There Can Be No Perfection in Ignorance

If you missed the Family and Community Strengthening Forum this past Saturday, I highly recommend that you see Gender Transformation; the Untold Realities.
We will post the discussion forum which followed the movie soon.

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Everyone’s Property Rights Must Be Respected

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1267

What is the responsibility of true parents? They must right the false lineage, which is the root of the satanic world, and right the false path of love. In the Bible it is written, “He who finds his life will lose it, and he who loses his life for my sake will find it.” Why did he put forth such a paradoxical logic? It is because the satanic world must die. (169-39, 1987.10.4)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1260

There can be no perfection in ignorance. Who did I say Satan is? He is the adulterer. I have made all this clear to you. Do you think you can go to the Kingdom of Heaven if you ignore this? Do you think you can be saved if you ignore it? There is not even the slimmest chance. What a set of ignorant people! If you could be saved by just believing what you are told to believe, people like you and I would have been saved a long time ago. We would not have to suffer like this. (188-230, 1989.2.26)

Family Pledge

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
Family Pledge 4; Building the Universal Family and Perfecting the world of Freedom, Peace, Unity and Happiness

Core concept 49:  In God’s ideal world, the whole purpose and the individual purpose are naturally harmonized.


4.2.2. The core of a society of interdependence, mutual prosperity and universally shared values is love.

The original relationship between God and humankind is based on true love. There are many instances of co-ownership between God and the individual, between the whole and the individual, and between the neighborhood and the individual, but we are supposed to have a co-ownership with a grateful heart arising out of God’s true love.

    In the ideal world built by the people who have actualized God’s love, the whole purpose and the individual purpose are naturally harmonized. Since human beings also have desires and the autonomy of love, they are permitted individual ownership and individual purpose. Even so, they do not pursue unlimited individual possession or an individual purpose that undermines the whole purpose. Perfected human beings are meant to own property commensurate with their position and circumstances according to their conscience and original nature.
    In particular, since the economic activity of ideal human beings – who have the character of true owners of all things by virtue of true love – would manifest love and gratitude, there can be no avarice or corruption. At the same time, there could be no emphasis on regional or national interests inconsistent with the purpose of the whole, and economic activity will have its aim and focus not in the pursuit of profits but rather in overall welfare. (271-76, 1995.8.22) pp. 2476-2477

The principle of interdependence is an ideal that pursues the politics of conjoint participation based on God’s true love to realize the ideals of freedom, equality and happiness. Participating in communal politics serves the purpose of electing representatives. Yet if we understand political units to be an expansion of love-centered family relationships, then antagonistic relationships would not exist among candidates. Their candidacy would be rooted in a calling to serve, and they would be nominated by their constituents, who would relate to them as siblings serving one God as their common Parent. After due process, the final result should be determined in accordance with God’s will, in which no improper considerations can be involved. That is to say, it will be a method by which the winner is finally decided through a solemn process of drawing lots with prayer. As the result is determined by God’s will and heavenly fortune, everyone would come to accept it with gratitude and joyful hearts. (271-76, 1995.8.22) p. 2477

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