We Must Solve the Problems of the Spirit World on Earth

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1905

When you see a big pine tree, you should be able to ask, “How do you think about me today, given that you know of my persecuted past and have watched me get kicked out?” Also, while looking at the playgrounds of the past at which your friends were cursed, you should embrace that place with love as if it was your friend. And while standing at a flowing stream, although your initial intentions was not to forget all that had happened there, you should now be willing to swim and catch fish in it. Then you are the owner. You can fish and hunt and eat with the heart that you will restore through indemnity for Adam, who could not be the first one to go into the river as the representative of the kingship, nor could he fish in the Garden of Eden. With this kind of mind, you should leave your life’s record of hunting rabbits and pheasants in the mountains with such a heart and serve your parents faithfully, offering those animals as the sacrificial offerings before God, and using them as food and the ingredients of life. (221-13, 1991.10.20)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1532

The Blessed Family pledges to embody God and True Parents and as such becomes a family that moves heavenly fortune, by centering on true love. What this means is that the family that embodies God and True Parents can move heavenly fortune. This part of the Pledge says, “Our family…pledges to become a family that conveys Heaven’s blessing to our community…” Through these words you are making a vow to become a channel of blessing, distributing all blessings from God equally to all the people of the world. God and the True Parents’ family are as one. Though there are only one set of True Parents, there are many Blessed Families standing in their stead that can spread out across the world and become channels that distribute blessings on their behalf. You should strive to become such a family. (260-195, 1994.5.8)

Family Pledge

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
Family Pledge 5; Advancing the Unification of the Spirit World and Physical World as Subject and Object Partners.

The Big Idea:  The Unification of the spiritual world and physical world must occur while we are on earth.  We cannot just enjoy God’s blessing by ourselves.  They must be shared with our community.


1. Why is it important to realize that the spirit world, centered on God is in the subject position in our lives?
2. Why is the evil world rapidly collapsing?
3. Why is it important to share God’s blessings with your community?


Core concept 51:  The spirit world has to be our subject partner while we are on earth.

Reading:  Pledge Number Five

Our family, the owner of Cheon Il Guk, pledges to strive every day to advance the unification of the spirit world and the physical world as subject and object partners, by centering on true love.

5.1. The unification of the spirit world and the physical world as subject and object partners 5.1.1. The spirit world is the subject partner

In your daily life until now, you have not had the concept that every day the spirit world is the subject partner. You have not had it even once a month. This is not right. You should think of it every day. Unless your sphere of daily living has attained, in response to the heavenly nation as the subject partner, its correlative perfected earthly form today, the foundation for perfection in the spirit world will not be formed in the future. This is a direct relationship. Only when it is linked to you every day, every year, and for your whole life, will it become your second sphere of activity and living space in the other world. (260-305, 1994.5.19) p. 2485

5.1.2. We must unify the spirit world and the physical world

Adam’s family is the core of all the reciprocal subject and object partners in the physical world created by God, while God is the core of the subject and object partners in the spirit world. Thus, the two cores of God’s Kingdom on earth and in heaven merge to form one unified Kingdom of Heaven. Adam, who can be the core of God’s Kingdom in the physical world, and the core, who is the Lord of the families in the spirit world, will merge. (269-118, 1995.4.9) p. 2487

When we die, we enter the spirit world. We must solve the problems of the spirit world on earth. We cannot just go to the spirit world and find ourselves caught by its laws. Everything must be resolved on earth. This is not a concept but a reality. Having sensed such a world to be real, I have had no problems with persecutions, however many. If opposition and persecution are concepts, this is a reality. Only then will we stay alive. The most important thing is how we can have a real experience of the existence of the spirit world. Hence, persecution is not a problem. This is so because we know our purpose. When arising in the morning, we should have greater awareness of the reality of the spirit world than the facts of nature.
    Being vast, the spirit world does not just have Britons and Americans. People of diverse nationalities of the same spiritual level congregate together. All five races are gathered in one place. Whether they are Germans or other nationals, they will still recognize the human form they used to see in the past, but since they see the world of the heart, how beautiful the world of your heart is will determine how close you can be to people. They will want to be as one with people whose world of heart is more beautiful. They will be as one even if they were told not to. They will instantaneously recognize people from millennia or tens of millennia ago as soon as they meet them. You think of my words just as a concept or dream, and not something real, don’t you? The question is whether you can sense it tangibly rather than just aurally. If you comprehend that, you will see that this world is but a shadow of the spirit world. (295-261, 1998.9.8) pp. 2487-2488

God cannot act arbitrarily. He cannot kill fallen humankind. If He wanted to, He would have the ability to exterminate them instantaneously, yet He cannot punish or restrain them. Today’s religions did not know that the existence of such a lineage is what makes the world fallen. Finally, in the name of the True Parents, all the facts about the spirit world have been acquired in detail. The motivation of the Fall, and the secrets of both God and Satan have been uncovered and revealed. It is the Divine Principle of the Unification Church that has revealed such things. With this, in order to harmonize the spirit world and physical world, which have a history of division and conflict, we seek to resolve and link together all the fundamental issues of the spirit world and physical world and human life. (304-214, 1999.11.8) pp. 2490-2491

Readings are from Cheon Seong Gyeong: Selections from the Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon (2006)

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