He Must Increase and I Must Decrease

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#131-Make Love, Not War; Rev. Moon’s Solution to the War in Ukraine

Cheon Seong Gyeong 390

Why do men exist? Men often say they are not interested in such issues because they can usually live alone, but men are born for the sake of women. Without women, men have no reason to be here. There is nothing that has come into being for its own sake. (285-220, 1997.5.19)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1188

As viewed from God’s original ideal of creation, the eldest son should come from God’s side and, of course, the second son should also come from God’s side. Due to the Fall, the position of the first son was taken by Satan, and the position of the second son went to God. This has to be made right. Thus, when we consider the story of Esau and Jacob in the Bible, Jacob united with his mother and received her help. He gave Esau the pottage of lentils and bread in exchange for the birthright of the firstborn son. Until today, we could not understand why Bible history is the way it is. With the appearance of the Unification Church, its meaning was clarified for the first time. (134-304, 1985.8.16)

Original Substance of the Divine Principle

The Advent of the Messiah and the Purpose of His Second Coming

Many people think that John the Baptist was a great providential figure. However, we need to look again at the role of John the Baptist. Did he not testify to Jesus as the Messiah at the Jordan River? Then why did John not follow and assist Jesus, but rather said ‘he must increase and I must decrease’?
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