Everything and Everyone can Become a Friend through True Love

Sunday, November 19th:
Unification Principle Study

10:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. eastern time. Lunch is included.

Understand what God’s will for your life is by studying the Unification Principle.  This study includes God’s Ideal for the Family, what went wrong and the Role of True Parents.

Peace Kingdom Center, Harpers Ferry WV, and online by Zoom

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 1623

Everything and everyone can become a friend through true love. Even rocks can speak in a certain way; they will talk about how they came into existence at the time of creation, their mode of life, and much else. Of course God is aware of all this. No matter how majestic and unyielding mountains may seem, they will want to receive love from God. If He were to cast His eyes upon a mountain and ask, “How did you come to be so big?” would He reprimand the mountain if it replied, “I became so big to give joy to You”? Each and every being in the world is affected by love; all of them have become objects of love. (183-49, 1988.10.29)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 979

What is my one and only hope? How will God treat me when I enter the spirit world? When I come into His presence, God will be sitting on His throne, but will jump down in an instant in spite of Himself. He will embrace me and kiss me for my labors and say, “May eternal blessings be upon you.” My wish is to see that day. I cannot die, even if I want to, without leaving those works behind on earth. You must understand that these are the circumstances of the True Parent. (264-63, 1994.10.9)

True Family Gateway to Heaven
Rev. Sun Myung Moon


Our Course of Life
Centered on Love

Section 3. For Human Beings, the Eternal
Element of Life is Love

You shouldn’t forget that while you lived as an embryo, you not
only received nutrition from your mother but you also received
love from her. Likewise, people living on earth are not only
receiving physical nutrition from the universe but also love from
God, who is the essential element of life. (Blessed Family -1062)

Just as all plants absorb sunlight as an element of life, love is an
element of life for people. Our hope is that the Kingdom of
Heaven on earth or the Kingdom of Heaven in heaven be built
where we can live eternally in love and in adoration. (Blessed
Family -1062)

Human beings are born through love and grow through their
childhood while receiving love. After a certain stage of growth,
parental love is not enough, and their love expands horizontally
through the love among brothers and sisters and the love of the tribe.
In other words, they grow to maturity while receiving all kinds of love
in heaven and earth. When they reach young adulthood, they
particularly thirst for love with the opposite sex. Engaging in this love
leads them to a more comprehensive love, through which they finally
find the center of love. (Blessed Family -1062)

The paths that man and woman walk exist because of love and for
the sake of love. My path is the path of love. I move in order to
attain love, keep love, and form an environment of love. It is also
for the sake of love that women put on cosmetics and receive
massages. Wanting something and doing work are all for the sake
of love. We overcome hardship and move on in order to attain
precious love. (Blessed Family -1066)

From the time we are born, we are receiving parental love. As long
as our parents are alive, they love us at any stage of life, be it the
period of childhood, the period of youth, or the period of middle
age. When we grow up receiving parental love, horizontal love of
husband and wife is bound to happen to each of us. (Blessed
Family -1062)

What do you think marriage is? It is a school, a place where the men
learn something they did not know about women, and women learn
something they did not know about men. All their grades should be
A’s in order for the husband and wife to be pleased. You have sons
and daughters for the sake of learning how to love the world.
Without them, you cannot be connected to the future.

Your sons and daughters are given to you as educational materials
through which you can be connected to the future world.
Fulfilling your filial duties to your ancestors and grandfather and
grandmother is like receiving education from the spirit world. All
these things are connected through love. The grandfather and
grandmother, husband and wife, and sons and daughters are all
connected through love. Just like the blood vessels in the human
body flow up and down, you can go up and down all the way to
your ancestors of 10 million generations in the spirit world and
also reach your distant descendants through this. So you should
know that this is how spirit world and the universe are organized.
All things will be governed in this way. We can say that becoming
a servant of love and a slave of love is the greatest happiness.
(Blessed Family -1062)

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