human History

Will the events of the last days described in the Bible, such as the heavens and earth dissolving, and also, meeting the Lord in the literal skies, actually literally happen? No, they are symbolic. Read slides 1 to 6 below to understand more. Log in at inspiration.visionroot.org to comment.

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