True Parents Were Married in 1960

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 289

The age of our release from the religious realm is coming, because everything has been indemnified through the people of Israel as the chosen people, Christianity as the global chosen people, and the Unification Church as the cosmic-level chosen people. So now the time is coming when the spirit world can contact the earthly world on that foundation. Thus, even non-believers will be connected to the spirit world through the realm of the chosen people and through religion, and the past ages will fade away.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1124

The contradictions and tragic complications of history in this world all came about because we did not understand our historical portion of responsibility. You all have to realize how important that is. All of you are thinking about this matter as you please. You think that one’s portion of responsibility is something that the Principle teaches about, but that it is not related to you. We have to view this in a different way and realize that my discovery of the existence of human beings’ portion of responsibility is indeed a great discovery. How important do you think it is? The universe is entrapped in this and is groaning in travail. (124-94, 1983.1.30)
Richard: Wow! Everyone should understand this profound truth!

Original Substance of the Divine Principle

The Principle of Restoration

The True Parent and the Completed Testament Age
(Completion, Conclusion and Finalization of the Providence of Restoration Through Indemnity)

    True Parents, Rev. Sun Myung Moon and Mrs. Moon, were married on March 16th, 1960. The first major holy day of Parents Day, as well as the subsequent major holy days of Children’s Day, Day of All Things and God’s Day were established between 1960 and 1968.
    Another major milestone was Pal Jung Shik (Settlement of 8 Stages), established in Kodiak, Alaska on August 31, 1989, and Heavenly Fatherism was proclaimed on September 1, 1989.   True Father had providential meetings with Michail Gorbachev in the former USSR in 1990, as well as Kim IL Sung in North Korea in 1991.
    The Women’s Federation for World Peace was established in 1992.
    True Father comes as the second coming of Jesus, who came as the second Adam.  Adam lost God’s substance at the age of 15.  True Father restored (through indemnity) the substance at the age of 15, through Jesus  (inheriting the mission).
    The Holy Spirit was the spiritual Eve who appeared before the spiritual Jesus.
    True Mother, the substantial manifestation of the Holy Spirit, must be recreated by True Father as a True Mother that resembles True Father, just as God, who exists as the original body and substance of the Principle also exists as the unified body of masculine and feminine.
    See slides 10 to 13 below:

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