Why Was Covering Noah a Sin?

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 1096

Section 3. The Family Is Basic Unit to Realize God’s Kingdom

Our family and God’s Kingdom have the same form. Our family comprises parents, spouses, children, and siblings. It can be unified through love. Here unity can be attained, life transmitted, and the ideal substantiated. Thus, you must be able to honor conjugal love and parental love to qualify to go to heaven. The grandparents bequeath their love to the parents. God’s Kingdom will not be realized if any of these forms of love is denied. The conclusion is that you must love your parents more than you love each other as husband and wife, and your grandparents more than your parents. This becomes the core and ideal motto of God’s entire kingdom. (Blessed Family – 942)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1096

What is the occasion of the Blessing? It is the very best place in the entire world. With whom should you establish a relationship at the place of Blessing? You cannot perfect yourself on your own; you are perfected through True Parents’ love. When a child is born from his parents’ bosom, regardless of whether he is good-looking or not, the child takes after its parents. In the same way, Unification Church members are taught the way of the true parent. For you, that is the blessing of all blessings. (35-236, 1970.10.19)

Original Substance of the Divine Principle

The Principle of Restoration

Noah’s Family

Since the 40 day flood judgement, the number 40 became the condition to separate from Satan. Following the flood judgement, God indicated through the symbol of the three doves sent out that His will will be accomplished on the earth at the Second Coming of Christ. To be the central figure of the providence, Noah’s son Ham had to be one in heart with his father, Noah. When Ham saw the drunk Noah lying naked and covered him up, a sin, which is any violation of heavenly law that forms a common base with Satan, was committed, and Ham was unable to become the central figure for the foundation of faith. See slides 6 to 9 below:

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