Blessed Families Are to become Divine Tribal Messiahs

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#139-Father Bayo & Ayano Adrien

Cheon Seong Gyeong 511

God hoped that Adam and Eve would in the future stand in a position where they could establish the way of loyalty and filial piety before Him as the ancestors of hope and the sovereigns of all humankind. Nevertheless, they failed to become the companions who would dispel His solitude. (20-80, 1968.4.28)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 438

In oriental teaching, there is a saying that goes, “All goes well if there is true harmony in the family.” This is a good saying. When we talk about a home, of course it has people at its heart. There are the grandparents, parents and children, but this is not all. The house itself is a microcosm of all creation. All things are gathered here. When we say, “my home,” we normally think of it as the place where my mother and father and wife and children are. But my home is not just this. There would also be my grandparents, and the house itself and the yard. The surrounding environment harmonizes well with this microcosm of creation. This is essential for happiness.

Original Substance of the Divine Principle

The Principle of Restoration

The True Parent and the Completed Testament Age
(Completion, Conclusion and Finalization of the Providence of Restoration Through Indemnity)

    We are in the era of “High Noon Settlement”, where there are no dark shadows.
    The providence has moved through eight vertical stages over the course of history.  This providence was concluded by True Parents, True Father and his bride, True Mother, fulfilling their respective portions of responsibility.
    The providence has also moved through eight horizontal stages, from the individual, then family up to the Cosmos (spiritual and physical worlds, together), up to God.  This providence has been concluded on earth.
    Since January 1, 1999, ceremonies were performed for the liberation of ancestors.  Ancestors are to return tot he physical world so that the evil spirit world will be dissipated and the good spirit world of the original creation is opened up.
    Blessed families are to become Divine Tribal Messiahs and after educating their descendants and tribe in Wolli Boncheron and the absolute sex teaching, bless them and guide them to do hoon dok (gathering for reading and learning with the Eight Great Textbooks) at home. In this way, blessed families should bring their ancestors who have returned from SW and all the members of their earthly clan to become God’s children and together drive out, from both the SW and the PW, the evil forces that center on Satan, thus accomplishing the world of God’s creation ideal.
    See slides 34 to 37 below:


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