Our Sexual Organs Belong to God and to Our Spouse

Happy commemoration of the Seongwha (Peaceful Ascension) of Rev. Sun Myung Moon.

Adam and Eve were the only begotten son and daughter of God whom He created with His own hands. A problem arose because they fell. Then, what happened due to their Fall? They fell by eating the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil which God had forbidden them to do, but what would have happened had they followed the commandment not to eat? Christianity could not think about this. And even if it had, it could not understand. To them it was like the wide blue sea. Even if they tried to measure its depth, they had no instrument by which they could do so. They simply put an end to the debate, saying, “There is no way you can understand it, so just believe unconditionally.” Yet, there is no perfection in ignorance. (231-21, 1992.5.31)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 850

In the spirit world, when you are determined to go somewhere, you are already going there. It is like that. Imagine if the vast universe became the stage of your activities. Love must take precedence. If so, you have only to say, “I want to see him. I want to see him!” If you desire to see someone as you would your spouse or someone you love, you will be able to go to that person in an instant. If you meet an artist in the spirit world, your artistic abilities would be instantly cultivated to a level that rivals that artist. Everything is possible in the spirit world. So when you go there, you can sing and dance in any place you like. Everyone would rejoice and your mind and body will harmonize and dance and sing. It is a beautiful sight

Owner of Peace, Owner of Lineage

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
July 7, 2009

God, acting from the core of the fundamental motive of creation, sought to create a partner with whom He could relate. But what happened? The Fall occurred. God sought to have unified lineage as the foundation of a true family, but this was not realized and the family disappeared. Are American families really families?

The origin of life is the father and mother, who are each separate instantiations of God’s dual characteristics. By what power do they then become one? We are born because of love; we were nursed and raised with love. So our purpose must also be for the sake of love. A man by himself cannot be an object partner of love. That is why women are necessary.

What is woman? What is the organ that defines woman? It is the concave part. Who does the concave part belong to? You American women! They say that if a woman entices the men around her and marries and then divorces three times, she can become rich. What happens to such a rich person? She will go to the worst place in hell. She is opposite of what she should be, and because she cannot go to a high place, she will fall down. If people knew this as a matter of common sense, they would not be able to commit adultery even if they tried.

Our concave and convex parts are absolutely God’s possessions. They belong to God. A woman’s concave part is not her own, and a man’s convex part is not his own, yet people don’t know it. How do these convex and concave parts become unified? They must love.

It is because of love that we are devoted to our families and can say, “I would not mind dying for your sake.” Because of love, a man is willing to die for his woman and a woman is willing to die for her man. Only love can save us. If we live and die by love, we grow bigger and go higher. If we live by love, then the universe as it is now becomes the Kingdom of Heaven. Hell disappears in the midst of heaven, so even all the evil devils become objects of mercy.

I have heard that Westerners will even kill the horse they have been riding if it becomes lame. They will shoot the horse. By Eastern philosophy, even if a person has been in a coma for ten years, we should watch over him as long as he is alive. In the West, if a horse is bitten by a snake, they just shoot the horse and leave. Such a way of thinking exists. Instead of dealing with the animal by leaving it to fend for itself in nature (and perhaps recover), they deal with it by applying human force. They think, “I am in control.” But what happens when you control things like that? You are going to disappear in any case.

Rev. Moon is promoting a philosophy of peace. A philosophy of peace. I am the owner of peace. The owner of what? The owner of lineage.

What is the love of Alpha, love of Omega, and the love of the process? You think that to find this love you have to be large, but there isn’t a principle that allows you to find love by becoming larger. Even though two people love each other, if each is trying to become larger, then they will grow more distant. The more distant they become, the less there is of the things that can fill up the circular place in the middle. If the two people continue in this way, they will inevitably separate.

To unite them they need a force — a circular force — to push them from the left and the right. After it wraps itself around their lower parts and everything breathes out, it can breathe in again in an instant. If you were to blow into a ball for five minutes, it would surely become large. But is there anyone with a stomach large enough to blow the ball up that big in a fifth of a second? Where can we find a force that has such power?

It only takes a crack for air to get in. It only takes a crack for water to get in. It only takes a crack for sunlight to get in. If there wasn’t an opening, you would have no way to breathe. It is because living things let them in that air, water and sunlight can be the basic elements of life. If even one of them is missing — if water is missing, for example — life ceases to exist. If sunlight is missing, life ceases to exist. Are you confident that you will not cease to exist?

How amazing are the words “One Family under God“! In “One Family under God,” we see God’s lifeline, God’s air line, and God’s sunlight. The roots of God, the Alpha and Omega, are deeply embedded there. Only when we analyze it this way can we say, “Wow!” We then will come alive to find our ideal partner of love. There cannot be a unified heaven unless we each establish an ideal partner for whom we would not mind to cease to exist, absolutely.

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