Indemnity Comes Before Restoration

Watch the documentary Gender Transformation.
I highly recommend it!

Cheon Seong Gyeong 833

You have to make your family life into a work of art. You have to become a pleasing and artistic husband. If you find something good in a magazine, you should bring it home and read it with a soothing voice to your wife when she is about to fall asleep. If you dream of your wife while falling asleep after having been deeply moved by this, your dream will be substantiated. This way of life will continue into the spirit world. How wonderful this is! Would you like to live like this, or would you like to live as very drab couples? If you wish to live such a life, you have to assume a new direction with a fresh mind-set enabling you to possess good vitality. This is the basic requirement. (271-282, 1995.8.28)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1042

Members of the Unification Church today do not like the path of indemnity. This means they do not like restoration. There is no such thing as, “I like restoration, but I don’t like indemnity.” So, which comes first? Does restoration come first or indemnity come first? You like restoration but not indemnity. Yet, it is the opposite for God. Which side are you on? Are you on the side of God or on the side of Satan? You have to be clear about this. You like restoration. However, God’s side cannot just like restoration. Only after going through indemnity can restoration occur. (116-127, 1981.12.27)
Richard: Stacey got this same Rheama on Saturday. The chances of this are zero (0). God is clearly making a point here, for us, but also for everyone. We will have to make sacrifices to do God’s work. We will have to be humble to do God’s work. We will have to listen and hear and act to do God’s work.

True Family Gateway to Heaven
Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Chapter One

Our Course of Life

Section 5. Infancy and the three orderly stages of
the growing period

How did God create Adam and Eve? If He used clay, what kind was it? Where did He begin? From which point did Adam and Eve’s lives start? We cannot think that God created them as adults, but rattier as babies. Without the notion that God behaved as a pregnant mother who subsequently gave birth to, nourished and nurtured a baby, we cannot logically explain the formation of all existence through the three orderly stages of growth. Logically, Adam and Eve passed through infancy before entering the growth and completion stages. This is heavenly law.

What was Adam and Eve’s infancy like? We must proceed from the concept that the invisible God nurtured a baby whose beginnings were in the world without form and who could pass through the course in the physical realm. (225-198, 1992.1.20)

Section 6. Our life path

Since the society, nation and world in which we live are far from ideal, all manner of suffering occurs, and good and evil are at cross-purposes.

If we took a random sample of a hundred men, it would reveal that one hundred percent of them jostle among themselves in “an every man for himself” struggle within their circumstances to cope with the demands of their mundane affairs.

Therefore, in our daily lives, we all acutely lack the confidence that we can complete the day’s work that we planned in the morning. With a wider scope of activities we would need proportionately more drive and determination to bring a victorious result in our everyday life. Lacking these, that day cannot be victorious. Such days turn into months and months into years.

We also lack environments conducive for meeting our monthly goals. To end a month victoriously, we need the drive and determination necessary to achieve breakthroughs in tackling both the details and complexities of that month. Without them, we cannot conclude our monthly activities victoriously.

Getting through a year successfully requires us to be equipped with a fighting spirit or driving force that can thrust aside all the challenges of each and every one of its 365 days. We can then celebrate that year victoriously. If we live a year like that, and continue in this vein, it will eventually add up to ten, and then twenty, and then thirty years, and that eventually becomes our life path. (31-30, 1970.4.12)

People living on earth today cannot escape from the constraints of time. That has been true throughout history. Individuals, families, tribes, people, nations and the world all move within the realm of time.

Wherever people exist, there is always some goal to attain. We are to focus on such a goal for ten, twenty, thirty, seventy years and, indeed, our entire lives. The greater our goal, the stronger our internal commitment needs to be. Unless we maintain an internal determination that surpasses the goal through the process called time, the goal will be unattainable. (31-149, 1970.5.24)

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