God’s Blessing Is Absolutely Public In Nature

If you missed the Family and Community Strengthening Forum this past Saturday, I highly recommend that you see Gender Transformation; the Untold Realities.
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Everyone’s Property Rights Must Be Respected

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1593

    The mere fact that the Declaration of Congratulations for True Parents’ Cosmic Victory could be made shows that the foundation of gratitude before God, the True Parents and heaven and earth now extends goes beyond the scope of God’s hope when He created the universe.
    It also shows that the victorious hearts of God and the True Parents yearn for the era of the fourth Adam to inherit the entire world and secure something greater than that of perfected Adam. During their lives the True Parents’ must liberate God by following the path to perfection that is even hundreds of times more severe than Adam’s original course. They must do so with a fully devoted heart that surpasses even God’s love.
    After completing that path they must stand in the position of filial sons and daughters in the family, patriots in the nation, saints in the world, and God’s divine sons and daughters, and thus inherit everything from Him. In order for us to accomplish this, we must offer everything.
    My conclusion is that, once we have offered all those things, God can bequeath everything to us with this eternal victory for all generations. Even the eternal God could not ask for more. He will then be able to exercise global, victorious authority, overcoming His anguish over the Fall. Satan’s defiled lineage should be eliminated completely, leaving no trace. (302-246, 1996.6.14)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1241

God’s Blessing is absolutely public in nature. It is not just for an individual, family, nation, or even the world. God’s Blessing is for the whole universe. (15-67, 1965. 2.13)

Family Pledge

Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Family Pledge 3; Perfecting the Four Great Realms of Heart, the Three Great Kingships and the Realm of the Royal family (continued)

Core Concept 47:  We create the realm of the royal family by loving Cain, thereby helping all families in this world become our younger brothers, and to be connected to God’s lineage through the Blessing of True Parents.


3.3. Perfecting the realm of the royal family

3.3.1. The Kingdom of Heaven is the destination of the realm of the royal family of Love

The Four Great Realms of Heart and the Three Great Kingships must be realized in our families. People who achieve perfection in this way do not need to believe in Jesus, nor do they need Rev. Moon. They can simply go directly before the throne of God. The day that this happens is the day when the realm of the royal family of God’s nation begins. So in order for the royal family to begin, you yourselves need to live this way, and then have your lineage connected to mine, through my sons and daughters. Do you understand what I mean? The only way to be connected to the realm of the royal family is when we become related by marriage through my sons and daughters. (238-48, 1992.11.19) p. 2460

If our first human ancestors had not fallen, they would have become God’s direct children centering on the right of kingship of heaven and earth, the right of the parent of heaven and earth and the right of the eldest son of heaven and earth. Their family would have become the royal palace of earth and the royal palace of heaven. Furthermore, all the brothers and sisters born to the secondary lineage would have received their royal tradition and expanded it out horizontally. All those who then became one with this central royal tradition and practiced it throughout their lives would have thus entered into the Kingdom of Heaven. P. 2461

3.3.2. What is the realm of the royal family?

Originally, the realm of the royal family was not supposed to exist, but it exists now to make the sons and daughters of the fallen world, that is, to make the devil into younger brothers and sisters. Without standing as part of the realm of the royal family, Cain in the satanic world cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Also, Cain should not think that his losing the position of the right of the eldest son means that he is banished, even though he destroyed God’s ideal from the position of the eldest son while standing in the realm of the love of Heaven, that is, the second son’s realm. Since he comes to stand in the position of the younger son, he enters an environment where he can be loved by his elder siblings and by his parents and, after receiving love from them, he also can enter the unfallen realm, the Kingdom of Heaven. The Kingdom of Heaven is the destination of those who experience the love of the royal family. This ideal model family has been established now, but the rest of the world still remains to be restored. (267-151, 1995.1.4)

What is the realm of the royal family? Now, we have nothing but families, so what do we mean by this “realm of the royal family’? This means Cain. We have to save Cain. Standing in the place representing the path of the true prince, we have to pull the kinship of this world, the fallen misshapen kingship, in the direction of heaven and enter with them into heaven. We have to save Cain and Abel and make them our younger brothers, teaching them all the traditions of the royal lineage. Once they stand in this position, we have to lead them forward, so that their descendants on this earth can be connected to the realm of the royal family, as the scion of the royal line. Unless the Cain world on this earth is bound together as brothers, the realm of the royal family will have to continue to remain on the earth. Therefore, you must not forget Cain. It is not your own family that will form the realm of the royal family. Your family has to unite with the Cain families, inherit the kingship of this world, and set those families up in the younger sibling position. Then, you have to bring them to the realm together with you. That is what we are talking about. Once this is done, Cain and Abel become united and their positions are reversed. That is what we mean when we talk about the realm of the royal family. (283-80, 1997.4.8) pp. 2464-2465

3.3.4. Towards the era of nation-building centering on the realm of the royal family

Even if a highway has been built, it doesn’t help you any to have a driver’s license if you do not own a car, or even have money to buy gasoline. All of you should be able to take care of this by yourselves. You should try to resemble the family of Rev. Moon. Your family is like the vehicle. The vehicle needs a driver who can drive. You need to learn to drive and you have to make money to run the car, and so on. You should not be indebted to others. If you are indebted, you will be ashamed of yourself in the spirit world. So instead you should think about how you can benefit others, no matter what your circumstances. Otherwise, you will not be able to enter the realm of the royal family. The Kingdom of Heaven is actually a place that is quite scientifically organized. That is why each family is a micro-unit of the Kingdom of Heaven. (246-79, 1993.3.23) pp. 2472-2473

Be:  Loving in our relationships.

Do:  Experience the different relationships of love in the family and “get” God’s heart.

Have:  A community that values each other as Children of God, experiencing God’s love in the family and as an extended community.


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