The Real “Peace Cup”

Cheon Seong Gyeong 903

   My situation is like this. After wearily going around the world in my lifetime, there is nothing left when I return home. That being the case, the one thing I planted in people was a heart of yearning for me that grows despite the changes of the days and seasons. Whichever nation I go to, if I live there based on a true heart of love and a heart of yearning, the angels will come and do their works; the good ancestors will come down making it a playground that has no relation to the Fall. They will make it a beacon of hope.
   The spirits in the spirit world cannot always come to the earth. Amongst the four seasons there is one that conforms to the gates of their hearts. Even your friends have good times and bad times. When the doors to their heart are in accord, spirits will come down to the earth and co-operate. (283-291, 1997.4.13)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 892

God never sends people to hell. When people go to the spirit world, they go to hell on their own account. When people who live an evil life go to places of goodness they cannot breathe. They cannot breathe. So, inevitably they go in search of a place that suits them. They go to hell, to a darker place, and say, “Ah ha, this is the place!” That is hell. People like me cannot stay in hell, even if we were told to live there. I wouldn’t be able to breathe. It would smell and taste repulsive to me. Who sends people to hell? It is not God. You go to hell on your own. (200-192, 1990.2.25)

Owner of Peace, Owner of Lineage

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
July 7, 2009

So are you ready to offer your lives? There are West Point cadets here, and I think you have been taught that you should be ready to die for your country. The traditional philosophy of West Point was that a person must be ready to save their country even at the sacrifice of himself, his love, his family and clan. But where is that traditional philosophy of West Point today? Where is the traditional philosophy that made America great? Is it individualism?

The world of individualism will not survive. Not only is individualism doomed, but so is family-ism, nationalism, state-ism, and even world-ism. Even a philosophy that encompasses the world will fall short; the only sure way to survival is the way that transcends the world, which is cosmos-ism. “Cosmos” encompasses every nation.

What is the “ism” of all nations in the cosmos? It is the philosophy of the Peace Cup, This is so vast; it is larger than the cosmos. What is the core of the Peace Cup philosophy? You didn’t know that it is the concave and convex parts of man and woman, that is, their sexual organs.

Women have the concave part, don’t they? Does it belong to them? Who is it for? It is for a man. If there is no man, there can be no woman. If there is no woman, there can be no man. Where they are both together they expand and create a family. The family is a huge pocket where heaven and earth enter into God and dwell there, where parents enter into God and dwell there, where everything enters into God and dwells there.

The concave and convex parts that convey the lineage of the parents are so precious! They are the concave and convex parts of God Himself. Hence, they are capable of becoming infinitely large or infinitely small.

What happens when you sleep lying face down? Even if you routinely sleep lying face down, is it the correct way to sleep? You Western people lie face down when you sleep, don’t you? Why do you do that? Eastern people sleep correctly, lying on their backs. They sleep in the form of the Chinese character for large. They are large people.

What happens when a woman who claims to be the best mounts on top of her man and makes love? Will the water she is supposed to receive be received, or will it spill out? The man’s convex part should become larger than the universe and provide the woman amply with what should be received. She needs to be the receptacle. So what value is there that she insists she is number one? If it all spills out, what will be the result? That is why many Asian men say they will not live with an American woman. They say that in her family the man becomes a servant. The woman acts like a king and thinks of her husband as her servant.

We lost the universe in a single second. But if in that one second a husband and wife become one in absolute love, everything will become absolutely large. Even though we are extremely small, even though we have breathed out and arrived at an extremely low point, we will become absolutely large.

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