God Will Appear through Your Mind

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Richard Urban

Cheon Seong Gyeong 2364

    Why do we need the Lord at his Second Advent and the True Parents? All the families in history that progressed from individuals, to families, to tribes, to peoples, to nations, and to the world, have never been able to live together with True Parents. Even if England, America, and France had united at the time of the Second Advent right after World War II, humanity would have had to begin from the position of the family led by the True Parents. Families must unite around True Parents’ leadership.
    Once families are united, we will not need to be concerned about tribes, peoples and nations. Why is it so? True Parents come on the worldwide foundation. They are the parents coming on the victorious foundation of worldwide dominion. Why do they come? They come as the True Parents representing the age of the families. They have to connect to the past as the tribal level True Parents, race-level True Parents, and national level True Parents. (263-203, 1994.10.4)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 617

    Then, what will happen next? As God exists, where will He appear? God will appear not in the air but through your mind. Why have not you been able to experience that? Because your mind is not yet firmly established in its own existence and because you have become people who are being dragged around by your body. Once your mind is firmly established within its existence and forms a higher dimension of character whereby you can declare it to be another subject entity, the situation will surely be different.
    When you reach a higher level through prayer, you will start talking with your mind. A state of resonance will occur. It will be on a higher level, and you will physically hear what you are saying in your mind. You will advance to that kind of state. During the first stage a hint or suggestion in your daily life will be given. Therefore, believers must collect the vast amount of such facts.

Original Substance of the Divine Principle

The Principle of Restoration

The Second Advent

Continuing the analysis of the Korean nation as a moral nation, the religions of Buddhism, Confucianism, Christianity and Unificationism have all borne fruit on the Korean peninsula.
The Korean ‘Chong ham nok’ and other prophecies have predicted the coming of a sage and the realization of happy families around the year 2000.
Just as wise men testified to Jesus, notable scholars and spiritualists, such as Arthur Ford and Jeane Dixon have testified to the role of Rev. Sun Myung Moon.
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