Love Comes from My Spouse

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 1189

For what purpose does God designate Abel? He does it to establish the rights of the firstborn son and to correct the tradition within the family, not in order to save Abel’s children. Unification Church members don’t understand this point. You say, “Ahem! I am Abel,” but you leaders must remember that you cannot say, “Because we are in the position of Abel, that’s it!” The reason all of you are placed in your positions is to restore a tribe that holds the right of the eldest son. If you want to receive blessings, earn the right of the firstborn son and share the blessings, then you can receive some of them. The right of the firstborn son is not for you. Focused on the Lord who is to come, you must develop a connection with the vertical heavenly world. This will not happen with only the horizontal physical world. I was going to explain this last point in more detail in terms of the Principle but, as I believe you understand this, I am putting it in simple terms. Since I, the founder of the Unification Church, came to know this path, I could not help but establish the logic of “living for the sake of others.” We were born for the sake of others. You must also realize that man was born for the sake of woman. There is no such thing as “I”. (136-130, 1985.12.22)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1429

There is no doubt that the Kingdom of God is a place that is governed according to the will of God, whose sovereignty is inherited by His children of direct descent, who follow the commands issued by Him as their center. In such a place, democracy or communism cannot exist. Once it is established, the kingdom would retain its system of governance eternally. Taking all this into consideration, how truly lamentable it is that you cannot be a citizen of such a nation. Therefore, you should lament the fact that you are not a resident of that nation. You should lament the fact that you are not qualified to be a part of it. We should all lament the fact that we do not have such an unchanging sovereignty anywhere. (72-292, 1974.9.1)

Chapter Four

The Love of Man and Woman
in the Original Creation

Section 4. Love Comes from One’s Partner

Love cannot be realized by oneself. Where does love come from?
Love does not come from me but from my spouse. Since love
comes from my spouse, I must bow my head and serve her. This is
where the heavenly principle of living for the sake of others
originates. When something highly noble comes to me, I must
honor and serve it in order to receive it. We must live the
philosophy of living for the sake of others. (143-277, 1986.3.30)
When we are alone, love cannot manifest itself. Love does not
appear when man is alone, but only when woman appears as his
object of love. Only when the object of love appears, does love
finally spring forth. (Blessed Family – 342)

We say that parental love is good and conjugal love is good
because genuine love is not something that is self-centered. Love
is not something that starts from me but something that starts
from my partner. You need to know this. Love comes from your
husband and from your wife, and from your sons and daughters
and from your brothers and sisters. Love does not start from your
own self but from your spouse. Therefore, who is the owner of
love? Your spouse is the owner of love. (34-331, 1970.9.20)

Where does love come from? It comes from your partner. If your
partner is homely or ugly, love recedes; if your partner is nice-
looking or lovely, love advances more quickly. The way in which
love functions is determined according to your partner’s
attributes: her speech, her scent, her smell, and her taste. (Blessed
Family – 342)

Where is the base of love? The base of love is not me. The word
love must be used in reciprocal terms. No matter how handsome a
man may be, if he has no partner, he is stuck because he cannot
love alone.

The base of love is not me. “Love comes from me” are words that
Satan has been using. I am not the base of love. You may think that
you are the base of love, but there will be no progress in the future
unless such a mindset is totally dismantled and transformed.

Until now, wives have put themselves at the center, and husbands
have put themselves at the center, with both wanting to be served.
This has been destroying relationships. Since the basis of love does
not come from me, but from my spouse, if I am to possess that love,
I must sacrifice myself for that love. Love requires patience and
absolutely demands sacrifice. With this viewpoint, there is no place
in the cosmos, other than on earth, where we can defeat Satan.

God is holding tightly onto love because it can be found only in accor-
dance with the God-centered principle of love. The word compassion
(jabi) cannot be expressed in the absence of love. The word benevolence
(in) also cannot stand on its own. The words jabi and in are all used
only in reciprocal terms. (46-35, 1971.7.18)

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