Treat Each Instance as Precious

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 974

Kim Hyo-nam! You have to make a training center like Cheongpyeong in each continent. You should go on a tour to the six continents once every two months and create new chapters. Whenever you have to gather people in one place, like Cheongpyeong, it costs a lot for the participants. There is no need to do that. By starting local chapters in the six continents you can go there and carry out the ceremonies for several thousand people at once. This will reduce the costs, mobilize the spirit world for the works of the Holy Spirit, and even enable you to reach the African people. Create a place like Cheongpyeong in all six continents. You should have each nation establish a local chapter within the six continents in order to create balanced facilities for spiritual training worldwide. If you fail to do that, I will drive you out of Cheongpyeong. Hoon-mo nim should stop doing this work herself in Cheongpyeong. Entrust it to someone else and go to Europe and other continents. Heungjin, Dae-mo nim and Choong-mo nim, will all go together, and after working there for three months a local chapter can be made. In the future, many people will communicate with the spirit world. (294-197, 1998.6.14)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1145

Into what did Satan drive his roots? Into the body. God created Adam and Eve, but they fell when they were underage. God commanded them not to eat of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, but it was not a commandment concerning a literal fruit. If they had plucked the fruit with their hands and eaten it with their mouths, then they would have hidden their hands and covered their mouths. So why did they cover their sexual parts? This is a deadly trap, the cause of the destruction of human culture. The word “love” is the most sacred word, but why have words related to love become obscene in spite of this? Why do we consider them foul words? It is because the misuse of love destroyed the great Principle of heaven and earth. (198-110, 1990.1.25)

Original Substance of the Divine Principle

The Principle of Restoration

Abraham’s Family

Christ can return on the successful completion of the Foundation for the Messiah. However, since Satan’s side had developed an ethnic group-level foundation, God’s side had to have this level. Furthermore, the 400 years of slavery in Egypt due to the failure of Abraham’s offering had not been completed.
The Foundation for the Messiah has to be maintained up until the time the Messiah is sent. This means the unity between Jacob and Essau.
People always have to fulfill their responsibility for the Will to be accomplished. Treat each instance as precious. The sum of all instances becomes your life, and the contribution that you will make to God’s Providence.
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