A True Person Has Unique, Divine and Eternal Value

Cheon Seong Gyeong 907

Since the spirit world has now moved extremely close, the age has come where good spirits will settle down on this earth. They will come and live here. To this day, Satan and evils spirits have divided up this earth and taken charge of it. But now, the good spirits will take over the earth and be in charge of it. For this to happen, members of the Unification Church must shed tears, sweat and blood, and offer devotion. You should pray with a fervent heart greater than the devotion offered by Christians and more than that of the Islamic faith, Buddhism and all other religions. You should pray, saying, “Since the substantial foundation has been restored on the earth through all of you spirits, the Unification Church will march forward through all the realms of spirit world based on this spiritual foundation!” (169-10, 1987.10.1)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1232

A true filial son is the one who obeys. A true loyal subject even when being chased and put to death by traitors never calls his king incapable. A true loyal subject is a person of integrity and loyalty, who sheds tears with a sorrowful heart, and wishes his king a long life even when persecuted by treacherous courtiers to the point of death. This is absolute obedience. The only way to bring about success through absolute obedience is the way of true love. (164-48, 1987.5.3)

Original Substance of the Divine Principle


Christology talks about fundamental issues regarding the person of Jesus and the issues of Trinity and rebirth.
A person who has completed the purpose of creation certainly has divine value and unique value. See slides 1 to 5 below:

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