Lack of Faith Prolongs God’s Work

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Everyone is afraid of me because if I say a word, things happen in the world exactly as I say. This does not happen from nothing. As I know the path of history for sure, I also know the time and then I say it. Things do not happen as I say because I prophesy; they are just supposed to happen that way. If you also became able to see all the directions of heavenly fortune, you would be able to talk about everything that will happen in the future, even things that will happen after a thousand years. (233-161, 1992.8.1)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1385

When I proclaimed that three years after blessing the 30,000 Couples, I would bless 360,000 Couples, not one person believed that I could actually accomplish this. Not one person believed in me. So was it accomplished or not? There is no one in this world except me who would take on such a mission. Who on earth except me would take on such a daunting challenge? Not even a whole nation would presume to take responsibility for such a task. It was truly a record-breaking event. We climbed to the top, treading on the families in the satanic world. Now that we have successfully blessed the 360,000 Couples, accomplishing the growth stage, we can climb to the top, stepping on the nations of the satanic world. Now all that is left for us to accomplish is the Blessing of 3.6 Million Couples. That would mean the beginning of the era of absolute authority. We are entering the era of God’s absolute authority over marriage. (275-282, 1996.1.1)

Original Substance of the Divine Principle

The Principle of Restoration

The Providence of Restoration Centered on Moses

In the first ethnic group level course to restore Canaan, Moses was the central figure. After completing 40 years of life in the Pharaoh’s palace, he killed an Egyptian. This was to be a 21 day course, but it failed when the Israelites complained about this righteous act and Pharaoh sought to kill Moses.
Moses was again the central figure in the second Ethnic Group Level Course to Restore Canaan. As always, to se the Foundation of Substance, the Israelites had to love, mediate through, obey and multiply goodness from Moses. To start this Providence, Moses performed three great miracles and executed ten plagues.
Moses was the person in God’s position, representing the word. God sought to kill Moses, but his wife Zipporah circumcised their son and Moses avoided death.
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