The Second Coming Has Already Occurred

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1521

Considering that it is God’s desire for you to become exemplary families in this world of the enemy in accordance with His will, you should realize that you can only enter heaven as a family. (29-9, 1970.2.15)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 610

    Why must you have sons and daughters? There surely has to be love. God has to exist, man and woman have to exist, and husband and wife have to exist. Next, the blood has to be mixed. The descendants are born with God’s blood and love blood, vertical blood and horizontal blood, mixed together. Therefore, unless you have descendants, you cannot have a place to play and rest in the other world.
    If husband and wife – just the two of them – live face to face till they turn eighty or ninety, will they be happy? They cannot live an interesting life. There has to be a daughter-in-law and grandchildren. For grandfathers and grandmothers, there is no greater happiness than holding their grandchildren.
    Those who could not have grandchildren cannot achieve harmony with heaven and earth and keep in step with north, south, east and west in the spirit world. (197-32, 1990.1.7)

Original Substance of the Divine Principle

The Principle of Restoration

The Second Advent

    History has repeated itself through parallel historic periods, as we studied previously.  From the time of Abraham to Jesus was 1930 years, plus the 30 years until Jesus started his public ministry.   From the time of Jesus until the preparation time for the second advent is 1930 years, plus 30 years until the Holy Marriage Blessing of True Parents in 1960.  See slide 10 below.
    In these last days, the three great blessings have been restored on the world level.  In other words, we can see that this is the time when Christ returns on this earth.  In fact, that has already occurred.
    In the parable of the vineyard, Matt. 21:33-43, Jesus indicates that Christ will not return to the nation of Israel, as that blessing will be given to another nation.  Rev. 7:2 indicates that Christ will return in the East.  The only godly nation in the east, among Korea, China and Japan, is Korea.
   See slides 10 to 13 below.

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